The Packers are like a broken fishing bobber right now. Still afloat and functional to an extent, but awkward looking and more of a tease than anything else. The injures have mounted; we have talked that to death. Add that to the fact/opinion that the Vikings are seemingly better in every category, at least at this point, and tonight might very well mean a recipe for disaster. To me, this is the first game Green Bay is a true underdog. Maybe that will be a blessing. I sure hope so, because there is no way my body can survive another “Favre dominates former team and crushes the souls of his life-long fans” headline.

On a side note, anyone catch that Bears’ game this glorious afternoon? Jay Cutler found a new favorite wideout. His name: DeAngelo Hall. There truly is nothing better to lift you spirits than Bears’ postgame radio following a Chicago loss…A win too for that matter. Anyways, it’s all for naught if Green bay lays an egg as well. Let’s do this dance.


espn_nfcnblog : “Can Aaron Rodgers take the torch tonight? –

ProFootballTalk : “Aaron Rodgers and Brad Childress talk about Packers-Vikings

So who’s going to win?

Rodney Harrison: “Packers.”

Tony Dungy: “Packers.”

Me: “Please let it be the Packers…”

(Brett Favre trots out of tunnel and onto the field)

99.44% of Lambeau Field: “Booo. Boooooooooooo. (We hate you on the outside, but still love you in that deep, hidden corner of our hearts. But…) BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Indianpackers : “As the echos of cheers go through Lambeau, it awakens the Spirits of Lambeau Field. GO PACKERS !”

MaxGinsberg : “Vikings vs. Packers. My worlds are colliding. This is going to be awesome. Game on.”

jrehor : “Let’s get it on! GO PACK GO !”

htphelps : “I’m losing both fantasy football games this week. I choose to interpret this as being a good omen for the Packers.”

Donald Driver: We gotta get back on that winning track. We know we can do it.”

1st Quarter:


OlBagOfDonut s: “Believe, gang. Believe.”

14:57 Vikings win the toss, receive. Harvin smothered at the 15.

Everyone catch Brett Favre introducing himself? Monotone, broken, battered…Physically and mentally. He’s gotta be.

14:02 Two short runs, 3rd an short.

Guess who’s back? —> BloFavreGirl4 : Please don’t let ClayMatthews52 kill Favre tonight.”

I’ll settle for deeply bruised.

13:38 Screen to Harvin, notta! 4th down and 8-ish.

michaeldavidsen : “Nice tackle Peprah! 3 and out, hell yes!”

12:48 …Punt…

BillMichaels620 : “Packers will get the ball on their own 39.”

12:38 1st down, Jackson fumbles his 1st carry! Recovers. Heart attack 3 plays in! Gosh…

Collinsworth: “No wonder Green Bay doesn’t like to run the football.” …Don’t start with me Cris.

PackerDrunk “Go Pack Go! and hold the dang ball!”

11:39 2nd down, screen to…Donald Lee?! Nice gain up to the 44 yard line. Aaron Rodgers follows that up with a 1st down scramble for 11. Easy going.


10:26 False start. A fumble and a false start in the first 4 minutes of play. I Can’t wait to hear MM say, “We will get it cleared up” again, and again…and again.

9:27 Green Bay down to the 26, 3rd and 2. Rodgers hits James Jones for a 1st down! Jones could be in very a big night.

TomPelissero : “Another sleepy start for the Vikings. Offense goes 3-and-out, defense getting gashed on Packers’ opening drive.”

8:38 Packers driving, looking strong and A-Rodgers throws it to?

Right into the caddle-tying basket of Jared Allen. You’re kidding me. Interception, Vikings football.

***173 straight passing attempts without an INT in the redzone. Snapped.***

MikeVandermause : “Wow. One of worst passes Aaron Rodgers has thrown, right into hands of Jared Allen.”

Brett Favre-esque?

Greg_A_Bedard : “Terrible mistake by Rodgers in the red zone, throws a screen intended for Nance right into the arms of Jared Allen.”

***Mr. Bedard, we will sorely miss you. Thanks for everything, and best wishes to you and your family.***

WallyPingel: “Best wishes Greg, glad we/I had a chance to get to you know you.”

