There seems to be varying amounts of mass hysteria out there in PackerFanLand after this latest close loss, particularly regarding the play of Aaron Rodgers.   It is accurate to say that Rodgers’ play has been inconsistent at best.  In my opinion there are some very valid reasons for it, many of which are beyond his control. The OLine gaping like a chasm again, for instance.

Interestingly, I have seen more than one blogger preface a criticism by saying (and I paraphrase with perhaps more than a soupçon of sarcasm) “I never criticized Favre and look where that got me, so I’m not hesitating to cream Rodgers now that he’s struggling.” 

Don’t get me wrong, criticizing Rodgers is not off limits, and doing so does not mean one is jumping off the bandwagon. No one was a bigger Favre homer than me, and I realize all too well the mistake that was.  Still, some of these blasts rankle.  Wow, you didn’t criticize ol-what’s-his-name so you are going to make sure you roast the next guy?  I don’t get it.

Before I could construct my thoughts fully for this week’s post, “Anita” – also known as @chezhdchick on Twitter and another Violent Femme if ever I saw one – stole my thunder and wrote a blistering comment to a post on Packers Lounge.   I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.  I have to admit I agree with the profanity too.  Sue me.

She quite rightly says:

“I can only roll my eyes at the bloggers jumping off the Rodgers band wagon tonight. I remember the not-even-f**king-close-to-elite QB tenures of Randy White and Don Majkowski, and names like Anthony Dilweg and Blair Kiel, all the way back to vague flashes of David Whitehurst and Lynn Dickey. My Packer memories go (back) before the arrival of #4 and the idea that Rodgers is suddenly not good enough is laughable….”

I think Anita and I have lived through the same number of up and down (many, many years of down) Packer cycles.  She’s preaching to the choir over here.

 This gem in particular is right on the mark:

“When #12′s contract expires and he leaves town after finally having enough of the “you’re not good enough” crap he’s had to endure since the circus retirement of his predecessor, it will not surprise me one bit. Who wants this f**king job? Toss a three hundred yard game, pass for a TD, run for a TD, leave parts of your dental on the field, and still get blamed when your defense can’t stop a second rate QB after your punter gives him the ball on the 50 in OT? Okaaaay.”

If you read Lori Nickel’s article earlier this year in which Rodgers opened up about exactly how tough that first year starting was for him from a fan reaction standpoint, you understand why he said “They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.”  He’s still got a point. Maybe he’s struggling. Maybe he whined a bit to the refs on Sunday. So? He’s head and shoulders above a lot of quarterbacks in the league.  We are damned lucky to have him instead of oh, say, Brian Brohm. We’ve seen his potential.  Let’s not jump to the conclusion he can’t get the job done.

Feel free to pin a target on Mike McCarthy’s back though.

Go Pack Go.


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  • Tarynfor12

    Although my blogging name says alot of how I may feel toward a certain player,I have never been a player fan but a fan of a team.
    The majority of fans of any team believe the success or lack of it rests with the Quarterback.This may be a valid assumption if the QB is given what he needs for the success desired.Players who have those certain abilities to work with the abilities of the QB and the coaching staff to ensure those players are on the field.
    Rodgers is in the 3rd year as a starter and due to his incredible handling of the “Fiasco” and the surprising great play in year two,he had been cast to the NFL public as competition for the likes of Brady,Ben”the rapist” ShitBurger,and the Almighty One himself…Peyton Manning.
    If he,Rodgers is ever to ascend to such a lofty place,he needs to be given what those others have been given…time,players and coaches who scheme offenses to their strenghts and not handcuff them with their own ineptitude of knowledge.
    Aaron said after the Washington game I believe”we need to have the best players on the field”,100% correct,but it matters if the coaching,(play calling) know how to utilize them in the manner best served for both,especially the guy who takes the heat…the QB.
    They say Manning makes players great,I disagree with that,I think they get the players who can play to his ability.
    If things with the offense don’t change in time for the Minn game,and Rodgers suffers another defeat to Favre,not Minn, because of MM’s lack of offensive knowledge,put the blame where it should lay.It isn’t as hard to do as one may think.

  • BigSnakeMan

    The only issue I’ll take with your post is the lumping of Lynn Dickey in with those stiffs. If the Packers had any kind of defense in the early ’80s, the previous #12 would’ve had a couple of rings.

  • foundinidaho

    Taryn – I was both with Favre. Now I really am of the team but I do have my favorite players, Korey Hall amongst them. Aaron doesn’t deserve a free pass, but I think he does deserve a break.

    BSM – I agree about Dickey, those were Anita’s words and I didn’t feel like I could edit the excerpts I used. The team sucked then though. :)

  • Anita (chezhdchick)

    I’m okay with Dickey, except that my friends and I used to giggle whenever we said his name (hey, it was puberty). But, I felt like I had to add him in there as more of a time frame reference. He was a good QB (he had Lofton, for God’s sake) but OH-MY-GOD, did the Packers suck back then. Yearly.

    I actually had a David Whitehurst jersey. #17. I think Mom put it in the Goodwill when I was in high school.

    I LOVE this:

    “If he, Rodgers, is ever to ascend to such a lofty place, he needs to be given what those others have been given…time, players and coaches who scheme offenses to their strenghts and not handcuff them with their own ineptitude of knowledge.”

    Amen. I also don’t get the “I got burned by blindly accepting everything Brett did without question, so I’m not going to let that happen again” mentality when it comes to Rodgers. That’s basically part of the problem when it comes to the mountains of shit that Aaron Rodgers has had to endure since he walked into town. I’m not saying he should have a free pass or have his errors glossed over, but why make it a point to hammer him, just because you neglected to do that to the Dongslinger? Mystifying.

  • O Sangjin

    I agree with almost everything that you say.
    However, I don’t think this kind of critique leaves much room for any analysis of the current situation that might end with, “Aaron Rodgers is one of the key variables for the mediocrity right now.” And sadly, that seems to be a rather undeniable conclusion. That doesn’t preclude attacking the sort of idiotic adjoiners that we see, “I knew he’d suck” or “He’s just a stat man” or whathaveyou. But for right now, I think we might have to allow ourselves to accept that, especially compared to the past two seasons… he’s taking a step back.

    Of course, the most importantly thing we can take from your helpful analysis is this…. even if he’s taking a step back, we’ve got his back, 100%.

  • Tarynfor 12

    Though I watch the games multiple times,I’m not an expert on breaking down film of it.However,I’m not so blind as alot of fans who rush to quick synopsis of a game either and point the finger so easily.

    I understand the reason some may be referring to Rodgers play as taking a step back,based on what we think we see in the game and the QB is the easiest target to blame for most of the fans.

    There is a very subtle difference in taking a step back as opposed to having to play a step down.When looking at all the things that have gone wrong,all the things that other players should do and haven’t,all the things the coaches could and should do but,didn’t and wouldn’t do,is so easy to decide that Rodgers took a step back or a step down to the level of the others.

    Again, I’m not saying Rodgers does no wrong,but I see alot more wrong being done elsewhere and that I can’t and won’t lay on Rodgers.