This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Oh Canada!

An Evangeline Lilly (Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta) sort of morning.

This was what we were all waiting for, a dominating win & overall performance from the Packers.  We’ll kick off the week with Ol’ Bag of Donunts’ quick thoughts on the 45-7 win over the Cowboys.

Brian’s Chips Report  from the blowout in Lambeau.

Didn’t see this one coming though, Packers Set To Release Al Harris .

Was something of a blah performance in the first half, but the Badgers took care of business in the second half .

The Bucky Channel concurs, saying that was one ugly first half of the Badgers game on Saturday.

Badger hoops is  off to a good start .

Marquette also started off the season right, exhibiting new talent in their 30 pt win

Think we saw this before,  Chris Paul and David West have done this before… last week.

Never too early to be looking ahead: NL Central 2011 World Series Odds .

Who doesn’t love pictures of cute animals on a Monday morning?  25 Animal Sports Fans and Mascots .

Brilliant,  LeVar Burton Tweets NASA .

I’m sure Dan Walsh will be all over this one:  Admiral Ackbar Potato Discovered!

Think I’ve run into every one of these in my travels,  the 7 most annoying people you’ll see on an airplane .

Crystal Harris , whoever she is.

Football thoughts  – As underachieving as the Badgers were in first half, they woke up in the second to get a good win.  While everyone watching started thinking ‘trap game’, I thought the team did what good teams do…got their game together and went on to an impressive win.  As iffy as the Badgers were, the Packers were anything but with an incredible performance under the lights at Lambeau last night.  Yes, I get it that the Cowboys are not a good team, but the Packers did what you’re suppose to do against bad teams which is thoroughly own them all night.  Going into the BYE week, Green Bay & its fans have to feel pretty good about where they are right now.

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  • Anita

    My fantasy finally kicked some butt this week (thank you Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings). I can’t help but think how far in first I’d be if my tight end wasn’t sitting in his living room in Green Bay with his knee propped up, playing Madden and driving his wife crazy.