This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is PD ‘Staff’ picks.

An Erin Andrews (Gary’s Pick) sort of morning.

To help close out the Brewers season, our Thursday Q & A guest for today is Brewers Radio Announcer Cory Provus. Make sure to check back later on this afternoon for that.

Well, by now you more likely than not know about Packers LB Nick Barnett most likely being out for the season, causing  injuries to cast a grim shadow for defense .

I’m sort of leaning in the direction of agreeing with PackerNet here when they say  Thompson drops the ball on this one .

Michael over at says No Marshawn. No Problem … Right Ted?

Quevedo at the Buffet ventures into football territory on how the NFC North foes continue to be aggressive .

Inside the numbers from last weekends Badgers/Spartans debacle.

Are the  Badgers losing their identity?

Brew Hoop with some thoughts on the Bucks first pre-season game of the year .

Courtside Analyst says after one pre-season game, Brandon Jennings is in midseason form .

Miller Park Drunk on Ken Macha out, Bob Brenly in?

Yeah, I don’t believe some of these: Simple Things You Won’t Believe Are Recent Inventions .

Hours and hours of my youth were spent playing ‘Pitfall’…just running and running and running…  The Ten Most Classic Atari Games of All Time , only thing missing from this list is ‘River Raid’.

Tina Fey as President?  Sure, why not: 11 Women We Want To Run For President .

Like a fine wine, The 40 sexiest celebrities over 40 .

Some valid points here, 10 Reasons You Should Never Go To The Same Bar Twice .

The World Didn’t End – Nick Barnett being out is definitely a downer for Packer fans this morning.  Compounded with the events of earlier this week, it’s sort of a no-good, rotten type of week, isn’t it?  The three most important people in the Packers organization now are Dom Capers, Aaron Rodgers & Ted Thompson.  Capers will need to figure out what to do now that he’s missing one of his defensive leaders.  Aaron Rodgers even more so than before is going to need to carry this team on his back & arm because with a depleted defense the points are going to come often and be plentiful.  Finally, this right here I believe is going to to determine the future of Ted Thompson.  Does he give up on the year, stay pat with what is here and take the lumps as they come?  Or draft picks be damned does he go out and find some veteran players and acquire them by trading his draft picks to shore up the now gaping holes this team has.  All in all though, the world hasn’t ended for Packer fans, we’ll still have a competitive team on the field just not as strong of one.

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