8:30-7:45 1st down Vikings at the 29 of Green Bay. Incomplete pass. 2nd down, short run. 3rd down, nearly picked off by Nick Collins. Vikings forced to punt

We’ll take it!

jenlada : “Collins’ little guy made his dad promise he’d nab an interception tonight. No pressure pops. Nearly had that 1.”

Forget his son, he better not disappoint me.

kareemcopeland : “Brandon Chillar on the field on third down. Nick Collins with the pass break up! Vikings punt on second straight possession.”

7:38 …Punting…

BamaCheesehead : “Viking doing dance step …1,2,3, kick.”

7:28 Tramon Williams taken down by Frank Walker on the return. Hey I know that guy.

…Commercials… Oh I get it. The gecko is a play on words — GEICO.

7:16 1st down Packers at their own 24-yard line. Greg Jennings snags a pass from Rodgers up to the 50 yard line!

They can move the ball, but make it count hey!

PackersLive : “Nicely zipped pass by Rodgers on a — hey, look at that — a slant.”

7:00-6:00 Gain of 45 yards! Aaron Rodgers zips the ball to James Jones, down to the 3-yard line. Effortless, again!

JuddZulgad : “Weather is actually pretty nice at Lambeau Field right now.”

Aaron_Nagler : “God didn’t want Favre to have any excuses.”

Is Favre really wearing ear plugs?

PackerRanter : “Brett Favre is not wearing earplugs. Those are noise amplifiers. He old!”

5:10 1st and goal Packers after a 12-men on the field penalty by the Vikings. Last year’s NFC championship, anybody?

TOUCHDOWN! Brandon Jackson up the middle for the score. Give me some reaction PackNation, I’m having a hard time getting jacked up after seeing this story too often in 2010.

theandyman : “B-Jax! Wooo! …Ric Flair would be proud.”

PAIGER33 : “After a Rodgers gift to Allen, the Packers get back on track with big plays to Jennings and J. Jones. Jackson caps with 1 yd TD. 7-0 GB.”

PackerLadyC : “It’s Jackson….Mr Jackson if your nasty!!!”

7-0 Packers with (another) early lead.

Let’s hope the Packers can maintain momentum for once.

4:49 Mason Crosby set to kickoff. Right on que…Percy Harvin returns the kick to the Green Bay 46 and sets the Vikings up nicely.

BillMichaels620 : “There ya go….special teams. Give it all back. What a joke. You just know its going to happen. 48 yard return for Harvin. What a joke!!”

4:19 Peterson carries for 9 on 2nd and 10

Al Michaels: mumble mumble Brett Favre, sexual harrassment, allegations, texting, investigation mumble mumble.”

SNFSideline : “Favre trying to block out some of the Lambeau noise – he’s wearing earplugs.”

jasonjwilde : “Trying to sav him from all Open Fly Wrangler jokes.”

…If you haven’t seen the Saturday Night Live skit, it’s a must! —> (video)

2:49 Peterson picks up the 1st down. Vikings down to the Green Bay 36.

1:38 2nd down…3rd down…Bah! 1st down to Visante “insert joke here” Shiancoe


Moss silent thus far.

1:11 Harvin in the backfield, 1st and 10. #4 hands it do him…Hop, skip and a jump…Touchdown Vikings. Wow he’s quick.

BrianCarriveau : “Charlie Peprah really got caught up on that TD run. Gambled it would come the outside and lost that bet.”

I gambled at Oneida casino this weekend next to a couple of Viking fans who were sporting Favre jerseys. I won 40 at the black jack table; they lost at life.

7-7 Tie game.

…commercials… “Scared Shrek-less” TV Haloween movie looks incredible. Show of hands, who’s excited?

1:04 1st and 10, Packers starting at their own 21.

Al Michaels: “Rodgers throwssss into traffic, beautiful catch by James Jones!”

0:36 Up to midfield already, James Jones nearing 90 yard receiving.

LoriNickel : “Unreal fingertip grab by Packer WR James Jones, under pressure, on the run.”

And for an encore?

0:29 1st and 10, screen Play to Brandon Jackson. Down to the 12-yard line of Minnesota! Let me catch up!

Greg_A_Bedard : “Looks like Brandon Jackson is coming to play on the national stage. Tons of people are saying, ‘Who?’”

