This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Movie/TV Stars I Had Crushes On in College/Early 90′s.

A Jenny McCarthy (The only reason I watched “Singled Out” on MTV, technically mid-90’s but still counts) sort of morning.

Our guest this week for the Thursday Q & A is Nathan from, be up around 1:30.

Purple Pants, Green Jersey is looking for the Packers to get a defensive boost from Harris, Bigby & Matthews .

ACME Packing Company on  Brett Favre and His Return (Again)To Lambeau .

The Bucky Channel chimes in with their Early Thoughts on Favre Bowl III .

The Wisconsin Sports Tab is saying that Sunday is night brimming with opportunity .

Brew Hoops want to know if the  Bucks get healthy by opening night?

We’re Bucked things that the  Bucks Over/Under 45.5, Seems Fair .

May as well stay with hoops talk here as the Badger Blitz previews UW hoops role players .

Cracked Sidewalks on  Marquette in the Big Apple .

Before I even looked at this, I wondered to myself if Prince Fielder would be on it.  That answer would be yes: 9 Athletes That Don’t Look Like Athletes .

Ugh, think I’ve ran into all of these at one time or another:  The Six Habits of Highly Annoying Dinner Dates .

I had a friend in college that would use the word ‘phisteraus’ to describe anything he couldn’t think of the real name for.  That would be my addition to this list of 10 Words That Should Be Words, But Aren’t .

I never realized there were so many geek sub-species, The Evolution of the Geek .

My goal in life now is to someday make this list: The Most Powerful Bald Men in America .

The Galactic Dancers of the German (American) Football League.

To hit or not to hit, that is the question – Was driving into work this morning and ESPN Radio had some comments on the new NFL ‘Dangerous & Flagrant Hits’ rule.  Now, I’m all about player safety.  As the father of two potential NFL stars (granted, 15 years from now so technically there is still the potential) I don’t want to see anyone get hurt for a stupid hit.  The helmet to helmet hits were a penalty before, even though they never call it when it happens to Rodgers, but to enact this rather vague rule now in the middle of the season is a little unfair to players.  We as fans relish seeing Clay Matthews drive down an opposing QB, but is there the chance now that he or other players will pull up to avoid being suspended for said hit?  I get that after last weekend and a more than usual number of rather vicious hits the NFL had to make a statement here.  I just question whether the statement they are making is a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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