My family and I took in the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game on Saturday. The Badgers retain Paul Bunyan’s Axe in a game with all the drama of my walk each Sunday morning down the driveway to grab the Sunday paper (Yes!!! It’s There!) Following are some observations:

Scott Tolzien needs to play better than he has shown each of the last two weeks to beat Ohio State. He holds the ball too long, then tries to make a rushed throw to a now covered receiver. I’ve been trying to figure out who he reminds me of late and today it came to me…Tarvaris Jackson.

Brett Bielema should not have gone for two with Wisconsin leading 41-16, regardless of what “The Card” says. You wouldn’t do it against Kirk Ferentz, don’t do it against Tim Brewster.

Tim Brewster should not have walked a third of the way across the football field and glared at the Wisconsin bench after Bielema went for two. He looked foolish. The better way to address it would be to handle the matter without emotion during the game and contact the Wisconsin coach either personally or through athletic department channels later in the week. Stay classy, Brewster. Competitive teams typically do not face these types of situation.

Some other observations from the game:

  • Minnesota needs a new head coach. My advice? Temple Head Coach Al Golden.
  • Poor Adam Weber. Four offensive coordinators in four years. He is a very good quarterback and certainly someone an NFL team should take a look at come draft time. Wisconsin was the first school to offer him a scholarship…perhaps a classic example of the sage card playing advice of “think long, think wrong”.
  • The white helmet/white jersey/white pants look the Gophers sported on Saturday looked surprisingly good.
  • Hardly any Gopher fans at the game.
  • James White is really fun to watch. He is a perfect complement to John Clay and needs 20 touches a game…some way, somehow.
  • Clay, by the way, consistently missed holes and turned 10 yard gains into 4 yard gains time and again.
  • Freshman defensive tackle Beau Allen played often and played well. The guys legs are enormous…just how big is he gonna get?

Big one next week. Badgers fans need to pace themselves during the day and be properly prepared for the evening start against the #1 Buckeyes.


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