BigSnakeMan : “It’s ‘Screen-a-palooza’ for the Packers tonight.”

0:00 You would never know Green Bay is struggling. Lambeau Field is simply rocking. Magical (as always).

jasonjwilde : “First quarter yardage: Packers 200, Vikings 58. Score? 7-7.”

2nd Quarter

Hey that’s Bart Starr in a Lambeau suite. Hiya Bart.

jrehor : “Never met Bart Starr. Next year’s goal at Fan Fest” …Word.

14:53 3rd and 8 from the 8-yard line. Rodgers back to pass, throws right over the middle to JerMichael Fin…ANDREW QUARLESS for a TOUCHDOWN!


I can’t believe Chilly didn’t challenge that. Quarless bobbled it and came down out of bounds.

Al Michaels: “Once the PAT is in the air, end of story”

kareemcopeland : “First career TD for the rookie. First Lambeau leap.” …Never, ever gets old.

Midwestfan : “Quarless’ td. (picture)”

14-7 Packers re-take the lead

14:00-13:00 Vikings on the move. Favre finally opening it up a bit. Gain of 30.

You say elbow tendinitis…I say attetnion-monger.

1st down Vikings at the Packers 35-yard line, just like that.

jenlada : “Favre gets leveled by Matthews. Split second late for the sack but the ol QB’s gonna be shaking that one off for a while.” More of this puh-lease.”

13:00-11:00 Vikings driving…meh…at the Green Bay 17-yard line.

10:38 Favre tosses it to Harvin. It’s a catch, added run, TOUCHDOWN! Ugh…

Wait, did he step out? Does it matter?

10:38 MM makes a decent challenge.


Brad Childress is cupping his ear to ear the refs explanation. Ears must be filled with hot air.

10:27 1st down and goal Vikings at the 1-yard line. TJ Lang ends up on his back, touchdown Vikings…

TJ Lang! Why hasn’t Cullen Jenkins played yet?!

jasonjwilde : “Just asked packers PR about Cullen Jenkins. Said I was the first person to ask them, and they don’t know why he hasn’t played.


14-14 Back and forth we go

10:14 Pat Lee returns the ball up the 45-yard line. I think we are in for a shootout. I don’t like this.

MaxGinsberg : “As always with Vikings vs. Packers games, it looks like this game will come down to which team has the ball last.”

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are showing hall of fame athletes in unfathomable jerseys and on other teams. They referred to Favre going to Vikings as most unimaginable, worse than Michael Jordan becoming a Knick.

I’m still not over it. Win this game Rodgers, please.

jsutlookin: “How about Donald Driver in a Bear’s uniform?”  (shutter)

8:40 3rd and 1, Rodgers BOOM to Jordy Nelson. Sharp hands, 1st down and 10 at the Vikings 40-yard line!

***Jared Allen has 1 sack this season*** Adorable.

7:30 2nd and 7, Rodgers tosses it deep to James Jones. Ah, just overthrown. Embarrassing to admit, but nice coverage by Frank Walker.

7:07 3rd down no gain. 4th down, Crosby to try a 55-yarder.

What the…audible…Flynn back to throw! Quarless wide open….!!!…He falls down….

RahimTariq : “!%$$#^&^%(&*)( ^&%$^#%@$#%$^%^*&^%$ #@”

jrehor : Perfect designed play. Not the perfect result.

2nd string QB Flynn throws to rookie Andrew Quarless on 4th down. This is what Aaron Rodgers meant by getting “the best players on the field.”

Vikings take over, 1st down at their own 34.

6:48 5 yard rush for Adrian Peterson. It’s about time Clay-Mation and Charles “DPOY” Woodson make some noise.

5:49 3rd down and 2. Favre hooks up with someone or another. Another big gain…

Collinsworth: “Favre looking like Kobe Bryant shooting a fade away jumper there.”

Al Michaels: “His elbow is fine.”

5:38 And another 1st down run by Peterson. FLAG on Collins for a late hit. HORRIBGLE CALL!

Packnic : “Not even close to a late hit. its football not church.”

brove : “How the eff was that a late hit???”

4;59 And Favre throws a bullet to Shiancoe, touchdown Vikings. Good Lord, what just happened?

