We have a special episode for this week’s edition of the Thursday Q & A as joining us is Chief Packer creator Anthony and we’ll also be speaking to the Chief himself.  We’ll find out how the Chief Packer phenomena started, what it takes to keep the series going and then get the Chief’s take on the upcoming game against the Cowboys and how far the Packers will go this year.

  Share with us the backstory of Chief Packer and where the idea/concept.

The Chief is a part of me in a way. I’m Native American; I grew up in Wisconsin and have been a diehard Packers fan forever. Chief was a nickname that I brought to YouTube when I started making videos. Within YouTube there is a small community called the TTC, Trash Talk Circle. Every week during the football season fans from other teams make videos trash talking about their upcoming opponent’s. So it was the Chiefs job to rep the Packers like no other on YouTube.

How much preparation goes into each video you do and how do you work up the theme for each one?

Well working with a “greenscreen” it is kind of easy to make videos, I use a bluescreen though. All I have to do is turn on the lights, camera and then action. Then I just give my opinion on the game or whatever the video is about. Editing can be fun if you like that sorta thing. When I’m thinking of a theme for my new videos, I just let the videos make themselves. I keep an open mind and just let the so-called magic happen. :) 

Now, you’ve been doing this for quite a while now, at least a year it looks like.  Has it gotten easier to keep coming up with the fresh content or harder as you need to think up new things for each show?

I started making Packers videos on YouTube during the 2009 pre-season. When I first started my show it was kind of lame, but I think it keeps getting better and better. Others may disagree. Keeping my show fresh is a must and I haven’t found it hard to make new videos yet. Someday I’m sure I will, but if the Packers keep winning I won’t have a problem.

Besides Chief Packer, The Rock also makes appearances in your shows.  What was the impetuous for including that character?

The Rock, he is a BIG TIME star. LOL. The thing is that most of the people who watch my videos are YouTube people. Some are fans of other teams and some are people who watch my show because it is different. I try to appeal to all kinds groups. Adding new characters is always fun.

[Anthony has to take off but luckily, Chief Packer is available so we'll round out today's Q & A with the Chief]

Chief Packer, you’ve come a long way and are starting to get quite the following.  What do you ascribe your success to and how have you been handling the fame?

I’m not totally sold on the success part but if there were any I would have to say it was the will to never give up. LOL, there is no fame.  

Chief, you were one of the few people out there that actually picked the Packers to beat the Jets this past Sunday, what made you lean towards the Packers?

One rule as a Packers fan is never pick against your Packers. The Chief will always pick the Packers, even if we are down to starting Mark Tauscher at QB.

Do you have a pre-game routine you go through to help make sure the Packers win?

I take it like every other day. I wake up and welcome the Sun back into my life. Sometimes I’ll smoke some tobacco and say a lil prayer for my Packers.

What’s been the highlight of the Packers season for you so far?

It was when we beat our old Winter Chief Brett Favre at Lambeau Field.

So we’re coming up on a game this Sunday night with an underachieving Cowboys team without their starting quarterback.  What are your feelings on the match-up, potential trap game for the Packers?

Kitna put up some yards against a lame Jaguars team last week, so I’m not overlooking them. The Packers offensive is playing poorly at the moment. I don’t know what is going on with them. If the offense doesn’t click, the defense  will have to try and win this game. If some other NFL team drops an okay running back and Ted Thompson signs him, I think we can really start winning some games in STYLE. I still believe the Packers will pull this game off in the end. Oh Yeah, you have to take into consideration the Lambeau Field factor. So EASY PACKERS WIN, Get Ready To Say “Go PACK Go!”

Call your shot, how far do the Packers get this year?

I’ll only tell you playoffs. The rest, time will tell.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Packers player is: 

#66 Ray Nitschke 

Your favorite Packers site to visit:

I know of a couple now, but before it was only PACKERS.com

If there were no Packers, you would be doing:

Wow, no Packers?! Hmmm. I think I would be chasing more women.

If you were a pro football player, your position would be:

Defensive tackle, I’m a big guy. Pushing guys around the field would be fun.

Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

Miller Lite

Thank you to Anthony and Chief Packer for coming on board for today’s Thursday Q & A.  You can follow the Chief on twitter to get notified right away of each new edition of the Chief Packer show and also check out the archives on YouTube .

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