Trap game. As Mike McCarthy put it, “Detroit is a very motivated football team, so we expect their best.” True, but Green Bay has the best home record since 1992. There is no reason, none, the Packers shouldn’t win this game handily. No reason, if they are indeed the playoff team many have billed them as. Game time, put up or shut up. Win.

NickBarnett : Woke super excited and refreshed! Time for action baby! !!! Let’s go Pack!

You think he’s ready to rebound from the Bears’ game?

wallypingel : “Finally get to settle into the normal Packers Sunday routine: CHTV & Twitter on one screen, Fantasy Football on the other & Game on TV”

MaxGinsberg : “Despite the lack of a running game, I think the #Packers find their offensive groove this week.”

Let’s hope.

Pregame noteworthy —> PFT : Jahvid Best active against the Packers

1st Quarter

15:00 Packers win the toss, the jets have blazed over the stadium and Lambeau Field has another sellout. Was there any doubt? I love being a Packer fan

14:50 1st and 5 from the 50 following a decent Jorrrrdy return and offsides penalty by Detroit.

13:16 Three straight runs, with Brandon Jackson looking good early. If he’s gonna pad those stats, today’s the day.

12:32 Bing, bang, boom TOUCHDOWN Aaron Rodgers to Donald Driver! Not sure Finley and Driver were supposed to run up each other’s back like that, but who cares!

Aaron_Nagler : “Better to be lucky than good….”  I prefer both, but that’s a pipe dream eh?

The Lambeau leap is a think of beauty.

7-0 Packers

TundraVision : “Lions in for a long day. Their defense was their only glimmer of hope.”

12:25 1st and 10 Lions. BJ Raji with a SACK!

***14th sack for the Packers already this season. Sack #14 didn’t come until week 10 last year.***

11:27 3rd and 9 from the 30…Screen play, overpursuit. 1st down Lions. Meh.

PackersLive : “Bishop has to read that screen better.”

Note: Jarrett Bush is starting at cornerback. Shaun Hill, enjoy.

 ***The pink shoes, hats and armbands are because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Very, very cool.***

8:40 Another 3rd and long, Charles Woodson where you at? …Nope, Jarrett Bush gives up a nice gain to um, Tony Sch-la-fluff-lefler…Something like that. 1st down Detroit.

untuckem : “Brewers Update: Brewers at Reds, final game of the season

I want to care, I really do.

6:47 Lions driving impressively…driving…another 3rd down. 9 yards to go from the 18.

Larry McCarren : “Who are these guys and what have they done with the Lions?”

INTERCEPTION Matthews, no Woodson, no Collins…WAIT, is that AJ Hawk with the pick?! It is! I knew he should be on the field more ;)

jasonjwilde : “Best falls down, Hill’s pass is right to A.J. Hawk for the INT.”

olbagofdonuts : “That’d be about the only way A.J.’d ever get a pick, but I’ll take it!” You’re dang right we will!

6:00 Jackson running hard. Maybe MM finally has decided to take off the training wheels.

jenlada : “Remember DET is the worst team in the NFL against the run. If GB can’t get something going on the ground vs them then they have a legit prob.”  …Well said.

Timeout Packers

On the Packers’ interception —>  BrianCarriveau : “After Packers led the NFL in interceptions last year, they had been picking them off at the same pace this year.”

…Meaning they are on the right track! Add in the sacks, and this is a formidable D. If they can scratch the pathetic pass interfences and start putting teams away.

5:29 Packers on the move, Finley with his 1st reception today. He’s going be active a lot.

4:38 2nd and 2, Julian Peterson stuffs Jackson for a loss. Wait, JP is still in the NFL? Would have thought he’d joined the UFL by now.

On that note, the best matchup of the weekend —> Jeff Garcia vs. Daunte Culpepper #UFL

3:49 3rd and short, Packers run it again…Kuhn dropped short.

MikeVandermause : “2nd and 2 and two runs net 1 yard. Not a glowing endorsement of Packers’ run game.”

BillMichaels620 : “On 3rd and 2, I don’t understand running your slowest guy wide.”

jrehor : “Can someone explain how the words ‘Kuhn’ and ‘toss play’ make sense? Straight ahead runner.”

It’s a lose-lose. We want them to run, they pass. Pass, they run.