Mike McCarthy wastes a timeout challenging that Shiancoe dropped the ball.


BobCaruso : “Any particularly good signs in the crowd tonight about Brett’s extra curricular activity?” Anyone????”

Hey, the call is overturned. Wow, was I wrong. Incomplete pass.

vita10gy : “Bull sh–. Bull sh– bull sh–. Vikings 21 – Refs -7, Packers – 7.”


Collinsworth: “I think they got that one wrong.”  …Shut up Chris, please. For all of us.

wingoz (Trey Wingo): “In no way do i understand that ruling.”

4:28 3rd and 3 at the 11 of Green bay, Favre in the shotgun. Pass dropped by Toby Gerhart!


Comedy Relief —> 1250dougrussell: “As an FYI, “Shank” will be my Twitter word for “Shiancoe”. 2 reasons.”

4:24 4th down. Longwell puts through a short FG.

3 points has to be seen as a small victory. The vikings made that drive look like simple arithmetic.

McLaughlinMitch : “Peprah, Wilson and Wynn aren’t guys who are ready to be in there full time.”

17-14 Vikings leading Green Bay.

3:49 Decent return by Lee, again. Packers start near 30-yard line.

3:17 1st down Packers after and 11-yard gain by Brandon Jackson at their own 41.

***Green Bay with 240 yards of offense already***

Random —> SusanKim4 : “Just walked by guy wearing Vikings jersey. Gave him the stink eye”

Defensive holding by Frank Walker, another 1st down. Amateur.

Collinworth: “Not sure that ball was catchable anyways…I woulda held onto the flag ” …Cris, I swear…

2:41 Rodgers badly misfires on a pass Greg Jennings

Collinsworth: “This Superbowl favorite (Green Bay) is looking pretty mediocre so far this season.”  …I’ve never killed a living thing, but…

2:17 2nd and 3 Rodgers throws behind Driver

Collinsworth: “There throws are not even close.”  SOMEBODY CUT HIS MIC BEFORE I THROW MY TELEVISION!

2:12 3rd and 3, Rodgers with a short pass to Jennings and a 1st down.

jasonjwilde : “After going 5-for-26 the last two games on 3rd down, Packers are 4-for-5 (80%) tonight after 11-yard completion to Jennings on 3rd-and-4.”

2:00 warning

…commercials… Promoting Saints for next week’s Sunday night game. How’d Brees and New Orleans do to today?

1:56 Rodgers with another incomplete pass.

Collinsworth: “He’s missing on easy throws, just flat out missing”   …Deep breaths, deeeeeeep breaths…

I guess some agree with Cris…

TraciMonster : “W T F Rodgers!!!”

Others, not so much.

FoundinIdaho : “I think Jeff George was a bigger a-hole. But yeah, they’re pretty close. Cris and Al suck.”

1:46 Screen Pass to Donald Lee on 2nd down and an easy gain of 12. Who knew? The screen game has returned from the dead.

PackersLive : “Big completion to Lee on second down. First down at Vikings 27 with 1:30 left.”

1:08 Rodgers rolls right, throws off his back foot…INTERCEPTION…Vikings football.

Collinsworth: “Horrible pass, they were already in field goal range.” OKAY Collinsworth, I concede. You win. You…win…

Greg_A_Bedard : “Rodgers again picked in Vikings territory. Has cost the Packers 10 points.”

htphelps : “Text from Lambeau: ‘Rodgers needs to tighten it up in 2d half. He’s killing the mood here faster than a Brett Favre text message.’”

Vikings have all 3 timeouts, and a pretty dang electric offense.

0:43 …Driving…Peterson up to the the 34. Timeout #1 Vikings

0:38 Favre lays it up to  Moss. Deep pass…..Caught! Flag, offensive pass interference! It’s coming back. Officials bail Green Bay out yet again.

RichWardJr : “Moon him!” (shameless self-promotion)

Lambeau Field: (Massive sigh of relief)

0:24 1st and 20, Peterson with a gain of 7.Chilly gonna let the clock run?

MaxGinsberg : “Is it just me or is every coach horrendous with clock management this season?”

Moss arms wide open, wondering why they don’t go for broke.

jsutlookin : “I like when Moss thinks he runs the team- dissension in the ranks.”

