This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Ass Kicking Movie Stars.

An Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider series, Wanted, Beowulf, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gone In Sixty Seconds) sort of morning.

Yeah, this is really just fanastic: Finley Out 3-6 Weeks; Barnett To Have Surgery .

Aaron says that  McCarthy Has A Choice To Make .

CD hands out Week 5 Packers grades  over at TundraVision.

I would like to send a thank you out to Brett Favre, who’s pick 6 allowed me to win my Fantasy Football game this week.  In homage, we turn to and  Top 10 Brent Pevre One-Liners .

BQ5 is breaking down the Cover 2  in their Monday Film Session.

What the Bucks is reporting that Andrew Bogut will not be at 100% this season .

Bucksketball has more on Bogut saying percent isn’t perfect .

Pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?  Milwaukee Brewers to fans:We sucked last year so we won’t be raising ticket prices. Please keep giving us money.

This is really just an excuse to post photos of Jenn Sterger, which I have no problems with,  10 Reasons Why Jenn Sterger Could Ruin Favre’s Legacy .

I’ll just let the title here speak for itself:  The Worst Kinds of Female Sports Fans .

Everyone knew Shaggy was high all the time,  10 children’s characters who were definitely on drugs .

Well, it’s about time:  Flying Car Approved for Production .

The ‘Cigar Guy’ who was all the rage last week, has a name and more: 5 Things To Know About “Cigar Guy”.

Minka Kelly – The 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive .

Who’s fault is this?  – Seeing a lot of angst ridden Packers fans out there, and not without good reason.  Many have been throwing blame one way of the other, but most of the blame is being set squarely on the shoulders of one Mike McCarthy.  Have to say, I sort of agree here.  A lot has been made of late of Ted Thompson’s stubbornness when it comes to how he wants to staff this team, but the same argument could be made with McCarthy’s inability to adjust on the fly in a game.  For once the running game was working and instead of leaning on that, McCarthy continued with the Air Rodgers approach, even when it was in all actuality it may have been Concussed Rodgers tossing balls around . We all trust in Rodgers to lead this team, but everyone has bad days and it’s up to McCarthy to realize something is amiss out there and shift gears.  We’ve yet to see it happen this year, but had better soon otherwise the turn around we’ve all been waiting for may never happen.

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