3:28 Andddd Green Bay’s punter (whatever his name is) boots the ball a whopping 21 yards. There are no words.

jasonjwilde : “Masthay shanks a 21-yard punt with 3.47 seconds of hang time … over the Lions bench, nearly into the stands.”

RahimTariq : “Holding tryouts soon? Once again, I’d like to point out that the Packers should have 2 GM’s: One for punters, one for everybody else.”

Well, I guess there are some words.

3:21 Lions from their own 37, 1st down.

FOX announcers : “The Lions need some kind of coninuity.” (Said every single fan from 1993-2009) 

Oh, and the Bears are 3-0 by the way. Jay Cutler’s Bears! —> jsutlookin : “I guess I am going to be a Giants fan tonight. Chi vs. NYG on Sunday night football.”

End of 1st Quarter, Lions driving yet again. Penalties killing them though.

7-0 Packers with the lead

2nd Quarter


Woah advertisement for The Karate Kid  on Blu-Ray with an alternate ending. Who has two thumbs and is excited for that? …Nope, no one.

15:00 1st down Detroit from the 32 of Green Bay.

FOX : “Detroit piled up 117 yards in the first quarter. Tony Scheffler running through the Green Bay defense.” This should not be happening.

14:53 Touchdown Detroit! Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson.

Midwestfan : “Jarrett Bush fail.”

FOX : “Lions fans have been wondering, ‘where is Calvin Johnson?’ Here is he is, touchdown Detroit.”

kareemcopeland : “8 plays, 63 yards in 4:15 for the Lions.”

jasonjwilde : “Still waiting for a good replay explaining how Bush/Burnett allowed Calvin Johnson to be that wide open for the game-tying TD.”

wallypingel : “Packers and Bush & Burnett looked like Laurel & Hardy on the TD coverage.”

  My dad just called (Rich Ward Sr.)  —> “I just called Lambeau Field looking for Dom Capers, he wasn’t in. He’s at Brett Fav-rah’s Steakhouse.” …There you go CBS. Free jokes for $#%@ My Dad Says.

7-7 Tie ball game

PackerLadyC : “Ok I’m calling it now…34-7 pack lol”      Optism, I like it.

13:21 Jackson with 2 consective runs. Close to a 1st down. Building up for some play-action?

13:00 Run-run-incomplete pass. 4th down, Packers punt…again. Really?

12:44 1st down Detroit from their own 11. If they go 89 yards and score this drive, I’m going to worry about the defense.

olbagofdonuts : “A quick start gives way to letting the overmatched oppponent hang around? Holy sh–, where have I seen THIS BEFORE?!?”

12:12 Mental make up, discipline…12 men on the field for Green Bay. Mike, Mike, Mike…

11:37 Jahvid Best FUMBLE, Green Bay has it! Pickett! Green Bay football!

JerseyAlGBP : “Jahvid is the Packers’ BEST friend so far…”

Personal foul on #77 from the Lions.

Rest of NFL : Pointing and laughing

Everyone : “Lions shooting themselves in the foot, again.”

Mike Neal with the penetration and forced fumble. There you go rookie!

Uh oh —> Greg_A_Bedard : “Nick Barnett has gone into the locker room to get his wrist x-rayed.”

11:36 1st down Green Bay from near-midfield

Dear Lord…flag-flag-flag-flag. Holding Detroit #27, automatic first down. Geez, they are on pace to match Green Bay’s week 3 performance.

Sloppy football, Green Bay gets another 1st down, down to the 10.

10:59 Rodgers slips, sacked. 3rd and goal from the 14…Jermichael, any time my good man.

FOX : “Green Bay just doesn’t seem to have the focus.”

10:37 TOUCHDOWN Aaron Rodgers to Jermichael Finley! —>  FOX : “Oh my what a throw.”

How we feeling Packer fans?

kareemcopeland : “Oh my goodness. Rodgers 13 TD pass to Finley who was double covered. Perfect throw. P-E-R-F-E-C-T.”

BillMichaels620 : “That was an absolute laser beam TD by Rodgers. TOUCHDOWN”

Greg_A_Bedard : “Finley was in right slot ran a little curl with LB under and safety over. Rodgers threw him open.”

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers hits tight window to Finley for 13-yard TD. Did @ JermichaelF88 just do ‘YOTTO’ a la ‘YMCA’ as his celebration?”

jsutlookin : “#88 +#12 =100% Touchdown !”