Michaels: “Randy’s right. They had plenty of time.”




17-14 Vikings winning IN Lambeau Field.


espn_nfcnblog : “Halftime: Vikings 17, Packers 14 –

dexhandle : “Unfortunately, Green Bay sucks at half time adjustments this year. I’m less than confidant.”

Re-group fellas. You’re in this game.

jasonjwilde : “Aaron Rodgers’ two INT’s tonight have cost the Packers, what, at least six points? Possibly 10? 14?”

Any news on Cullen Jenkins?

Greg_A_Bedard : “According to a source, Packers DE Cullen Jenkins strained the hamstring in warmups that gave him trouble last week.”

PACKERHQ : “Jenkins getting hurt in warm ups screws us on the defensive line… Capers has to go vanilla again.”

George Costanza: “Serenity now!”

Halftime stats —> *** Greg_A_Bedard : 7 rushes by Packers RB Brandon Jackson (4.4 average). 21 passes for Rodgers (13 comp, 2 INT) in the first half.***

I’d really like to hear Mike McCarthy’s justfication for run/pass ration that.

Donald Driver has 0 catches thus far.

Titletown_Talk : “Does Donald Driver still have that consecutive games with a catch streak?”

BrianCarriveau : “Yup. 133 consecutive games.”

…Commercials… Question: Is it just me or are the Joe Girardi-Yankee Taco Bell ads suddenly awesome? Wonder why that is.

3rd Quarter

15:00 Packers received, Pat Lee up to the 30-yard line on the return.

14:57 Rodgers nearly picked off, again. Run the football!!

14:30 2nd down…3rd down…4th down, punt.

pass-run for 5-pass deep. I just don’t get it. Anyone?

BigSnakeMan : “Could the Packers maybe run on 1st down once in awhile just for laughs?”


PackersLive : “4.41 hang on the 51-yard Masthay punt.” …Gotta find some positives.

14:12 Vikings will start at the 20-ish, leading Green Bay 17-14.

14:00 Brett Favre throws to Harvin, gain of 20. Too easy.

13:00-12:00 Driving…driving…driving 3rd down And??? Brad Jones track down Brett Favre, for near-sack…AJ HAWK makes the INT!!!!

Favre gimpy, needs assistance to get off the field. It looks like Jones may have landed on his ankle…

PackerRanter : “Favre’s out. Done. Calling it now”

Midwestfan : “Picture I took of the play where Favre hurt his ankle: ” (Picture)

10:49 1st down run, 2nd down incomplete pass.

9:58 3rd down and 5 for Green bay. Rodgers pass is caught, 1st down to James Jones! B-e-a-utiful pass protection from Chad Clifton and company.

PackersLive : “Chad Clifton is making Jared Allen invisible. Rodgers has all day to find James Jones on third down.”

I step out to use the restroom, and?

5-plays, 41 yards. TOUCHDOWN to Greg Jennings!

What happened? Help!

Collinsworth: “HaHaHooo what a move by Greg Jennings!” …Don’t you dare let me like you Chris. Don’t do it.

Greg_A_Bedard : “Somebody wasn’t watching the hips. ‘Hips don’t lie.’ Jennings toasted Asher Allen. Wow.”

kareemcopeland : “Great route by Jennings shook the ish out of the defender. Faked in, out then went back in. Packers 21, Vikes 17″

21-17 Green Bay regains the lead. Keep it, hold it, love it, seal it!

This is excellent —> AsSeenInWI : BEST Favre license plate. EVER!

***Brett Favre: 8/14 94 passing yard and an INT***

michaeldavidsen : “Amazing what happens when you put a little pressure on Favre”

8:12 Vikings with the ball and a hobbled #4 in the gun at th3 25 yard line. He throws…


KCousineau09 : “Right between the old 5 and the 5. Desmond Bishop. My f-ng hero!”

WiscoRefugee : “What team is Favre playing for again?”

Collinsworth: “Bishop makes him pay big. Welcome home Brett.”

(ME: Grabs Cris, ruffles hair, and hugs it out) You’re okay Collinsworth, you’re O-K.

