I’ll freely admit, despite my upbeat demeanor, like many fans I’ve been tempted to panic in these past weeks as player after player has fallen, my adored QB 1 has struggled, and Mike McCarthy will NOT quit calling plays involving tosses to John Kuhn (I, too, love to bark Kuuuuuhhhhnnn! at the TV. But not on those plays).

But I kept telling myself, in the words of Jersey Al – “We Will Be Fine.”

This week around the NFL gave me some much needed perspective.

We have a good, soon to be elite, quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Even if at present he’s wrestling a bit with issues of technique or focus, Mike McCarthy didn’t feel like he had to pull him on the last drive Sunday and stick in the (loser ex-Bear quarterback in my example) backup because he didn’t trust AR to handle the offense.

Just for the record, I have a habit of saying “we” in reference to the Packers. I know there’s a
division of thought on that. But I do it, and I’m fully aware I don’t call or run plays, so deal with it.

Aaron Rodgers, from his point of view, didn’t have a coach Sunday who is so obviously insane and
egotistical (can you tell I like Shanahan?) that he thought benching a good quarterback and replacing
him with a proven loser would win the game. McCarthy trusts him. Rightfully so.

The Indianapolis Colts’ GM picked up Jeremy Kapinos, after their last punter was apparently
driven to drink by the perfection of Peyton Manning and the prospect of being in Indianapolis
in the winter. While the Colts won last night, from what I heard and saw, from a punting perspective
the Colts should go back to the drunken guy. This is something Ted Thompson (finally) figured out.
Well, not the drunken part, just the Kapinos sucks part.

Our punter should be named NFL Special Teams player of the week. Nice job, Tim Masthay. Keep it up.

Our QB twisted his ankle Sunday, got up wincing and cussing – and promptly started playing again.
He didn’t dramatically fall to the turf, later say his foot was” broken” and he didn’t know if he could play –only to show up for the next game not limping one bit, “proving” he was the Second Coming, so that we’d all worship at the altar.

One of our “star” wide receivers didn’t get up, praise the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears and interview himself (at least I hope not, and not in front of the press). The WRs went out, prepared and in the case of Greg Jennings played as well as he has in some time. McCarthy didn’t feel the need to waive a “superstar” because he can’t even be trusted to be nice to the caterer , much less not be an embarrassment on the organization in front of the world.

I did hear that Greg Jennings had is a “moment” in the locker room a few weeks ago that he himself commented on, saying he wasn’t happy with an apparent outburst of some sort. Greg Bedard later tweeted that he knew what happened and it was “nothing.” As you all know, if it had been “something”, Greg would have written about it. But Jennings is enough of a gentleman that apparently just speaking out in a way he felt was inappropriate was something he felt warranted an apology.

We won Sunday. We beat the team with the best record in the NFL. And we shut them out.

We did it with hard play and with class.

We’re just fine.


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  • Tarynfor 12

    To pull Rodgers out of the game would have been insane unless MM actually wants to commit NFL-HC suicide on National TV as Shanahan has done in Redskin land(fans grinding axes)by instilling a total lack of confidence toward McNabb.

    Thank God we do not have a Rex Gross(ugh)man on our team,as that is the worst ever kind of kick in the ASS a QB can get.Not one of the many Redskin fans should be hateful of McNabb if he told Shanahan to play Rex and kiss his ass.But that’s their problem.

    However,referencing everything that happens to Rodgers,whether good or bad,to Favre is becoming tragic.True, Aaron doesn’t play the Diva role and that is reason enough for everyone to stop equating him to the Diva in any manner.

    Too much comparing of traits of an apple and an orange can in time make it harder to know which is which for everybody,especially the apple and the orange.

    Whatever is said in a locker room should stay in a locker room,where players and coaches can vent emotions of and toward each other.A “private cleansing” if you will that ends there and not dragged on by the press.What a player or coach says in public to the press is that”public”.

    If Bedard knows of what Jennings said or not and chose not to bring it out to the public,then kudos for Bedard for keeping the sanctuary of the locker room in tact.

  • Anita

    LOVE it! I especially love the comparisons to Shanahan (Grossman?! SERIOUSLY?) and Indianapolis (Kapinos. Oh my.)