This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Oh Canada!

A Kristin Kreuk (Vancouver, British Columbia) sort of morning.

CD & his wife bid adieu to Al Harris:  My Wife’s Al Harris Jersey Is Going Nowhere .

Adam over at Jersey Al’s Packers Blog asks Will Jackson Continue Packers Late-Season Rushing Success?

In what many thought was somewhat surprising, the  Packers Activate Starks, Release Francois .

The Bucks finally got some offensive out put last night beating the Knicks  107 to 80 with Bogut and Jennings dunking the Knicks .

The win last night helps, but as We’re Bucked says,  Bucks Fans Need To Step Away From Ledge, For Now .

Another season of college basketball, marks another with Gus Johnson

According the BadgerBlitz, the Badgers football team is not focused on the polls .

To early for Brewers player projections?  Nyah, Bill James Projections Out .

This would never happen to me as I’ll never run a marathon, although I would be unprepared: The Internal Monologue of an Unprepared Marathon Runner .

Hits and misses here I think:  The NFL’s Worst TV Announcers, Analysts, & Sideline Reporters .

Sure, because how else would you try and get out of your paying your rent,  Man Accused Of Exposing Himself When Landlord Attempts To Collect Rent .

Yeah, pretty sure none of this is true but it’s amusing to read,  What Her Clothing Says About Her .

Happens all the time, doesn’t it… What To Do When Your Mom Joins Facebook .

Really don’t need a description here,  The 50 Best Butts In Sports .

The MVP Debate – Seeing a lot of pub this past week in regards to Clay Matthews being a possible MVP candidate this year, not just Defensive MVP.  I don’t think it’ll happen but there’s definitely sense behind the argument.  Just look at two games – Miami where Matthews left half way through the game and Washington where he didn’t play at all.  In both of those games the Packers’ Defense generated pretty much no pressure while he was out.  Once Matthews returned though, the pressure was back.  Just having Matthews on the field affected how the opposing offense reacted which meant opening up opportunities for other players to apply pressure if it wasn’t Matthews himself.  While it will be an up hill battle for Matthews to get this award, if he keeps playing at the level he is it’ll be a travesty if at the very least he doesn’t get some consideration for it.

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  • Anita

    I’d be happy with him winning the Defensive Player of the Year. Kind of makes up for Roid Boy Cushing winning the defensive ROY over Clay. I think MVP is a long shot, especially for someone who plays defense.

    Now, if the Packers continue to play the way they did on Sunday (yes, I know it was Dallas and they suck), how about TWO different Packers receiving honors? Like maybe an offensive player for MVP and Matthews for D-POY? I could live with that.

  • Tarynfor 12

    Unless the Packers get to NFC Chmps and Matthews leads in sacks and Rodgers numbers,although at this point is on pace for a solid year,but are deceiving right now, increase dramatically.More TDs and alot less INTs.Won’t happen,as in boxing you have to knock the champ(Manning) out to win it.