HisDirkness : “NOW IS HIS CHANCE! Favre needs to rip off that jersey to reveal a Packers jersey underneath… WWE style” —> sportsguy33 (Bill Simmons): “Co-sign!!!”

Asshalo : “Packer fans have been dreaming of this since Favre donned the purple. My dream has come true.”

BrewCrewBabe : “Pick 6. Go home Brett”

*** jenlada : “That makes it 14 straight games at home where the Packers have scored points off a takeaway.”***

David_C_Steele : “Favre refusing to let Jay Cutler show him up.”

28-17 Green Bay leads

Rich Ward Sr (my Pa): I’m thinking Favre shoulda stayed on the tractor

TomPelissero : “Favre clutching that left ankle on the sideline. Bending over, moving it around, squeezing it. Also had an animated conversation with Moss.” …Define ‘animated’

7:38 Vikings to start at the 33

7:01 1st down nice gain, and another.And you get a car, and you get a car!

6:21 3rd and 1…Favre throws it deep! Harvin down to the 11 yard line of Green Bay. Yup, his arm still works. Wow. Woodson just burnt.

packer_update : “Just too easy against this skeleton defense.”

5:45 1st down at the 11, Peterson STUCK for a loss. The run defense has been fairly tout aside from Harvin’s long TD tonight.

4:52 2nd down and 14. Favre throws to Jim Kleinsasser for 11. I’d make fun of him, but he’s better than what the Packers have.

4:12 3rd and 2

Michaels: “Favre throws, caught by Moss! He walks in to the endzone.”

Touchdown Minnesota

If Minnesota wins this game, I cannot bear the gush-fest that ESPN, etc will be doling out for the next 7 days. I cannot do it.

28-24 Green Bay considering giving back the lead. Nice gesture.

…commercials… Why is “Chilly” trending? Did I miss a bad challenge or something? Must be the cute mustache.

4:00-3:00 Green bay starting at their own 22. Rodgers throws to Jordy Nelson for gain of 8. Kuhn picks up the 1st down.

2:46 Rodgers tosses a deep ball incomplete.

2:32 Shhh, the rare Brandon Jackson might peek its head if you stand still enough. Hey, MM runs the ball, Jackson gain of 14.

***5.3 per carry for B-Jax on the night***

2:00-0:00 Dinks and dunks, Packers set to go for it on 4th and 1-yard to go.

28-24 Packers leading

PackersPulse : “Insiders Blog: Third-quarter summary: Packers 28, Vikings 24

4th Quarter

15:00 4th and 1, give to Kuhn! No! Yes! No! YES! 1st down Green Bay at the 43 of Minnestoa.

Badger_Dave_ : “Second effort for the win!!!

Lambeau: “Kuhhhhhhnnnnn”

Aaron_Nagler : “He’s not terrible!”

14:00-12:30 …Driving…3rd and 6. Complete by Rodgers to Jennings for a gain of 5.something yards.

Another 4th and 1.

Michaels: “Do you wanna take chance of another challenge on the ball spot? Or should he take his chances and go for it?”

Packnic : “Go for it.”

12:28 4th and 1…Give to Kuhn, nothing. Nothing.

Greg_A_Bedard : “Kuhn’s denied this time. That’s all you got there? Same play? Eeesh.”

Packers_Update : “Enough with Kuhn. Really needed to score some points on that drive. Does the defense have another stop in it?”

JasonJWilde : “Mixed bag on aggressive 4th down calls for McCarthy: Painfully close on fake FG, Kuhn gets 4th-and-1, then gets stuffed on same call. Ouch.”

11:39 Vikings take over. Driving…Peterson gain of 16

10:56 Peterson gain of 6

(Peterson tops 100 yards on the night).

10:00-9:00 Peterson simply wearing the D-line down. It was a valiant effort fellas.

8:49 Clay Matthews with a NEAR SACK! Gah! 3rd and 7 from the 35- yard line of Green Bay….


That was the play of the season by the defense. Did he do a full front flip? My oh my, I’m speechless…Pack fans?

foundinidaho : “Persistence, thy name is Nick Collins.”


dwalsh76 : “No way anyone ever breaks Favre’s career INT record. Not at this pace.”

JerseyAlGBP : “I guess we have learned Collins needs to be doing a somersault to actually catch an interception. The easy ones don’t interest him.”

