Wow, how did the bye week get here so quickly? It was just yesterday we were watching the first game with starry eyes, anticipating the streak of wins that would culminate in the Dolphins finally not drinking their champagne and Packer fans deliriously celebrating a fourth Lombardi trophy…well, that was pretty short lived, wasn’t it? We came to our senses in a hurry that this season would be no cakewalk. No season ever is.

Still, I have to feel good going into the bye week. After a couple of very close and heartbreaking losses, the last three games have just been great to experience as a fan. We have seen progressively more teamwork, gutsy play ( PAY TRAMON, TED, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE ), smart decisions by the players and finally maybe a little more originality from Mike McCarthy. And I saw Jerry Jones turn purple with rage. That always makes me happy. If we beat the kings of suckage, the Bears, and stay ahead of them like we are now, we win the conference. I’m sorry, I know that the announcers were full of the rejuvenation of the Vikings this week, but I don’t believe it. Train. Wreck. The Lions can’t seem to catch a break. This one is ours to lose.

This really is a “bye” week though – I hate to see Al Harris go. He’s been one of my favorite players for years. (As John Rehor will tell you, he is not my very favorite though, that’s the guy whose fan club I will be president of – Korey Hall. More about him in another post.) Al has personified dignity, hard work, and tenacity. He is tough. The man had his SPLEEN busted and then removed for us, people!

I understand it was a business decision, and the reasons for it make sense. In some strange way, though, for Ted Thompson I think this was a harder decision than others he has had to make. This is someone who for years showed up, worked hard, did his job and still really wanted to be a Packer. Indeed, Al seemed deeply disappointed and upset to be going, but also seemed to understand the reasons he was moving on. Ted seems to value Al’s type of player the most, which is understandable.

This year the Packers have had to cut people like Will Blackmon, who I’ve come to know more about via Twitter and whom I enjoy immensely. And losing Kampy was tough because he was such a class act. Those types of departures are sad. But this one breaks my heart.

I’m deeply disappointed for him, and us. Best wishes, Al.

Please don’t play for the Vikings. That is all.


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  • Anita

    I hope he doesn’t play for anyone on the Packers remaining schedule, but why do I think that he will?

    Bears are too cheap. I have a feeling we’re safe on that one.

  • djbonney138

    Since Al cleared waivers do we still have to pay him what he is due? The reason I ask is, I had been thinking that since Tramon didn’t take the first offer (I read somewhere that they offered him more than Harris but not as much as Woodson) maybe TT knows he can’t afford them both and unfortunately you have to pay the young guy.Tramon may want to test the waters of free agency and we will need the dough to compete. Williams has been awesome this year but I will be sad to see Harris go.

  • Anita

    Well, I hope they lock down Tramon, but I don’t think he should be earning more than Charles Woodson. Woodson is the reigning Defensive POY and he’s earned his pay level behind years of service. Williams could make the Pro Bowl this year and probably deserves to, but he’s not in Woodson territory YET. I hope he isn’t being greedy.

  • Tarynfor 12

    Although I’m saddened by the release of Al,I lost no sleep over it either.I think money always plays a part in decisions and did here also which will aide TT to keep Tra.

    Will he get CW money no,but damm close to it if we want him locked in.CW is no spring chicken and ability can die overnight.Just enough to justify the money to one or force you to find an answer why you didn’t.