Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packer, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 5 the current standings are:

BigSnakeMan: 8
Wally: 8
Chris: 5

Woo-hoo! The sweep of last week’s games by yours truly got me back to the top…or at least tied at the top.  BSM picked up 2 while Chris only got 1 right…neither of which are of course as good as 3.  That’s the number I got right in case you missed that. 


Redskins over Packers – Part of this is my own aversion to picking the Pack (they always seem to lose when I do) and part is that karma doesn’t seem to be on Green Bay’s side right now. The way things are trending at 1265 Lombardi this week, the Packers will be down to their 4th string water boy before too long. Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers is working on yet another sub package this week which he’ll unveil as soon as he can find 11 healthy defenders. 

49ers over Eagles – With “starting” quarterback Michael Vick currently injured and “backup” QB Kevin (‘call me Cobb’) Kolb struggling, Eagles head coach Andy Reid thought about trying to convince the Phillies to let him borrow pitcher Roy (Doc) Halladay to play in this one but was afraid that he’d ‘no hit’ their receivers. Meanwhile, the 49ers are still looking for their first win 4 weeks into the season….which puts them squarely in the race for the NFC West. San Francisco usually plays much better at home and that, combined with Philly’s QB rotation, should be enough to give them the victory. They have to win sometime, don’t they?

Jets over Vikings – The Vikings spent their bye week trying to figure out if they were going to win in spite of quarterback Brett Favre or because of him. Obviously they decided on the latter as they went out and reacquired wide receiver Randy Moss from the New England Patriots, presumably to help rejuvenate their aging signal caller. Will it help? Maybe eventually but not enough for this one. The Jets are at home and look to have momentum on their side. The last time I saw the Vikings, they just looked ‘old’.


Packers over Redskins – My confidence in this pick is shaken but I called it this morning so will stick with it.  I think we’ll see high scoring games from here on out from the Packers as it’s the only way they’ll be able to keep in games.  Makes for exciting games at the very least I guess. 
49ers over Eagles – How in God’s Green Earth did anyone think Kevin Kolb was a better QB option than Donovan McNabb?  I mean, really.  Once Vick got knocked out last week, in turn screwing my fantasy team for that week too thank you very much, Kolb looked hapless in replacement.  The Niners aren’t any world beaters either, but will have enough to beat the Eagles this weekend.

Jets over Vikings – I don’t care if Moss is playing or not, Jets still win this one. Here are some photos of Jenn Sterger too…for obvious reasons.


Redskins over Packers – Packers are reeling from injuries and under-performance. Skins are coming off a nice win over PHL and are playing at home. This is a classic example of the adage: “It’s not who you play but when you play them.” GB appears staggered at the moment, so Washington smacks Pack.

49ers over Eagles – With Vick seemingly out and SF hungry to scratch out it’s first win of the season, I like the Niners. Playing at home against a team that has to come from the East Coast should help, too. SF has to break though at some point, and the Eagles with Kolb under center don’t seem nearly the threat as they do with Ron Mexico calling signals.

Jets over Vikings – Before acquiring Randy Moss earlier this week, I thought NYJ would be an easy winner. Now I still think they will prevail at home, but it should be a closer game. Not that Moss alone will boost MN, but his presence makes them a much more complete team and gives them more of a passing threat than they’ve had so far this year. For Favre, having a big target, a guy he’s always wanted on his team, should also make him  more effective, while at the same time opening up things for Peterson on the ground.


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  • Rich Ward

    O-line shuffling, scuffling, Barnett out, Burnett out, PLayers questions the coaching, no run game, harsh road evnironment/game, letdown against Bears, escaped the Lions, Rodgers 5 INT’s in 4 games, Mcnabb beat up on Packers in the past, Haynesworth still a horse, Redskins motivated after win in Philly, etc, etc…

    That said, I like the Packers 27-20