Packnic : “Say what you want about that throw… Nick Collins Super-manned that h-.”

jasonjwilde : “That’s 3 INTs by Favre. He was magnificent last year, no question. And Rodgers has 9 INTs this year. But do Packers fans really miss this?”

1 more, haha —> PackerDrunk : “3 outta 7 Favre interceptions thrown to Packers’ players? Alzheimers??”

Collinsworth: “Percy Harvin has to do a better job there.” Credit Harvin and not Nick Collins, really?

sportsguy33 : “I’m going to lose respect for Michaels and Collinsworth if they don’t start crushing Favre within the next 3 minutes. And I won’t be alone.”

Nevermind, now I remember why I hate Collinsworth. Disdain.

8:00-7:00 3rd and 11, Rodgers throws a goofy looking pass to Greg Jennings for the 1st down.

That play won’t be talked about postgame, but it was a huge play on 3rd and long.

6:38 3rd and 3

***Green bay last in the league on 3rd down***

6:14 …Rodgers throws it deep…To the fans in the 3rd row sideline seats. What was that? Packers forced to punt.

JerseyAlGBP : “Anybody know what is wrong with trying for 4 yards on third and three? Anyone?”

Al Michaels: “More Favre magic in Lambeau? We’ll find out.”

Favre has his 3 INTs. It’s about time for him to turn it on and win this game. (Reverse jinx)

Greg_A_Bedard : “Vikings ball at their 17 with 6:07 left. Giving Favre an opening.”

6:07 1st and 10 Minnesota, Peterson gain of 6.

BrianCarriveau : “According to ESPN stats, Clay Matthews isn’t credited with a single tackle tonight.”   …Time to change that

5:38 “Peterson big burst for 10. 1st down Minnesota.”

4:30-3:30 Driving…driving…3rd and 7, screen to Gerhart! Ah!! 4th and inches…

Lambeau Field: “GO – Pack – GO!”

PackerReport : “Fourth-and-1 3:17 to go …. wow nervous time. What an incredible game.”

…Vikings going for it… Come on Clay, Raji, someone.

2:58 4th and inches, gain of 6. Easy as pie. 1st down Vikings.

2:00 Warning

…commercials… Thank you! I cannot breathe, and my fingers hurt. My feet are cramped, stomach in knots. Dinners cold, essay and reading not down. Garbage needs to be taken out, groceries put away. I can’t move. Frozen.

1:56 3rd and 5…Capers brings a blitz, time to throw. Incomplete pass! Charlies Peprah makes a really, really solid defensive play to break up the pass.

1:51 4th and 5, this is the football game.

…. Timeout #2 by Vikings…

JasonJWilde : “Whoever wins this game, this has been phenomenal theater. I don’t get to truly “enjoy” a ton of games, but this has been fun to watch.”

I don’t know if I can take another late game lo…NO! I Come on defense! Give #4, #4 on the night! Come on!

1:51 Favre slings it to moss, 1st down at the Green Bay 35.

Collinsworth: “Beautiful play by Brett Favre there.” …Ugh…


NickSargen t: “Packers look like they are following the script from the past two games. Not a good combo.”


TundraVision : “The Vikings are going to run out of time.”

1:10 Jarius Wynn SACK!

Collinsworth: “Terrible play by Brett Favre there.” …Walking-talking contradiction!

1:06 2nd and long, Favre hits Peterson…down to the 15 yard line.


False start Vikings.

1:03 1st and 15 from the 20-yard line.

Here we are yet again.

Personal foul, facemask by Phil Loadholt on Clay Matthews! 2nd and 30! ***Clay Matthews +1***

TraciMonster : “ITS ABOUT TIME THEY CALL A FACEMASK!!!!!!!!!!”

Favre running out of chances

0:53 1st and 30, Favre throws to Harvin in the back of the endzone…


No…please no

RealPSD : “Please, on all that is Holy.”

His foot is out! Red flag! Red flag! Play reversed!

I just swallowed my tongue.

PAIGER33 : “McCarthy’s blood pressure has got to be off the charts right now.”

0:45 Vikings gain 15, down to the 20 of Green Bay.


Greg_A_Bedard : “Whoever loses this game….It will be a huge shot to the gut. These guys are putting it all out there.”

