This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is TV Lawyers.

An Alana de la Garza (Connie Rubirosa, Asst. DA in Law & Order ) sort of morning.

Check back this afternoon for today’s Thursday Q & A with Chief Packer creator Anthony and the Chief Himself.

Jayme at gives us a history lesson with Green Bay and Dallas – Ready To Fight This Battle .

What we’re all thinking of one Desmond Bishop these days,  Not Just a Preseason Playmaker Anymore .

Summing up the Packers’ season thus far:  Young And Unproven Players Are Now Part Of Packers’ Success .

Andy at Jersey Al’s Packer Blog wants a moment of silence for Brett Favre…

The Bucks lost to the Celtics last night, 105-102 but perhaps found themselves in the effort .

The Brewers Bar wants someone to talk me out of wanting Zaun back .

More on the new Brewers manager, Your Obscure Guide to Ron Roenicke .

Going in style:  12 Craziest Headstones .

Not sure whether to be impressed or nauseous: Grandma Hooks Up with 200 Guys in Two Years .

Times have definitely changed, The Proper Etiquette Of A Woman Dating In The 1930′s .

You can’t call yourself a man if you don’t already know these  7 unwritten bathroom laws every man should know .

I’m going old school and voting for Logan from Logan’s Run on this list of the  Top 10 Apocalyptic Heroes .

 Advice any man can use,  6 Ways To Make Chick Flicks Watchable .

Poland’s best export,  The 20 Hottest Photos Of The Krupa Sisters .

I Got Nothing – Not sure how many people actually get this far in the Daybreak Doppler, I’m sure most are derailed by the last girl gallery link.  In any case, really can’t think of anything inspiring,  mundane or trivial to add to this area this morning.  Here’s a link to 20 Plot Twists Famous Movies Should Have Had to make up for it.

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