This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Ass Kicking Movie Stars.

A Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil series, The Fifth Element) sort of morning.

Jayme wants to know if you’ve seen her quarterback?

It’s  a fine line in Green Bay  according to the Wisconsin Sports Tap.

Mike at GPN on the  Packer Offense Not Firing on All Cylinders .

It’s Friday so of course we have Holly’s opposition reseach on the Miami Dolphins .

This seems to be a recurring question as it relates to the Badgers,  Which John Clay will we see on Saturday?

I started to get a little vertigo just looking at these pictures of the Miller Park sign coming down in anticipation of the new scoreboard going up.

Something of an understatement from We’re Bucked, Hopefully Bucks Have Better Injury Luck Than Packers .

Brew Hoop has a recap of the Bucks preseason game last night and possibly one of the best play on words I’ve seen in awhile: Bucks 96, Wizards 88 – Feeling Gooden Wall’s Neighborhood .

A different spin on a familiar topic, 10 Athletes Who Might Not Be Total Douchebags .

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer  would be a totally cool job title.

Once again, proof you should be careful what you post online or include in your network,   The 10 most brutal Facebook ownings .

“Answers to Boomer but is deaf”:  The Internet’s Best Animal-Related Public Postings .

I’m soooo glad the Internet wasn’t around when I was in college, because I’m sure one of my exes would have shown up on this list:  The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History .

It is Friday, so figured you want to kill some time: The 100 Hottest International Athletes of All Time .

My collegiate version of the Vikings  - It’s well documented both here and in other places I hate the Minnesota Vikings. My collegiate version of the Vikings is Ohio State.  Whether it be football or basketball, whenever Wisconsin plays Ohio State I tend to get more excited and “up” for the game.  I’m not really sure where this irrational loathing of Ohio State came from either.  Maybe it’s their long run at success in both football & basketball, maybe it’s an aversion to poisonous nuts, maybe I just don’t like sweater vests…we may never know.  So tomorrow night, rest assured I’ll be glued to the TV when the Badgers take on the Buckeyes, hoping for a Gamecock-like upset and doing more cheering than yelling.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend, check back later this afternoon for the Week 6 edition of Pocket Doppler Prognosticators and we’ll see you back here Monday.

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