This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss World 2010 Contestants.

A Tully Fremcourt (Martinique) sort of morning.

Programing Note: I actually had planned on being out these next two days so didn’t line up a Thursday Q & A guest.  Thanks to the gale force winds here in Wisconsin those plans changed so here I am.  So to make up for the lack of a Thursday Q & A we’ll be replacing it with a recap of my first year as a pee-wee flag football coach, I know…exciting stuff, so check back later this afternoon for that.

Purple Pants, Green Jersey on Tweaking the Packers 53-Man Roster .

And well deserved too:  Packers Game Ball Of The Week – Desmond Bishop .

John at GPN with something of an ode to you know who,  Until We Meet Again, Old Friend .

Jersey Al with his weekly Mining the Mind of McCarthy – Vikings, 3rd Down and Short .

The Bucks opened their season last nigh, losing to the Hornets 95 – 91.  Brew Hoop looks at the game, saying Chris Paul and David West have done this before .

Bucksketball has more on the opener,  the season beings … with a fizzle: Hornets 95 – Bucks 91 .’s Hot 11, the Iowa edition .

Switching to Badger hoops for one, The Sports Bank says the  Badgers Need Keaton Nankivil to Produce in More Ways Than One .

This will get old eventually, but for now still pretty funny,  The Best “Brett Pevre” Jersey You Will Ever See .

This seems appropriate on at least 2 levels:  10 Halloween costumes for the Jets’ Rex Ryan .

Yet one more reason to love Michelle Beadle, spoofing LeBron’s latest commercial .

I wish I had the time to do stuff like this:  Ghostbusters Fan Builds Proton Pack From Scratch .

My new guilty pleasure is the Showtime series ‘Weeds’, this would totally kill Nancy’s biz,  The 7 Biggest Consequences Of Proposition 19 Passing .

What’s either very funny or very worrisome is a lot of these don’t appear to be staged: Trying To Explain These 21 Pictures Would Be A Complete Waste Of Your Time .

In honor of the NBA season kicking off:  30 Dazzling NBA Dancers Dunking .

Ryan the Hutt’s Comments – We all remember the comments made by Jet’s head coach Rex Ryan last year about his disdain of Charles Woodson as the pick for the 2009 Defensive MVP.  Curiously, I haven’t heard that much about that leading up to this game.  I thought for sure we, as Packer fans, would be rallying behind that.  I think the main reason we haven’t is we’re all still so happy about the win this past Sunday that no one is yet paying attention to the upcoming game at New Meadowlands Stadium. As fans we’re all OK doing that, I just hope the Packers aren’t and can use what happened last week as a spring board to a strong second half.

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