This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Ass Kicking Movie Stars.

A Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious, Lost, Resident Evil) sort of morning.

Jersey Al takes a try at mining the mind of Mike McCarthy, specifically the goal line offense .

ACME Packing Company  On The Packers Offensive Struggles .

Max at Purple Pants, Green Jersey is  Sizing Up The Packers’ Injury Report .

Packers update is saying it’s time for Greg Jennings to step up .

Wisconsin Badger Sports fan on the  Badgers taking on #1 Ohio State .

Continuing that theme, it’s Ohio St. Week  at

Brewed Sports is having  Fun With Easily Accessible Numbers .

Yesterday we had a link about Buck’s center Andrew Bogut not being 100% for the season.  The real question comes down to: can he play?

My kids watch ‘Billy the Exterminator’ constantly, we must have every episode DVR’d.  So if they can make a TV show about exterminators, what about these  5 Professions That Surprisingly Don’t Have a Reality Show .

Drew Brees took to Twitter for suggestions on what to name his soon to be born child, here are the 12 worst suggestions .

A 23-foot reproduction of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid… made from Legos .

Some of these are just down right scary:  Top 10 Insane Anti-Masturbation Devices in History .

The only reason I know about ‘Burning Man’ is I read about it in a book about Google, didn’t really seem to be my type of scene.  After reading these through these  10 Things You’ll See at Any Burning Man Event , I know it’s not my type of scene.

Featuring my favorite Big Ten Network personality, Mellanie Collins: The Top 10 Smartest Tempe12 Models .

Not jumping ship yet – Things are looking pretty grim right now if you’re a Packers fan.  The injuries are mounting up, the play has been less that inspiring and there’s doubt about the leadership of this team.  It would be easy to lose hope here and hang it up for the season…if not for two things.  One, Aaron Rodgers is still a phenomenal QB with a very good receiving corp.  I remember many a year placing all hope on one #4 and it mostly working out so I am placing that same hope on #12 now to take us to the promised land.  Two, the NFC sucks.  Dallas, New Orleans & Minnesota all seem to be faltering, more than the Packers mind you, and these were the teams that were going to be the main competition for the Pack to get to Texas in February.  I think the Packers troubles are more easily manageable and correctable vs the other ‘contenders’ so as I said at the start, I’m not jumping ship yet.  I don’t think it will be a pleasant cruise to get there, but I think come January the Packers can still make it to the destination we want them to land at.

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  • Colleen

    I used to live in Reno, pretty close to the Burning Man. Definitely not my type of scene either. Some weird-ass people out there.

  • Jon

    Only week 6…everyone just relax and let at least the next 4 weeks play out. If it goes south then no problem…it’s college hoops season.