Ted Thompson and Zygi Wilf have little in common, and the management style they bring to their football teams could not be more different.

Perhaps Ted’s conservative approach to managing the Packers is due to the team’s overall management structure, where he reports to a part-time board and team president that operate more like a governmental entity than a high powered corporate business. Perhaps his attachment to a draft-first philosophy will ultimately be validated with a Super Bowl Championship, although mentor Ron Wolf very effectively dipped into the free agency market to make his Super Bowl victory a reality.

No Marshawn Lynch? The worries Lynch would bring to the Packers outweigh the potential benefits he would bring to the Packers shaky running game. Simply not a Ted Thompson-type of move. Will he adjust his philosophy and add a linebacker now that Nick Barnett may not be available? Doubtful…he’ll draft someone next year.

Zygi Wilf needs to win now…and win now every year. Rick Spielman may be the de facto Director of Personnel, but Wilf is the man. He needs a new stadium. His quarterback is 41 years old. Adding Randy Moss makes total sense in Minnesota. Next year, without Favre and possibly without Randy Moss, he will work like crazy to win and win now and will aggressively make transactions to try and win with or without help from the draft (his drafts have worked out pretty well). I always have felt Moss may end up back with the Vikings…he never burned the bridges for a possible return to Minneapolis and remained a popular figure there long after he left. Moss for a third round pick? A steal in Minnesota…wouldn’t happen in Green Bay. Succeed or fail, for Wilf it is all about trying to win…now.


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  • Rich Ward

    Does TT not making a single move show his faith in the roster, or could it possibly be that he doesn’t think Green Bay is only a player away from making a Superbowl run…?

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    He likes his guys….and won’t overpay for garbage.

  • Jon

    Okay…but what if the guys he drafted aren’t very good? How about a Plan B?

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Ted’s sticking to his plan, such as it is. For all the Vikings ‘moves’, we’ll see where things stand between the teams at the end of the season…and for the next 5 years.

    By that time, the Vikings could very well be in L.A.

  • Rich Ward

    I’m all for TT sticking to his talent evalutation and standing pat with his team. But I don’t think they’re good enough right now to win more than 1 playoff game…If that.

    But of course I took Green Bay and Dallas vs. the field getting 2:1 for $50 against my dad.

    I’m a walking hypocritical contradiction.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Rich-What you describe above is pretty much what I expected for them before the season so I’d be satisfied with that. I always thought the Super Bowl predictions were at least a year premature anyway.

  • Chris

    I’m with BSM–the Super Bowl speculation was nice and fun, but not well grounded. I expected a playoff team and I think it’s time for GB to win a post-season game. That would be progress over last year, and beyond that would be gravy as far as I am concerned.