And my favorite quote today —> RahimTariq : “Holy mother of frak was that a laser.”

***Interesting stat: 12th consecutive game at Lambeau Field where Green Bay has turned a turnover by the opponent into a touchdown. As Tony Bruno would say…Beautiful, man.***

9:46 Packers kick off, decent field position for Detroit.

BrianCarriveau : “As Larry McCarren points out, Mason Crosby has not had a touchback all season.”

Nick Barnett back on the field. Thank goodness.

***Barnett ONLY 20 tackles shy of becoming the Packer all-time leader.*** Wow, would you believe I knocked the draf pick?

8:31 Detroit 3-and-out. It’s about time. Tramon Williams with a nice pass breakup on 3rd down. Definitely a bright spot today.

Aaron_Nagler : “More stellar play from Tramon Williams.”

Packers’ ball.


Why do fast food advertisements always feature picture-perfect bodies eating 2 pound burgers and grease? Be real, BK, You too Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Culvers, IHOP…

7:36 Corey Williams (#99) stops Jackson on 2nd down for a loss of one. Yes, that Corey Williams.

6:38 3rd down, offsides Lions…free play…play resumes…Rodgers scrambling….scrambling…loops around to the right…Heaves it deep…DRIVER for the catch! Gain of almost 50 yards.

Aaron_Nagler : “Yes, say it with me: That was Favre-esque.”

You bite your tongue.

And next play, TOUCHDOWN Rodgers to Greg Jennings! Another effortless throw in the left side of the endzone. Flawless, absolutely flawless.

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers has perfect passer rating right now: 8 for 9, 131 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 158.3 rating.”

Olbagofdonuts : “Rodgers: ‘I’m done effing around with these losers.’”

***Stat nerd alert***

Rodgers’ redzone career —> 42 TD’s, 1 INT.

21-7 Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers has a perfect (158.3) passer rating.

espn_nfcnblog : “Three TDs in nine passes for Aaron Rodgers –

4:47 Lions ball. 1st down an 10…Matthews with the SACK! #7 on the season.

PAIGER33 : “Clay Matthews just reminded us why he’s the second best players on the Packers. Wow, 7 sacks in 4 games.”

Q:  atuliban : “Does Clay Matthews do MMA training with you in the offseason? He is a beast.”

A: Jay_Glazer Yes he does, and he ate it up.”

PackerRanter : “Clay Matthews doing the Predator. Priceless.”

FOX : “Kevin Green has this defense honed in on sacking the quarterback.”

Hahaha cut to video of Kevin Green talking about intentions as a coach —> “We’re looking to hunt down the QB and crush him.”

3:12 Detroit responds quickly…driving…driving…Jahvid Best down to the 20 yard line. Shaun Hill looking, poised?

2:00 Minute Warning.

Aaron_Nagler : “The Lions whole gameplan is to run most of their guys deep then have a late RB/TE trailer underneath. Will Capers notice? Stay tuned…”


wallypingel : “The Packers LB corp has the prettiest hair of any in the NFL, it’s a shampoo commercial waiting to happen.”

Okay, game’s back on. Penatly Detroit, 8 on the game so far. Yeesh, I’d laugh but Green Bay added 10 to that total last week.

1:32 3rd down and 9, another screen! Poor defense, Lions down to the 3. Sloppy, undisciplined. Come on defense wake up!

And um, another Detroit penatly.

MaxGinsberg : “Clearly, the Lions studied the Packers game film from last week.”

0:48 2nd and goal from the 15. SACK by Cullen Jenkins! 2nd sack by the interior D-linemen today! Big positive.

FOX : “Jenkins might want to sack that celebration dance.”

PackersLive : “Would have been better if Cullen Jenkins looked up to Thompson’s booth and peeled off some dollar bills.”

0:08 3rd and goal from the 19…touch…down…Lions…Woodson and Martin on the coverage…2nd TD for Calvin Johnson today…Shaun Hill brings the Lions to within 7…ugh…

MikeVandermause : “Woodson was in front of Johnson and got no help from safety Derrick Martin behind the receiver.”

21-14 Green Bay still on top

0:08 left and Green Bay still has 2 timeouts. Don’t be afraid to use those Mike. 

And the kickoff…WOW…Let’s go to Bill Michaels for what just took place. Bill?

