This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss World 2010 Contestants.

A Dayana Aguilera (Costa Rica) sort of morning.

ACME Packing Company with some  Analysis: The Refs Didn’t Throw Three INTs For The Vikings .

Did the ghost of Pat Morita have anything to do with the Packers win on Sunday night?

Brian does some film analysis from last Sundays game,  Third-And-Manageable .

Looking forward and not back now, the  Packers Passing Attack Faces Tough Test Against Jets .

BQ5 has top 5 things to do on a Saturday when the Badgers have a bye week in their Badger Bits.

Badgers Head Coach Bret Beilema on injuries and the bye week .

The Bucky Channel and their 2010/11 NBA Predictions .

Miller Park Drunk asks  What Brewer would you trust with your girlfriend?

Proof that some people will buy anything as long as a ‘name’ is endorsing it:  9 Dumbest Fitness Product Infomercials .

I didn’t know ‘The Count’ from Sesame Street had a last name, Top Ten Vampires in Pop Culture .

Jon Stewart tops the list of AskMen’s 2010 Most Influentional Men list .

In my 40 years, I have never left a note on a car, maybe I’ll start now:  The 40 Best Passive Aggressive Parking Notes .

Really only a couple of these  Celebs Who’ve Said No To Playboy Offers  that I’m disappointed in, I mean…in between the article reading of course.

Lots of   Rachael Leigh Cook .

It was there, and then it was gone – For a fleeting moment as Brett Favre was walking off the field on Sunday night, I actually softened in my scorn for him.  Especially when Favre and Donald Driver shared that ‘long’ talk & then hug, I thought back to all the good, great and even bad games Favre played for as a Packer.  For the briefest moment, I didn’t wish him ill-will.  Then as Favre entered the tunnel and Longwell was carrying his helmet gazing lovingly at Favre, I snapped out of it pretty quick. If anything though, it tells me there may come a time in the future where I at least may welcome Favre back to Lambeau to get his name on the ring…but I don’t think that will be anytime soon, especially after reading this drivel .

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  • Anita

    Seriously, can I vomit now? Maybe Dave Begel should just get a room for he and the Ol’ Dongslinger.

    Maybe I’m just overly cynical, but I see everything he does as calculated, even his tender moment with Driver. I can see him whispering, “The kid sucks. I would have passed you the ball more and made sure you kept your streak, Donald. Come play with me, again, Donald.”

  • BigSnakeMan

    Yawn. I no longer care at all one way or another. In the words of Mike McCarthy, ‘I’ve moved on’.

  • Chris

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who was both amused and sickened by Little Dog Longwell carrying Big Spike’s helmet. Priceless.