Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packer, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 8 the current standings are:

BigSnakeMan: 12
Wally: 11
Chris: 10

Both BigSnakeMan & Chris put up goose eggs last week while I, ever the optimist, gained one point on the Packers beating the Vikings.  I am not so optimistic this week though.


Jets over Packers – My picking against the Pack has worked pretty well for them so far; when something ‘works’, I tend to stick with it. Last week’s win over the Vikings may not have saved the Pack’s season, but it went a long way toward restoring some hope. Of course, it’s back to ‘normal’ for Green Bay with the news that LB Brad Jones is now lost for the season due to shoulder surgery. The Packers medical staff either needs to ask for a raise or put in for ‘hazard pay’. The pool is now open to name the next Packer player to have a season-ending injury this week. Tough to go into New York and get a win as things currently stand.

Steelers over Saints – For those stressing about the Packers, I give you the New Orleans Saints. I guess it’s not surprising that a team in close proximity to Bourbon St. would have one hell of a Super Bowl hangover. If Cleveland could go into the Super Dome and get a win, imagine what the Steelers will do.  Seeing as how the Pittsburgh machine just keeps rolling on, it’s not a “stretch” to think Big Ben can lead them to victory.

Colts over Texans – Colts should have revenge on their minds as they look for payback from an opening week loss in Houston. Whatever the “over” is in this game, take it. Should be a high scoring affair as the Colts can’t play any defense, especially with safety Bob Sanders out. But they should have enough firepower at home to get past the up and down Texans.


Jets over Packers – This was one of the games that I actually had the Packers scheduled to lose when I did my season prediction.  As much as I would like to say the Packers could take the momentum from the win last week and carry that into New Meadowlands Stadium, I just don’t see it happening.  Do I think the Packers have the ability to win?  Of course, but then I supposedly have the ability to quit drinking and that ain’t happening anytime soon either. So for once I’ll use my head here when picking the Packers game and say they’ll be going into the BYE week at .500.

Saints over Pittsburgh – Wow, talk about a fall from grace.  The Saints have been horrible this year, it’s beyond surprising.  That being said, I think the combination of playing for pride along with the home field allows the Saints to pull the upset here…that and all the voodoo the locals will be throwing the Steelers way on Halloween.

Colts over Texans – I really, really want to take the Texans here, but I won’t.  I just don’t see the Colts dropping both games to the Texans, Pey-pey won’t let that happen.  I do think it will be a tight game though but we don’t get points for saying the score will be close.


Jets over Packers – The Packers showed me something last Sunday night, sacking up and cutting off the head of Favrezilla, finding a way to win a game they might easily have lost. That was nice. But not nice enough to convince me they have what it takes to go into the swamplands of Jersey and put down one of the better teams in the better conference, especially when that team is coming off a bye. The Pack remains too banged up, particularly along the DL to quell the NYJ running game. And the GB offense doesn’t seem to match up well v. the Jets D.

Steelers over Saints – If CLE can come into the Superdome and punk the Saints, it is hard for me to believe that PIT won’t do the same. Particularly when NO seems to be less than perfectly in sync and the Steelers appear to have it going on right now. But, hey, why should anyone believe a guy who got shut out last week? My Pissing in the Wind Special: PIT over NO.

Colts over Texans – HOU rose up and smacked the Colts in the season opener. Since then IND has gone 4-1 while the Texans are 3-2. HOU has been winning every other week since then, and after winning last week they are due to lose, right? (Who can possibly fault that air-tight logic?) Taking down IND will be much tougher for HOU inside the Colts home dome, so give me IND over HOU.


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