BillMichaels620 : “Jordy Nelson fumbles the kick off and the Lions recover. Hanson with a 55 yard attempt. Hanson’s career long is 56 yards.”

TundraVision : “All Shawn Slocum can do is shake his head. Literally. THAT’S ALL HE CAN DO.”

0:00 The field goal attempt is 10 yards short. That’s what you get from a guy who has kicked for 19 years I guess.

jasonjwilde : “Did I see things or did fan favorite Jarrett Bush get a hand on that kick?”

Wait Bush, got a hand on the kick? I mean WAIT… Fan favorite?! Ah, sarcasm. See what he did there?


Reaction Packer Nation?

MikeVandermause : “Lions dominating 1st half stats: 242-154 in total yards. 13 to 7 in first downs. 19:26 to 10:32 in time of possession.”

jrehor : “Is the defense even on the field? Terrible.”

olbagofdonuts : “If I’m MM, it’s real simple: Fellas, Shaun Hill is on pace to throw for 474 yards. Shaun (12 expletives deleted) Hill!”

RahimTariq : “Judging by this game, 2 of the 3 NFC Pro Bowl quarterbacks are lining up under center today in Lambeau Field.”

Noteworthy, ouch —>  espn_nfcnblog : “Morgan Burnett having knee X-rayed. Derrick Martin only backup safety available to replace.”

3rd Quarter

14:29 Woah, the 2nd half started already? I step out to make some lunch and it’s 27-14 Packers? Woodson with a pick 6…Being challenged. If an interception and a touchdown are the result of me not watching, I’ll never turn on another game. No I’m not supersticious. Okay maybe a little.

Confirmed! Touchdown Packers!

***Charles Woodson has 29 interceptions in 68 games with the Packers*** Do the math, that’s spectacular.

28-14 Green Bay increases their lead.

Greg_A_Bedard : “Third-straight year Woodson has an INT for a TD against the Lions.”

PAIGER33 : “6th pick for Woodson in last 4 games against Detroit. 3rd pick for a TD in that time period.”

jasonjwilde : “Woodson holds up 10 fingers, showing it’s his 10th INT TD, third all-time behind Rod Woodson (12) and Darren Sharper (11).”

Ps. —>  ***Woodson’s 8th INT return for a touchdown as a Packer. Sets Packers’ all-time record.*** What a career turnaround. What a player. What a man too.

14:00-11:00 Lions driving…driving…down to the 37. Already!

Note: Calvin Johnson on the sideline. That could be the difference between 3 points and 7 points.

10:45 And Calvin Johnson is back, pass to Johsnon, first down Johnson. Johnson Johnson Johnson! Blah.

FOX : “Detroit has not blinked. They are marching, and you have to like how they a responding emotionally.”

No, I do not have to like it.

9:37 Ah! Jarret Bush with a near interception.

9: 26: 3rd and 8 Detroit. Incomplete pass, 4th down.

Jason Hanson knocks through a 39-yard field goal

BillMichaels620 : “Shaun Hill and the Lions are wrting the script on how to beat the Packers defense.”

28-17 Green Bay

Quick promotion for our own Pocket Doppler newcomer:

—> wallypingel : “One quick ‘show plug’ – Check out the debut of @ foundinidaho ‘s new weekly column at @ pocketdoppler on Tues. No pressure Colleen :-)” …Welcome aboard!

8:26 Packers first drive of the 2nd half. Feels like it’s been a really, really long time.

BrianCarriveau : “Total offensive plays, Detroit: 51, Packers: 18.”


Driving…Jackson with 12 yards on a run…Driving…Jennings for 8 and a 1st down…Driving…James Jones with a catch down to the 29…

Rodgers throws an INTERCEPTION! But wait, was there any doubt? Interception getaed by 2 penalties on the Lions. Offsides accepted. 1st down and 5 at the 23 of Detroit.

  PackersLive : “Both penalties on the Lions. The perfect passer rating lives on.”

BillMichaels620 : “11 penalties on the Lions now. With 6:53 in the 3rd, they’ve slowed their accumulation.”

Mike McCarthy has to be thrilled with the number of penalties by Detroit. “See it happens.” Yeah MIKE, it happens a lot to 2-3 win teams!

4:48 3rd and 4 from the 22. INTERCEPTION by Aaron Rodgers! Green Bay had an oppurtunity to put the game away, and they chose to let Detroit keep one foot in the door. Unsettling.

