This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is PD ‘Staff’ picks.

A Maggie Grace (Wally’s pick) sort of morning.

So much for all that Marshawn Lynch talk, seeing as he was traded to Seattle yesterday .  More on that below.

But maybe the Packers Could Pursue Michael Lewis?   Not that that helps the running game at all.

While the Packers aren’t doing anything on the trade front, the Vikings seem to be with a pretty healthy rumor of them bringing Randy Moss back into the fold .  Guess Favre finally gets his wish.

Jersey Al on Mike McCarthy Addressing Unrealistic Expectations .

On the upcoming weekend Packers game vs the Redskings, Love & War . is Turning the Page in their Badger news.

What to be looking for out of the Bucks in the NBA preseason from Bucksketball.

We’re Bucked says with Carlos Boozer out for the Bulls, the Bucks should build an early lead fast .

Wisconsin Sports Tap on what Brewers GM Doug Melvin shouldn’t do this offseason .

If you’re up in the air as to who to root for in the MLB playoffs, maybe this flowchart will help .

Stay thirsty my friends:  Best Tasting Bargain Brews .

Charles Woodson from his Michigan days & Antonio Freeman’s MNF catch both made this list of the 50 Greatest Football Catches of All Time .

Our dating advice link of the day, 10 Simple Ways To Impress a Woman , you know…like bathing.

More cigar guy photoshops …even I don’t have this much spare time on my hands.

It’s celebrities in lingerie .

Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me 84 other times, I’m an idiot  – Well, once again I let myself get sucked into actually thinking a rumor would come true, obviously this time around all the talk about Marshawn Lynch.  It was just sounded too good to be true in terms of what the Packers needed, what the Bills wanted and…I should have known better.  If there’s one thing I know it’s never, ever expect the unexpected out of Ted Thompson when it comes to parting with draft picks to pick up current, veteran NFL players.  I’m sure there’s more to this & Thompson had his reasons for not moving on Lynch, I’m just a simple-minded fan after all.  If the Packers get to the Super Bowl with the current roster and win, I’ll gladly eat my words & extol Ted Thompson as the greatest football mind around. Problem is, I’m not sure that date in Dallas is going to happen without some outside help, which we won’t see.

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