This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is TV Lawyers.

A Catherine Bell (Lt Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in JAG ) sort of morning.

Aaron starts the day off with, looking at how Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers are on the same page . hands out their NFC North Mid-Season Grades .

ACME Packer company ask the question,  When Is The Packers Offense Not The Packers Offense Anymore?

After a week off, UW running back John Clay is ready for the Boilermakers .

BQ5 with a Q & A with Boilermakers blog Hammer and Rails .

It’s almost UW hoops time,  Trevon Hughes and the Bo Ryan Point Guard .

Make sure you’re following all your favorite Bucks on Twitter .

There’s only 9?  9 Reasons Randy Moss Is a Total Douchebag .

If you’re thinking it’s time to move on, check these  10 Signs You Need to Drop Your Girlfriend  to make sure.

A primer on How to be Funny .

A Holiday Movie Guide , for you know…when you need to get the hell out of the house aways from the kids and relatives.

Remember being a little kid and thinking dinosaurs were so cool?  They still are, 10 Prehistoric Creatures You’re Glad They Don’t Exist Today!!!

A combination of ingenuity and stupidity at it’s best:  25 Accidents Waiting to Happen .

Maxim’s 2010 Finalists for Hometown Hotties

Pick your bowl  – As nice as it was to watch Iowa beat MSU, it wasn’t watching the Badgers so glad to have them back from the bye week this Saturday. After the Badgers lost to MSU, I figured we were looking at another Capital One/Outback Bowl situation again.  Since then, Bucky has gotten things squared away and is a legitimate contender for a BCS Bowl & a share of the Big Ten title.  Most people, including me, are expecting the Badgers to run the table the rest of the season and look to have the best tie-breaking scenario over Iowa & Ohio State (I expect MSU to drop another game so am counting them out). As for a bowl game, I’m take my shot now and say the Badgers are headed to Pasadena and will be playing in the Rose bowl come New Years Day. 

Will be back later this afternoon for Week 9 of the PocketDoppler Prognosticators, have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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