This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss World 2010 Contestants.

A Kimberly del Valle Kuiperi (Aruba) sort of morning.

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ACME Packing Company has a Q & A with a Jets Blog,  5 Downs with Gang Green Nation .

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Rubie Q at Anonymous Eagle has  Twenty Reasons Why I Can’t Get Worked Up About Recruiting.

Incredible, I know, two Marquette links in one day:  Recruiting disappointments mount but fear not .

Well of course, why wouldn’t you do this:  Connecticut Woman Arms Son With Guns Because He Was Being Picked On At School .

Solid list here,  Five Realistic Spokespeople for the NBA .

Still get shivers every time I watch that bug in the ear scene from Star Trek II:  Eight Scary Scenes in Otherwise Non Scary Movies .

Ugh, there isn’t one of these that as a kid you didn’t dread getting in your trick-or-treating back:  The Top 10 Worst Non-Candy Halloween Treats .

7 tasteless Halloween costumes for 2010 , I thought the SCRAM Bracelet Lindsay Lohan costume was pretty funny actually.

It is what it says it is:  The Obligatory Sexy Halloween Costume Gallery.

Worst Halloween Ever – It had to be 1978 or ’79 I’m thinking, not too long from when Star Wars first came out.  I wanted to dress as Luke Skywalker for Halloween, I mean really what kid that age wouldn’t want that.  Problem was, back then you couldn’t just go to the store and pick up a Luke Skywalker costume.  Things like that just didn’t exist.  So my Mom cobbled together something vaguely recognizable as Luke’s outfit from Tatooine.  I don’t remember all of it, but pretty sure it was a button down white shirt of my Dad’s I wrapped around my waste, some sweatpants and my Grandpa’s old army web belt.  Lightsaber?  Good luck with that one, I think it was a piece of wood painted yellow.  I was pretty proud of the outfit though, I was Luke Skywalker, scourge of the Empire.  So off we went Trick or Treating, me as the Rebellion’s newest hero and my little brother…as a clown. First house we went to was an older lady, who of course adored the ‘cute little clown’ and had no idea who I was.  That was the unfortunate theme of the night, here’s how it usual went down.

 <ding dong>

 Brother & I – “Trick or Treat!”

 Person at door – “Oh, what do we have here?  An adorable little clown and….”<awkward pause>”…and what are you dressed up as tonight?”

 Me, mumbling – “Luke Skywalker”

 Person at door – “…well…um…don’t you look nice.”

 …and off we went.  Like I said, worst Halloween ever.  Not only did no one kn0w who I was, that damn clown out-candied me at least 3 to 1.

Back with the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators this afternoon and hope everyone has a great & safe Halloween weekend.  See you back here Monday.

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  • BigSnakeMan

    “Star Wars” probably hadn’t made it up to Phillips at that time yet. ;) Or was that Antigo?