0:37 3rd and 15

…15th play of the drive coming…

0:28 Favre rolling, throws it across the field! Incomplete and out of the back of the endzone.

Al Michaels: “Favre throws it all the way to Sheboygan.”

4th down.

One more play.

Just one more stop.


packergeeks : “Quadruple cover Moss”

Favre in the gun, hobbled ankle an afterthought.  Escapes a near-sack, falls down, GETS BACK UP! throws it up for Moss……..

Victory formation.





BigSnakeMan : “DAGGER!!!”

28-24 Green Bay wins.

Wow. Let’s go to the locker room.

Crichar3 : “Beautiful, man.”

Midwestfan : “Best. Game. EVER.”

*** RyanGrant25 : “Heck of a win for the Pack.. Back on track fellas . Proud !!!!!!”***

IndianPackers : “The Battle of Wounded Lambeau will be remembered for ages. Thank You Green Bay Packers, You have made my Year! Go Pack Aaaa-Wooooo!”

Bittersweet —> DayneShuda : “No catches for Donald Driver.”  …Hats off double D. Start a new one next week.

kareemcopeland : “Loudspeakers blaring: Celebrate good times, c’mon!”

cheeseheadtv : “Quick Hits: Vikings #packers

Too much fan reaction? Never.

1250dougrussell : “Just saw Ted Thompson in the elevator. Let out a loud “YEAH” & was all smiles & high fives…”

(2 hours ago) DaleZawada : “In close games like this, I can only wonder how it would be if half our starters weren’t on IR. 3-4 record after this regardless. Fire McCarthy!”    …I forgive you.

EmoRoyd “Brett I plain, straight hate you. But dang it, do I respect you” (Nice Anchorman reference)

foundinidaho : “MONKEY. OFF. BACK. Thank you Packers!”

DKowalski2 : “Time to let the heartbeat come back to normal. That was fun.”

sportsguy33 : “The loud boos for Favre as he walked off Lambeau were pretty remarkable. Almost sounded like the WWE had piped in fake noise.”

ProFootballtalk : “Lively post-game: Favre hobbles, gets teary, unsure he’ll play next week. Childress nearly pulled Favre


RahimTariq : “What this defense did with so many players injured…my god. Unbelievable. This…this is why I’m a fan. This is why I love the Packers. God I love this feeling.”


Aaron Rodgers postgame : “This is a special night for us. The fans were great.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks to Packer fans, this mess writes itself. Enjoyed the euphoric highs and mind-numbing lows with each and everyone of you. Thanks guys and gals for all your help.

Hats off to both teams. When someone says a team left everything on the field, it was shown tonight. This is why we love football. Drama, big plays, back-n-forth until the end. Hats off to those guys, stellar win.

I’m not sure who out there listens to The Herd with Colin Cowherd, but he has been shellacking Aaron Rodgers this season. Overhyped, a choker, etc. Conversely, he has been lauding Brett Favre, and stating, “Brett simply wins games late. Aaron Rodgers loses” (paraphrased). The defense came up huge tonight, but add this to Rodgers’ list of late-game victories. He was off, way off at times, but if we’re going to criticize him in losses we dang well better credit him in victory. This game was epic. A barn burner, hearts racing, no chance to breathe. Finally, a win. It feels good. Just another regular season game among many…

But for one week at least, all is right with the world. Have a superb week everyone.


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  • John Rehor

    Another great entry in the diary. It must be a labor of love to take the time to read thousands of tweets for inclusion in this every week, and it is must read after every game.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Packnic

    Seems like a ton of work, but so worth it. Really fun two days later to kind of relive the emotion of that day. Excellent work thanks.
    Should have plenty to work with next week with the loudmouth Jets coming up. GO PACK GO

  • Max

    As always, nice work, Rich.

  • Colleen

    It’s almost obvious how much wine I’d had to drink with each successive tweet. Boy that was fun. Love seeing all of these put together for posterity.

  • Anita

    Colin Cowherd is a douche. A couple people have been Tweeting ESPNMilwaukee, Jason Wilde and Bill Johnson suggesting they expand Green and Gold Today to two hours, not only to talk more Packers, but to knock that POS Cowherd off the air.