Yeah, yeah. I know. The Packers need one. They need to rest those injuries. But it sucks to have to wait two weeks to watch them play again. Oh sure. It could have been worse. Going into a BYE after pounding the crap out of someone is infinitely superior to going into a BYE after a loss, but this Sunday is going to be a drag. I mean, what do we have to look forward to? We can’t even root against Chicago AND Minnesota because they PLAY EACH OTHER.

Speaking of that, who am I supposed to be rooting for? Rooting against both teams is like breathing (for a Packer fan). You don’t think about it, you don’t question it, you just do it.  Truth be told, my hate-o-meter is ratcheted up a bit more for Minnesota than Chicago right now, due to a certain famewhore QB who sucks up media attention. He’s like a cockroach. He just won’t die. If a nuclear holocaust ever hits the Midwest, the only things left would be cockroaches, Brett Favre, and Hostess Twinkies (they never spoil).

So, back to my initial question. WHO do I root for on Sunday? My initial response is that I’m rooting for a meteor to hit the stadium with both teams in it. The guys on ESPN Milwaukee’s Green and Gold Today said that I was a little harsh (when I Tweeted that in response to their “Who are you rooting for Sunday” question). Really? I don’t think so! Short of that, I’ve gone back and forth on my assessment. First, I said that I was rooting AGAINST Chicago (because I am really not rooting FOR Minnesota). A Chicago loss would leave the Packers alone in first place at the top of the division. And is there a less deserving team to be in the playoff hunt than the Chicago Bears right now? Seriously, they are the worse 5-3 team in the history of football. We all know that they SHOULD be 4-4, thanks to the referees in the Detroit game. Oh sure, plenty of BEAR fans have tried to convince me that it was the right call, but these poor deluded souls are the only ones on the face of the earth that actually think that Calvin Johnson did not score on that play.  I try to listen to them patiently, but it’s so hard not to laugh. Yet, how did we ever lose to them? Boggles the mind.

Now, on the flip side, the advantage to Chicago winning is that it buries those obnoxious shitheels to the west further down into the depths of the division.  A loss to Chicago on Sunday and you can pretty much close the door on the Vikings season.  It’s almost too delicious to resist.  A Viking win and you basically have TWO teams fighting with the Packers for the division.  A Viking loss and the Packers pretty much have just the Bears to worry about, and despite the difficulty of the Packers remaining schedule, if the injuries don’t escalate, I like our chances.  I think the Bears will fold like a house of cards pretty soon. Jay Cutler has had six concussions. He looks one good hit away from eating strained peas from a jar labeled Gerber. I’ve had Bear fans voice their frustration with their QB’s body language and demeanor during and after games. But, then again, who do they have backing him up? They’re basically stuck with him and his huge contract.

Sooooo…..I still can’t decide.

If you haven’t seen this video of Clay Matthews, miked up during the Dallas game, make sure to watch it. Pretty good stuff. Unless you’re Frank Zombo.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our country!

And one more thing: HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!

It’s a beautiful thing!



  • Colleen

    I voted for a tornado myself. But, I would take a meteor too. I vote for a 0-0 tie. And the tornado.

    Love the cockroach comment. It’s so, so true. Actually there is one thing that can destroy BLF. It’s called the Stergernator. ;)

  • Anita

    The bad thing is that I think Sterger’s memory can be controlled by the amount of zeros written on a check. I don’t have faith that she or the NFL will do squat and Old Balls will still be around to fling footballs and whip out Little Lorenzo at will.

    Another wrinkle. Vikings lose and Chilly gets fired? I know I speak for most Packer fans when I say that I want Chilly to remain employed by the Vikings as long as possible! Even more so than Lovie keeping his job. Lovie hasn’t lost his team (that we can tell). Chilly? Not so much!

    That said, I still think I’d rather see the Vikings lose on Sunday.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Money talks. Too many parties with an incentive to protect the ’4′ “franchise”.

  • Anita

    You know, I don’t even know where this epic battle of douchebags will take place! Is Sunday’s game in the Humptydump or the Spaceship?

    The sight of both those stadiums makes me thankful for the temple of football that is Lambeau Field.

    And thank you Joe Flacco for scoring 27 points (last night) for my Fantasy team, while my real QB is on a BYE. Now its back to the bench for you. This is 12′s team.

  • Rich Ward

    Illustrating Favre as a cockroach, haha, it’s perfect.