This week for the Thursday Q & A we have Nathan Zacher from the blog . convers the entire NFC North so we’ll get their take on all of those teams and of course ask how they think the Sunday night Packers-Vikings match-up turns out. is different than most blogs we talk to in that instead of covering just one team, you cover the entire NFC North Division.  Where did the idea come from to start the site?

The idea originated as blog dedicated to the Packers and Vikings only, but have recently expanded to the NFC North. Austin and I (Nathan) grew up Packer’s fans in a Vikings high school although or views have differed some since.

Do you have individuals that focus on particular teams?  Or does everyone contribute across the division.

We have contributors for each team.  We are a little light on the Bears and Lions teams at the moment however, since we just recently made the switch.

What’s the most surprising thing so far that has happened in the NFC North?

What isn’t surprising in the North so far this year.  Randy Moss in Minnesota, Packers struggling with a depleted roster, Bears leading the division, and the Lions, well, the Lions are right where normally are.

Who do you think is the best head coach in the NFC North?

I would really struggle to say Mike McCarthy, Brad Childress, or Lovie Smith, so that would mean I would give it by default to Jim Schwartz (would probably be the case no matter who was there).

The Detroit Lions, while still being bottom of the barrel, are on the rise.  How long till you think they’ll be a completive force in the Division?

They definitely have a talented roster, but struggle to keep them healthy and on the field.  I think it will be a while still because they need some help on the O-line to go anywhere, but they might be above 8-8 in a couple years.

The Bears have been somewhat of a surprise, currently on top of the division when most people thought it would be the Packers or Vikings.  Do you think this is a fluke or are the Bears actually contenders?

I actually think the Bears are a VERY SOLID team and I predicted them to have 10 wins this season.

With the win over the Cowboys this past weekend, do you think the Vikings are back on the right track?

I really do.  The offense still has some kinks to work out, but I think they are starting to realize that they need to let their running game do the talking. 

The Packers have been snake-bitten this year when it comes to injuries. Assuming they can get marginally healthy in the coming weeks, where does that leave them in the NFC North ranks?

My latest NFC North prediction (version 1.1) had the Packers with 10 wins and second behind the Vikings with 11 (which was before the Vikings loss to the Jets).  Before the season started, I had the Packers to win the division with 12 wins (Vikings 11 wins).

There’s a big game coming up this weekend at Lambeau Field when the Vikings come in to town.  Who’s your pick to come out of that game with the W?

I have been struggling with this one all week.  I think Aaron Rodgers needs this win more than anyone on that field.  It will start with him.  If he can play up to the hype he has developed over the last 2 years, then they will win 28-24.

At the end of the year, who comes out on top in this division?

The Vikings will win 11 games this season and win the division (that is until I come out with version 2.0)

Last ‘real’ question here, what advice would you give to people out there that have or want to start their own Sports Blog?

More than anything, it has to be something you are passionate about.  Don’t start something just to make money, but start something you want to invest time into.  The rest will come from that.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite NFC North Division player is:

Brett Favre, hands down

Your favorite football blog to read that is not named Bitter Border Battle is:

I would have to say it is CheeseheadTV in a very close call.

If there were no football, you would have a blog about:

Asian Flight Attendants

If you were a pro football player, your position would be:

Wide Receiver

Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a ________________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

Black Velvet & Coke

Thank you to Nathan for taking the time this week to join us.  For more than just Packers talk, head on over to  & follow them on Twitter .  As an added bonus, if you’re in Green Bay this weekend for the game, you can get meet Nathan and his Partner Austin who will be slumming at the Stadium View Saturday night starting at 7 pm.

Would you like to be the guest for a Thursday Q & A? Let us know!


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