This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women of new Fall TV shows.

A Natalie Martinez (Detroit 1-8-7) sort of morning.

4th & 26 has a brief history of mediocre Packers running backs .

Holly has her opposition research up on the Detroit Lions .

Mike at GPN also has a closer look at the Lions .

After the Packers Penalty Palooza, Jersey Al asks Where do the Packers go from here?

Packer Notes from Purple Pants, Green Jersey.

I know that most people that read PD also read CHTV so already know about this, but an official congratulations to Aaron Nagler for this great piece on him that was in the New York Times …yes, that New York Times.  Let’s see Jeff Blumb ignore this one. is walking the line with Michigan State .

BQ5 and a Q & A with Spartans blogger Pete from The Only Colors.

Big Ten Conference Not Ready for Wisconsin Badgers Football .

Was Wednesday night Brewers pitcher Dave Bush’s final farewell?

What is the best sports-related comedy routine of all-time?   As much as I have a soft spot for the “Who’s on First” bit, have to go with George Carlin “baseball vs football”.

You don’t deserve to pick up a girl in a bar in any case if you’re using anyone of these 7 ways not to pick up a girl at a bar .

I know this was everywhere yesterday, but it’s pretty good so if you haven’t seen it: Timberlake, Fallon, And The Roots Perform A Hip Hop Retrospective .

It’s OK, here’s a tissue: The 10 Songs Most Likely To Make A Dude Cry .

The circuit board key chain isn’t really that original, but the beer bottle opener made out of a phone is,  20 Things Made out of Old Gadgets .

Candice Swanepoel + Lingerie = Click Here .

Honest, I ain’t “Lion”  – (Started with a bad pun, may as well finish with one.)  Coming to Lambeau Field on Sunday will be the Lions, which is more likely than not just what the Doctor ordered for Monday night.  This game will be a catharsis not only for the team but also the fans which had to endure the fiasco that unfolded before them the prior week.  Now, the Lions of 2010 aren’t quite the pushovers of years past, but they are still just not a good team, especially with franchise QB Matt Stafford still out.  In a year or two I may have worries about a match-up against the Lions, this Sunday I’ll just be looking for a Packers team to have cleaned some stuff up, have a solid game and knock the snot out of Detroit. 

Check back later today for PD Prognosticators, have a great Big10 Season opener weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

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