This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss World 2010 Contestants.

A Kateryna Zakharchenko (Ukraine) sort of morning.

Let’s start off the morning with a Carriveau’s Chips Report from the Packers win over the Vikings .

Jersey Al has his First Impressions, asking Why Make it Easy?

Ol’ Bag of Donuts chimes in with their  Quick thoughts on Green Bay’s 28-24 WIN!!

Total Packers says what a lot of us are probably thinking,  The Brett Favre Curse Is Broken .

Packer Geek sums it up nicely,  Fantastic – great victory .

Total awesomeness:  Unlikely heroes steal one for banged-up Badgers .

The Bucky Channel with Bielema Goes Home and WINS .

From Bucksketball, the  Bucks pre-season comes to a close with another loss, plenty of questions .

We participated in this so wanted to make sure it got some love today: We’re Brewers Bloggers, and We’re Awesome .

Title here really says it all, Not-So-Historic Moments in NFL Penis

I would say about 4 of these are valid for me:  10 jobs you wish you had .

Some good ones in here, Survey reveals Top 50 funniest jokes ever told .

Seems aprophos for this week,  Treehouse of Horror: The 6 Best Simpsons Halloween Episodes .

It may be Fall, but there’s always time for April Summers

Tired, but worth it  – As I said on Friday, this Monday morning could be very dark or very bright.  On the strength of a thrilling Badgers win over Iowa and a just as exciting Packers win over the Vikings, things look pretty good today.  The win for the Badgers was a statement that they are indeed a team to be taken seriously, more so getting the win with both James White & Lance Kendricks out.  The Packers then got that proverbial monkey off their backs & also stayed in contention for the division.  All in all, a very good weekend for Wisconsin football teams.

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  • Anita

    Randy Moss had only 30 yards receiving? Why did it seem like so much more? Oh yeah, because NBC was crawling up his butt for three hours.

    I was a little disappointed in the “Chips Report” link, in which Brian Carriveau got on Rodgers, saying that he “continues to digress.” As I said in the comment section over there, part of the reason that Rodgers had only 7 INT’s last year was that he held onto the ball and didn’t take chances. This year, he SAID that he and the coaches wanted him to take more risks. With those risks come additional INT’s. You can’t have it both ways. Either take chances or hold the ball and take the sack.

    We won. Rodgers threw for 295 years and 2 TD’s. He outperformed Favre statistically and unlike Favre, DID NOT cost his team the game. He got the Favre monkey off his back. Regress? Not really. Last year, he lost twice to the Vikings. This year, he’s the one on top. I’ll take that over a “perfect” performance resulting in a loss.

  • Wally

    What she said. ;-)

  • Tarynfor 12

    What may be really amazing is that, this game could have increased the “Headstone” order for two players which happen to be named Favre and Moss.They both got and will get what they hoped,”side by side plots” and they can “play catch” forever.THE END!!!