Bet it tasted like vinegar, you obnoxious blow hard. Yeah, and I read your lips a few times on Sunday, too.  Especially after your challenges didn’t quite pan out the way you’d hoped.

The Packers beat the New York Jets on Halloween, 9-0, Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a barn burner. Aaron Rodgers’ day was the statistical equivalent of dog doo, giving his critics something to bitch about (something they do when he throws for 300 yards, as well).  But you know what? SO-effing-what.  No interceptions, windy conditions, and playing against a HEALTHY, rested, top ranked defense? He did what he had to do to WIN and that’s all that counts. The Packers beat the AFC favorite as far as Super Bowl aspirations are concerned. I’m sure New England and Pittsburgh beg to differ, but ask the Jets….they’ll tell you. Did you watch HardKnocks? They think they’re the shit. Heh. Whatever. Greg Jennings went Trick or Treating on Revis Island and stole all his candy. Booya! He also brought his “little friends” Mason Crosby and Tim Masthay. Did I just type that? Mason Crosby and Tim Masthay. HAD. A. GOOD. GAME. It really was Halloween, wasn’t it?

The defense, held together by duct tape and last minute signees, was awesome. You think Rodgers had a mediocre game? Pretty Boy Sanchez had it even worse. He heard the footsteps of his old college teammate, Clay Matthews, ALL AFTERNOON. And how about the new guy? Ten tons of fun named Howard Green (defensive lineman, 6’2″, 365 lbs), released by the Jets and claimed by the Packers last week. Oh, Rex.  Not a smart move. Not only did he come back to Jersey with a chip on his shoulder, but you think he might have passed on a few of your secrets and tendencies to his new teammates? Oh, I think it’s a safe bet that he did. Rock on, Mr. Green. Maybe the local Burger Kings will name a sandwich after you like they did with Gilbert Brown.

As badly as people seem to think that Rodgers has played this year, at the halfway point of the season, he is over 2000 yards passing. That’s on pace for a third straight 4000 yard season. So, suck it, critics.

It’s never boring in the NFC North. Especially when you share the division with the Vikings. Their Halloween wasn’t so good. Brett Favre was once again thrown around like a rag doll. Is he actually ENJOYING this season? Remember all the talk about “love of the game,” and “he plays like a kid.” Not this year. He’s getting the crap kicked out of him physically and looks like he’d rather be sitting on his mower in Mississippi (if facial expressions and body language is any indication). The New England defense hit him so hard that he had to be carted off, holding his jaw, sparking murmurs of sympathy (again), only to be miraculously fine when a microphone was stuck in front of his face, post-game.  If he doesn’t stop soon, he’s going to be sharing Gerber strained peas with his grandson. But, the funniest thing was that Favre’s medical condition wasn’t the top story for very long.  The Randy Moss Crazy Train pulled into the station right after Chilly and Favre were done talking to the media, and the dysfunction has been going full steam ever since. His post game bitching and rambling ticked Childress off so much that he released Moss the following day, and evidently forgot to talk it over with the team owner. Bud Selig must have been really pissed. Moss and the Vikings soap opera knocked the freaking WORLD SERIES off the sports pages.

When the news hit the Twitterverse, it was like Christmas morning in Packerland. The jokes were flying so fast it was hard to keep up with them. This one was my favorite:

Tough day to be a Vikes fan. Pick n Save has very nice paper bags if you are looking for head wear or something to throw up in.

The thing about Moss is that now that he’s available, there are actually Packer fans wanting Ted Thompson to claim him off waivers. Donald Driver is out for the Cowboys game on Sunday. Jermichael Finley is gone for the year. Maybe he can be another Andre Rison, a controversial and troubled WR that the Packers picked up in 1996 when Robert Brooks went down, who helped the Packers win a Super Bowl. Ehhhh. That was pure luck, and a team that gelled at exactly the right time. Randy Moss is drama, and not in a good way. There is a reason that for all his talent, he has no Super Bowl rings and has been sent packing everywhere he’s played. His bitching and pouting gets TIRED after awhile and starts to have a negative effect in the locker room. He hasn’t grown up. It’s been like this since COLLEGE. Lou Holtz wanted him at Notre Dame. He wanted him badly. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions looked at Lou like he had gone flippin’ crazy and gave him a flat-out NO.  I was here then (actually, I still am).  It was the beginning of the end for Lou, as far as being the head coach at ND.  So, ND passed Randy Moss onto Bobby Bowden and Florida State. Now, back then FSU was the shit in College Football. They were also known as the “Criminoles,” for their habit of recruiting players of questionable background, who other schools took a pass on. FLORIDA STATE said NO to Moss. Really? When Bobby Bowden says, “no thanks” on a player that talented, you know there’s an issue. So, Moss ended up at Marshall. Didn’t stay long. Long enough to take some basket weaving, rack up some stats and declare for the NFL draft.
Do I want Moss in Green Bay? How many ways can I say, ” fuck no ” to get my point across?
Speaking of Jermichael Finley, this week’s edition of Tuesdays with Wilde is a keeper. Finley definitely doesn’t have too much of a filter. He’s quite chatty and candid and reveals more than most players (for example, we also know that he and his wife are “trying” and that she wants a girl. He may have hit TMI Land on that one, but it’s funny). Most of the time, players are so guarded and paranoid about their privacy that their interviews start to sound rehearsed. This one sure isn’t.  In fact, he buried the lead and revealed that he had a second surgery on his knee, something the media hadn’t known about. Now, most of us that subscribe to Finley and his wife Courtney’s Tweets knew that Jermichael had been hospitalized last week. Courtney even posted pictures of him in his gown. Hot…..except not.  But, surprisingly, no one pried or asked why (I figured it was a follow-up procedure). See? Fans DO respect privacy.  But you have to laugh at his assertion that an infection with a 105 degree fever, necessitating a central line to pump antibiotics into his body four times a day,  isn’t any big deal. J-Mike? Sounds pretty dangerous to me. Glad you’re doing well.  Read Jason Wilde’s interview. Jermichael Finley is unintentionally hilarious.
Anyone notice that the Lions won again? And that the Vikings are now tied with them?  Hell, the Lions SHOULD be ahead of them (Chicago game screw job). I gotta say, I’m a bit worried about Detroit.
I hate Dallas.


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  • Anita

    UGH. WTH? My paragraph breaks aren’t working in the second half of the article. Sorry! Keep trying to edit to fix it and it isn’t working!

  • Tarynfor 12

    Randy Moss is a virus that is good and bad.He can be just what the doctor ordered to help cure a ailing QB,but still kill your offense at the same time.

    It is amazing to me,how so many coaches who are grabbing to get this medicine and will ingest it without reading the warning label.

    This may be the only medicine of it’s kind,that while even taking it at the proper dosage,you can still overdose from it.

  • foundinidaho

    Amen to all of it. I hate Dallas too. I want to see Jerry Jones’ face turn purple and his head to explode when we kick their asses.