This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is TV Lawyers.

An Elisabeth Rohm (Serena Southerlyn, Asst. DA in Law & Order ) sort of morning.

It wasn’t an exciting offense performance, the Packers still won shutting out the Jets 9-0, as a  bruised, battered defense continues its assault .

Brian’s Chips Report from the Packers win over the Jets.

Jersey Al has a report from his experience at the game .

Packer Geeks with their  Game Thoughts – Pack/Jets .

Chris & Dave share their thoughts on the win in the latest installment of Packers Therapy .

The Bucky Channel has its Bucky Five, asking Did We Just Shutout the Jets?

BQ5 is thinking the  BCS bowl picture looking rosy for the Badgers.

The Bucks bounced back to get a win on Saturday night &  Jennings drops triple-double in home-opening win .

I am sooooo building this:  Behold, the world’s most comfortable toilet .

A recap of John Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity &/or Fear:  My Day At The Rally To Restore Sanity .

The Belt Clip Cyclone Knife looks pretty cool, until you cut a finger off trying to buckle your belt,  The 7 stupidest self-defense systems .

Hopefully you didn’t decide where one of these  8 Costumes That Probably Won’t Get You Laid this past weekend.

You’ve probably heard of most of these:  Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True .

Hottest MMA Ring Girls Ever

Satisfying, if not Exciting  – I think most of us went into yesterday’s Packers game against the Jets hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.  Well, a little of both here as the Packers looked anemic on offense but the defense came through huge.  A shutout against a very good Jets team on their home field is pretty impressive, especially considering the replacement players manning the front line.  Not much more to say that hasn’t been covered above, so we’ll take this win & enjoy it today before we look forward to the game Sunday night against the Cowboys.

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