This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Movie/TV Stars I Had Crushes On in College/Early 90′s.

An Elisabeth Shue (Who didn’t want her to be your babysitter?) sort of morning.

Packers HQ has  Bits and Pieces Week 6 .

I guess it isn’t really surprising that Jermichael Finley ended up on the IR list .

This was painfully obvious on Sunday:  The Packers Have No Pass Rush Without Clay Matthews .

Aaron at CHTV says that  Despite Limitations, Capers Getting The Job Done .

CD wants the Packers to Scrap the Zone Blocking Scheme .

The BQ5 Football guys weigh in on the win over Ohio State .

In Buck Hits, Bucksketball covers Bogut Playing, Salmons 20th best go-to guy, Jennings in Space Jam Part Deux?

The Bucky Channel has a  Brewers Managerial Candidate Round Up .

Miller Park Drunk takes some umbrage with the Baseball Writers Assoc of America,  Sorry Casey McGehee, but the Milwaukee baseball writers are stupid morons .

I don’t care if it was the best tasting beer in the world, I still don’t think I could drink something called Dogfish Head Golden Shower: 10 Beers With Ridiculous Names .

I don’t know if this is inspiring or depressing, 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S.

This list is a little macabre, but a lot cool and really, The Ghost & The Darkness was a friggin awesome movie:  Top 10 Worst Man Eaters In History .

A link from a site that caters to and is written by women, so if they’re posting it I can too:  The Top 10 Pairs Of Ta-Tas (We Wish Were Ours) .

The Many Sides of Jennifer Walcott

Moving On – OK, so Sunday sucked but as I said yesterday, the sting of that loss was dulled by the Badger win the night before.  Now that’s behind us and we need to look ahead.  Coming up this weekend for both teams are tough games and opponents.  On the bright side of things for the Packers, by keeping out Pickett, Matthews and Neal hopefully those guys will be full strength to put a hurting on the grey beard coming to town.  It stung to watch an anemic defense without them, but I would rather have them in for this coming Sunday’s night’s game then play yesterday and be out next week. 

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