This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is PD ‘Staff’ picks.

An Emmanuelle Chriqui (Chris’s pick) sort of morning.

John at GPN kicks things off with What We Learned Against the Lions .

Jersey Al sums things up nicely in his first impressions, saying What the Hell is Going on Out There?

Brian points out the unfortunate obvious here in that the Lions exposed chinks in the Packers defensive armor .

Chris at Ol’ Bag of Donuts sees that a picture emerges from this game .

Some initial reactions  from Purple Pants, Green Jersey.

Yeah, this pretty much sums up Saturday’s Badger game – Ominous clouds cover Badgers in loss to Michigan State .

Some choice Tweets from some PD Friends about the Badger game:
Anonymous Eagle Different year, same song: big expectations for Wisconsin football, big faceplant right out of the gate.   I wish I could refute that some how, but can’t.
Ol’ Bag of Donuts Well, well, well Badgers fans, it looks like your team will be watching the BCS Bowls from the same place as the U of Minn – the couch! (CL).   Well, won’t get in the way of any post-New Years Eve hangovers either.
Greg Bedard Oh Bucky, what happened? Question of the day.

As the Brewers end their season, it would seem we’ve also see the end of Ken Macha as their manager .

I think the better title would be ‘most annoying’ vs ‘least manly’, The 25 Least Manly Things in the Sporting World .

We’re big fans of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’, well at least two of us, but I doubt we’d like it as much if one of these other networks had picked it up .

Falls into the category of ‘Things I Wish I Had Thought Of’: Halloween Enthusiast Builds Bigger-Than-Life R2-D2 Costume .

Speaking of Halloween, costumes you should probabaly avoid if you’re looking to see any action on All Hallows’ Eve.

I don’t know how many women I know that would be wearing these ‘fashions’, but an A for effort: Jaime Edmondson Models Football Fashions for Women .

Ugh – Yes, a win is a win but this win over the Lions for the Packers was hardly inspiring.  I hope that at the very least this was a ‘Tampa’ type wake up call for the team because if they continue to play this way against the better teams in the NFL any hopes of getting to Dallas at the end of the season won’t be happening.  If there is a game ball to give out, I would have to give it to John Kuhn, great job at the end there giving this team the opportunity it needed to run the clock out.

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  • Chris

    Totally agree on the game ball for John Kuhn, but Charles Woodson came up big on the last DET drive (and the PickSix was bad, either).

    If you weren’t counting me as one of the Dexter fans, add one to the list. Loved the first episode of the new season.

    …and for those with nothing better to do with 90 minutes, I give you Packers Therapy:

  • Rich Ward

    If you wouldn’t have chosen Chrisqui Chris, I would have.

    The way I see is this…Green Bay might not be as good as we have all built them up to be, but guess what? Neither is the rest of the NFL.

    Colts, Bengals, Cowboys, Vikings, et al.