This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Movie/TV Stars I Had Crushes On in College/Early 90′s.

A Meg Ryan (The quintessential crush of men my age group & everyone else in the 90’s) sort of morning.

Jersey Al on the Packers vs. Vikings: A Matchup of Proven vs. Unproven TalentWisconsin Sport Team .

Danny at says  Ted Thompson, Step Your Game Up!

Mike over at GBN takes  A Closer Look at the Minnesota Vikings.

ACME Packing Company ventures into enemy territory with a  Q&A with Ted Glover of The Daily Norseman .

I can think of more than ten, but this works too from Total Packers:  10 Reasons We Hate Vikings Fans .

Adam takes on a Michigan State Blog on  how not to make an argument against Barry Alvarez .

What the Bucks thinks everyone should bet on the Milwaukee Bucks this season .

Courtside Analyst has your  Milwaukee Bucks true Win Production numbers .

Revealing Diagrams of NFL Player Brains , I don’t know why I thought it was so funny, but from Eli Manning’s diagram ‘Paste tastes good’.

Nothing worse than messing up the Nation Anthem at a sporting event .

I only watch a couple of these, but I would take out 30 Rock, the rest are valid: Six Television Shows That Have Really Lost Some Steam .

Easy or not, I won’t be trying any of these 6 Death-Defying Stunts That Are Secretly Easy To Do anytime soon.

They forgot ‘synergy’, Ten Common Workplace Words/Phrases That Should Be Banned .

Because reading is fundamental,  The 20 Hottest Girls Reading Books .

Here’s the season – For both the Badgers and the Packers, the games played this weekend may determine the fate of the season and post-season. The Badgers will have to play a very talented, very improved Iowa Hawkeye team that is very similar to the Badgers.  As great as last week’s win over Ohio State was, a win for the Badgers tomorrow could mean just as much to prove that what happened last Saturday wasn’t a fluke.  As for the Packer’s, while it’s not technically a MUST win it’s pretty darn close. Beyond the record, it’s a chance for the Packers & their fans to exorcise some demons from last year when the Vikings swept them…oh, and then there’s that little issue about beating a former QB too.  This coming Monday could be either very good or very bad if your a Wisconsin sports team fan, I don’t think there will be any in between.

See you this afternoon for the Week 7 Pocket Doppler Prognosticators, have a great weekend and here’s hoping for a bright Monday.

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