This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is PD ‘Staff’ picks.

A Diane Lane (BigSnakeMan’s pick) sort of morning.

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Well, obviously the big news yesterday was this unfortunate information:  Morgan Burnett Out For The Year With Torn ACL .

And just to add injury to insult Packers LB Chillar’s injury may be season-ending .

John at GPN is trying to stay positive about the Packers.

Jayme says I’d be “lion” if I said I was happy about this weekend .

Aaron at CHTV is saying another Aaron is right .

Breaking down the Badgers loss in the Monday Film Session  at BQ5.

Bucksketball ask the question,  Corey Maggette or Carlos Delfino? The starting small forward battle.

Disciples of Uecker’s take on Ken Macha Out As Brewers Manager .

Just doing my part here in spreading this around: The Tiger Woods “Cigar Man” Meme Goes Historic .

Yoda as a sports announcer? ‘Bullet from Aaron Rodgers to Jermichael Finley for the touchdown, that was.  Herh herh herh’ 5 TV/Movie Characters That Would Make Sports Announcing Interesting .

I’ve been lucky enough to never have been stuck in an elevator, but with my luck if/when I do all 8 of these people you do not want to get stuck in an elevator with will be there.

Whether you want to admin it or not, at one time or another you’ve probably ended up in this situation and needed a good excuse, The 15 Best Excuses to Get Out of Bed the Morning After a One-Night Stand .

Two Dexter links in the same amount of days?  You bet: Is Dexter is Shaping Up For Next Season?

Hey look, it’s Jessica Alba .

Never thought I would ever say this…Hurry Back Bigby  – As if Monday’s aren’t bad enough, we had to get the news that rookie safety Morgan Burnett is out for the year.  A lot of people, including me, were pinning a ton of hope on Burnett & with the exception of a couple of rookie mistakes our hope was founded.  Now the Packers will be taking a band-aid approach with either Charlie Peprah or Derrick Martin in there until Atari Bigby comes off the PUP list.  While Bigby is more likely than not the best option back there at this point, none of these choices overly excites me.  If there was a solid nickle CB I would even say move Woodson into that spot, but unfortunately Woodson is needed where he is.  In a nutshell, things in the secondary just got more interesting than they already were, not in a good way though.

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  • Dan W.

    Thanks BigSnakeMan, you have great taste in women.

  • Chris

    BigSnakeMan’s taste in women is much better than his taste in friends…

  • BigSnakeMan

    The wife will be pleased to hear you say so.

  • Crichar3

    Be sure to tell her how much I enjoyed the picure of her you selected for this blog.

  • Rich Ward

    Diane Lane? I do declare. Nice choice…It dulls the pain of all these injuries, if even by a miniscule amount.