This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Ass Kicking Movie Stars.

A Carrie-Ann Moss (The Matrix series) sort of morning.

That sound in the subject line was the sound of the potential game winning field goal by Mason Crosby hitting the upright, leading to a 13-16 loss Packers loss to the Redskins. John at GPN has what we learned against the Redskins .

Jersey Al chimes in with his first impressions on the Redskins putting the hurt on the Packers .

CD has his TundraVision Quick Hits, The Redskins Aftermath .

Perhaps the most alarming thing from the Redskins game is that the injuries continue to mount .

The Badgers took care of business on Saturday, although not in an entirely convincing manner, to take the Axe for a record 7th straight year .

A recap of the Bucks/Bobcats pre-season game which was actually played at the Resch Center in Green Bay.

We’re Bucked also has comments on the Bucks game,  Titletown gets vision of a better Jennings .

View from Bernie’s Chalet has a  (Very, Very) Early 2011 25 Man Brewers Roster Prediction .

Too bad this was limited to just baseball, otherwise I’m sure the ‘Friendly Mutton Chops’ would have made an appearance,  8 Historic Baseball Facial Hair Owners .

Because really, how else are you going to pick up women?  How to Pick Up Girls by Pretending to be a Pro Surfer .

I very seldomly will go online to play games like Madden or Halo, here’s why:  The Six Most Annoying Players In Online Games .

I’m on a horse….cow, Grover does Old Spice .

Oh, what the hell, it’s topical at least: Karen Owen Duke, Jenn Sterger and Top 10 Craziest Sports Sexcapades .

Ganz Gut!  Rosario Dawson is in GQ Germany .

Walking Wounded  – You really had to have the sinking feeling yesterday afternoon early in the game to see Pickett, then Finley and then Lee all head out of the game.  Things were still looking OK, but then once Clay Matthews was sidelined, the defense basically lost its identity.  It really is amazing what a difference one player can make, and with Matthews out in the second half, that was only made more obvious.  All in all though, injuries not withstanding, this is a game that could have and should have been won.  Not all was doom and gloom though.  Brandon Jackson had a great showing, causing even doubters like me to start to believe and Tramon Williams once again was quietly stellar.  It’s one game and not the season, but it still hurts none the less.

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  • Brady Augustine

    With you on Brandon Jackson. I thought our O line actually blocked better for the run than the pass for the most part in this game. I still see him as a bit indecisive at the point of commitment but I think that will come with playing time.

    I too could not believe the number of key injuries that happened so fast in this game. I had hoped we could hold up til we had some PUP players return and get to the bye week without dropping too many games. This will be very difficult now. Gotta take a break from it and think of something else for awhile, rest up and watch for the Pack to bounce back. We will get that complete game soon. This team can play with anyone if they will make better adjustments, put their foot on the gas and not slow down. I worry that this young team will get deflated and McCarthy is more of the intellectual type and does not seem to motivate on an emotional level to get a team that may be lacking confidence to believe in itself/themselves. We will see.