Greg_A_Bedard : “Rodgers’ passer rating drops to 123.1 after the interception.”

TundraVision : “Rodgers pulling nails out of the Lions’ coffin.”

Lions have controlled the ball nearly the entire 3rd quarter, and are driving yet again.

3:00-2:00 Driving…

My fingers ache from typing up the “Lions are moving the chains, and moving the chains, and moving the chains.”

Time to let the people tell the story:

MikeVandermause : “How can you leave TE Tony Scheffler so wide open for 13-yard gain? First down, Lions.”

Jasonjwilde : “Packers victimized by another fleet-footed QB (cough, cough). Vick, Cutler, now Shaun Hill. Lotsa QB rushing yards through 3+ games.”

PackersLive : “Packers in Cover-2 man under and Hills runs all the way to the Packers’ 30-yard line. 40 yard run.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Are you kidding me?”

Packers defense saved by a penalty. Lions attempting a 52-yard field goal. It’s good. We have a one score ball game.

28-20 Packers leading…Barely.

1:37 Jackson for no gain. Detroit rookie defensive tackle. N. Suh makes an appearance…”N.” because I have not a clue how to spell his name. Just sound out “End-omm-a-Nick”

FOX : “Philly is going to boo McNabb and cheer Michael Vick?” Random, but interesting.

0:46 3rd and 10 from the 27 yard line. Rodgers is SACKED by Suh!

jsutlookin : “Packers looking for a way to lose this game.”

0:08 Lions take over from their own 38. Decent punt, but great field position.

FOX announcers are already talking about the Lions going for the 2-point conversation if/when they score. Thanks guys.

Shaun “world-beater” Hill back on the field.

DailyNorseman : “Shaun Hill – 46 rushing yards…Brandon Jackson – 36 rushing yards.” <— This is a big deal.

espn_nfcnblog : “Packers offense sidelined in third quarter –

4th Quarter

olbagofdonuts : “You heard it here: The Packers are gonna lose.”

THAT, I will not accept . You’ve been shunned for the remainder of the game Donuts. Unacceptable.

The Lionshave not beat Green bay at Lambeau Fielf since 1991, and they will NOT do it again. Please God…

14:48 AJ Hawk with a “major facemask” 15-yard penalty. Helping Detroit’s cause. Grand, just grand.

14:18 Lions at the Green Bay 42…

Packers force a 4th down, but Hanson drills another field goal. I completely underrated Hanson. He is cash money.

28-23 Packers leading (losing)

jasonjwilde : “Lions cut the lead to 28-23 on Hanson’s 49-yarder, and it makes one wonder what score would be if Lions didn’t have 12 penalties for 92 yds.”

***Packers offense has 188 total yards after 3 quarters. Lions,  359 total yards.***

FOX : “Heavily favored Packers have their hands full.” …To say the least.

JORDY NELSON FUMBLES THE KICK RETURN! LIONS RECOVER! Special teams…again. Packers-Lions even in the turnover battle. Man Jordy looks slow.

Packer_Nation : “Could Jordy look whiter out there?” (I smiled at this despite the mood)


I’ll be back later.

Aaron_Nagler : “Shades of (2009) Tampa Bay…”

Detroit driving.

Defense holds, Hanson with another field goal.

28-26 Green Bay clinging.

Rich Ward Sr. (my dad again) : “Detroit is a HILL of a lot better than I thought. That does it…Pulse and BP way up. Where’s my medication?”

11:30 Packers begin their drive at the…INTERCEPTION by Rodgers! I just lost my lunch….And last night’s dinner…And Tuesday’s late afternoon snack.

Brian Billick, FOX : “Shaun Hill reminds me a little bit of Phillip Rivers.” …Good Lord, are you kidding? Easy Chewy.

Mind-numbing statistics:

***Detroit: 9/15 on 3rd down today.

Time of possession: Detroit-35 minutes, Green Bay-16 minutes

Shaun Hill: 330+ yards passing, 50 yards rushing***

espn_nfcnblog : “Don’t forget Shaun Hill was an option QB for part of the time at U. Maryland.”

Woodson gets away with (what I thought was) a pass interference. Tampa Bay, I mean Detroit forced to punt.

6:00 The Packers take over at their own 13-yard line

RyanGrant25 : “Great test for team right here.. Let’s go guys finish this game !!!”

