It’s still good. Days later.

So, the NFL informed Chilly that Visanthe Shiancoe’s TD at the end of the first half on Sunday night should not have been overturned, thus rewarding him for whining incessantly postgame, but still slapped him with a hefty fine two days later. “You were right, Brad, but how DARE you point that out. Give us your money.” Heh.

Here’s a newsflash for you, Chilly. It all evens out. Sometimes you get the calls and sometime you don’t.  Ask Aaron Rodgers, who RARELY gets the calls he should. And you know what? You got some bad calls in your favor, too. The Packers made TWO fourth down PLAYS IN A ROW in the fourth quarter, and the refs blew it. First on a bad spot on the Greg Jennings reception (which the Packers should have challenged) and the second on an early whistle, because John Kuhn was never actually DOWN and got the needed yardage with second effort. Basically, you never should have gotten the ball back for a desperation drive. And why don’t you ask Clay Matthews how often he was held and facemasked by your OL and never got a call until it was so obvious that every four year old child and 80 year old with glaucoma sitting in Lambeau screamed, “FACEMASK!”

Why don’t you just cut to the chase and pull a Ditka? Put an asterisk in your record book if it will make you happy. It made Ditka look like a childish shitheel back in 1989, but whatever. The point is, you got your way.  Bravo.

And while I’m on the subject, it was disclosed following the game that Brett Favre’s ankle is fractured in two places and he’s walking around in a boot cast. This was confirmed by MRI. Yet, there is still a possibility that Favre could play this week.  Please spare me the “he’s such a warrior” line of crap. Either it is all manufactured Favre drama to keep his name in the news OR it really is THAT BAD. If so, and he plays, it proves that  a) Childress is a eunuch as far as who runs the show in the Twin Cities, and b) that Favre is the selfish POS I already knew he was.  How can you honestly say that the best interests of that team are being served by playing a man with a FRACTURED ANKLE? Can you honestly say that Tarvaris Jackson is THAT bad (rhetorical question) and that they’re better off using a 41 year old with a significant injury?  Is it worth it to put one man’s “streak” ahead of the good of the team?

But, hey. It’s the Vikings. If they want to continue to circle the drain, who am I to stop them?

Somewhere, Mike Sherman is clucking with sympathy at the position Chilly has put himself in.

I listened to a radio show out of Milwaukee on Monday afternoon following the victory, and a comment made by the studio host disturbed me.  In talking about Favre’s performance on Sunday night and marveling at the fact that he played like complete crap, yet still brought his team within inches of a victory, they made a horrible comparison.  Here’s how it played out. A Favre worshipper called in. The dude calls in almost daily and professes his love for Favre. It’s actually a little creepy. Honestly, I was waiting for him to refer to Favre as “my Preciousssss.”  He actually claimed that Brett Favre was the equal to Mohammed Ali as far as historical sports legends were concerned. He really needs to seek help for his unnatural fixation, instead of calling a radio show and subjecting us to his dysfunction. Anyway, the radio host agreed that Favre is a legend and went on to say that Favre was Joe Montana and Rodgers was Steve Young in the fans eyes. Now, we’ve all heard that comparison, and the situations are indeed similar. However, he went on to say that fans loved Favre/Montana and because of that, will NEVER love Rodgers/Young. The will APPRECIATE them, but never love them.  Ummmm……WTF? What a horrible thing to say, and I certainly hope the radio host did not mean it to sound that bad.  Steve Young won a Super Bowl after Joe Montana retired. You mean to tell me that fans don’t love a Super Bowl winning QB? And are you saying that fans don’t love Aaron Rodgers right now? Oh yes, there are still those who are unnecessarily harsh and nitpicky towards him for no other reason except  “He’s not Brett,” but you mean if Aaron Rodgers brings a Super Bowl to Green Bay someday, people are only going to grudgingly “appreciate” him? Whatever. With that, I clicked off the radio show. Their melancholy Brett worship and disrespect to Chuck was killing my buzz.

Speaking of that, I have sensed a slight turn in the tide regarding Favre now that he has lost in Lambeau.  People are starting to remember that they actually once loved him and are waxing poetic about his years as a Packer.

As for me? Do you have to ask?

Screw that noise.  He’s still in purple. He still plans on playing against us in that dump they call a stadium on November 21.  As long as he is a Viking, my anger will not go away. As long as the networks trip over their tongues mentioning him 3,586,259 times a night while ignoring the team (and QB) who actually WON that game on Sunday, I will continue to ridicule.

He is still dead to me. He is a Viking. He did not take the uniform off after that game.

Random Thoughts this week:

I watched part of the game replay on NFL Network last night.  Has Asher Allen found his jock yet, or did Greg Jennings hang it so high on the goalpost in Lambeau that no one can reach it? Man, that was beautiful.  I can watch that TD pass and the Des Bishop pick six on a continuous loop for hours.  Life is good for now.

I live in Bears Country. Yes, it sucks as much as you think it does. A Bears fan I know described Jay Cutler on Sunday night as “blasé, blank, vacuous, lethargic. It’s like he couldn’t care less about the game!”  I replied, “You mean he looks stoned?” Because seriously, that’s what I’m always thinking when they show a close-up of his face.  How did we lose to that douche? Oh, that’s right. Bad refs/stupid penalties. See Chilly? Happens to everyone.

Speaking of douchy, we play the Jets next. I don’t know what makes me roll my eyes harder. Their loudmouthed famewhore coach, their drunk driving receiver who doesn’t get that he did something wrong, or the fact that they have a DB who has something like nine kids from seven different women in six different states. You can’t make this shit up. Go Packers! This one won’t be easy!

Post Game Locker Room, 10/24/2010

I’m hearin’ ya, Mr. Jennings!


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  • Jeremy

    I love how Chilly conveniently neglects to mention that the ONLY reason that Shianco play even happened was because of a bogus 15 yard late hit penalty against Collins that directly preceeded that play.

    Replay clearly showed the hit was NOT late, and a different play certainly would have been called on 1st and 10 from the 32 than was called on 1st down at the 17 yard line.

    That whole play was born from an errant call to start with!

  • BigSnakeMan

    Well put.

    If the entire ’4′ saga taught us anything, it should serve as a cautionary tale about the fallacy of glorifying professional athletes.

    While I enjoy watching the games immensely and appreciate their efforts in favor of my team(s), I would no sooner ‘worship’ an athlete than I would any other variety of entertainer.