Enough said.

5:00 Kuhn first down…Driver first down…

Brian Billick just said, “this is going to be a run.” …Jackson loses 3. If BILLICK spots it, you think the Lions defense who have studied hours of tape might?! Sorry, outburst.

4:00 Rodgers runs for a first down. 1st and 10 from the 50.

Aaron_Nagler : “Very smart play from Rodgers sliding to keep the clock going.”

…Clock running…


Kuhn running guys over, picks up another first down.

…Clock running…

2:00 Minute Warning

…Commercials, movie promo…Wow, Life as We Know It with Katherin Heigl looks terrible.


FOX : “It’s amazing what a run game can do for you.” 

Yes, it’s a problem. We know that. But what’s the solution? Marshawn Lynch? Not so sure.

6 rushing plays on the drive for Green Bay. Sets up the play-action nicely…Rodgers to Donale Lee for another first down!

Timeout Detroit.

jasonjwilde : “I’ll give the packers this much: Game shouldn’t be this close, but at least we’re seeing if their 4-minute offense can run out the clock.”

This Drive: 8 rush, 2 pass — 0 penalties

0:55 Timeout Detroit

3rd and 7, pass or run?

MM calls Kuhn’s number…He picks up 8 for the first down! Fullback Korey Hall lit up his man. 






28-26 Packers claim the victory

Packers win. Packers win. …Sorry no exclamation marks today.

Green Bay moves to 3-1. What say you Packer Nation?

The good and the bad:

  PackersLounge : “At some point an off week becomes a normal week. Packers Average at Best ” —> DaleZawada : “You should re-title that “Packers: 3-1″

Aaron_Nagler : “I thought the Packers couldnt run the ball? Can we all shut up about it now? Thanks.”

I completely disagree that a couple late-game gains by Kuhn means they have suddenly established their running game, but who am I? To each their own I suppose.

wallypingel : “Well, it’s definitely a better Detroit team but the Packers should have handled them better. A W is a W though. We will take it.”

BigSnakeMan : “Just got back from Lambeau. That was NOT the game I expected to see. If I were a Lion fan, I would feel today exactly as Packer fans felt after the Bears game.”

BamaCheeseHead : “People seem to forget a short week is hard on a team!”

olbagofdonuts : “GB, ATL and NO – three elite NFC teams – all won at home against winless foes by two points. I apologize for my “We’re gonna lose” comments. But, be honest, you kinda felt that too, fans.”

Okay…We forgive you. Welcome Back Kotter theme song —>

theandyman : “Ugly, ugly game. A win is a win, but man. Lions almost deserved it more”

jrehor : “Lions 431 total yards, Packers 261 yards. That is sickening but a win is a win”

espn_nfcnblog : “Rapid Reaction: Packers 28, Lions 26 –

Mike McCarthy postgame : “It doesn’t feel like we’re 3-1, does it?” ( Via MikeVandermause   )

Packer Players:

JermichaelF88 : “Ok day in the office. Left alot of plays on the field…”

Aaron Rodgers : “Offensively we’ve got to find our identity again”

Yes, but the Packers just won and moved to 3-1. Sure there’s a lot of negatives to point out today such as turnovers, special teams, mental mistakes, siv-like defense, etc. Still, I’m going to savour another victory. This is the National-Football-League (thanks Gruden), and there are no cheap wins. We could be unfortunate fans of the 49ers (0-4), the Lions (0-4) or the Bills (0-4). Green Bay came away with the ‘W’ and that’s all that matters. I’ll worry about the rest next week. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and this near-perfect fall weather. Have a great week everyone. 

Seacrest, out.


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  • John Rehor

    This is one of the highlights of my post game reading. Really shows the emotions of the people watching the game, both highs and lows.

    Great job!

  • Franklin Hillside

    Absolutely agree, John. Must read after the game.

    Thanks, Rich, and keep up the good work.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Thanks, Rich, for helping me re-live the agony.

    BTW-The TD pass to Finley happened right in front of us. TV replays understated how tight a window that was. Great pass and catch. Maybe the highlight of the day.

  • Rocket

    This is very enjoyable to read. I had to miss the last 5 minutes buying a birthday present for a hot blond so to read this was great! The Pack needs to FINISH a frickin game one of these weeks. Do think it comes from pre-season…. Play a few series and sit? HAHAH