This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women of new Fall TV shows.

A Maggie Q (Nikita) sort of morning.

The Thursday Q & A is back this week so make sure to check back later this afternoon (or just follow me on twitter  to get notified right away) for our interview with Monty of

Alex at the Packers Lounge says Start Being a Packer Fan .

Huh?  McCarthy pleased with running game production .

The Packer Ranter and The Silver Lining .

Both the Spartans & the Badgers will have some missing contributors returning for Saturdays game in East Lansing.

BQ5 just can’t stop thinking about Clay .

Jaymes at The Brewers Bar says the Brewers are still playing for Draft Position . on hope-building for the upcoming Bucks season .

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to sports I watch, but I do love me some NCAA Women’s Volleyball & actually not for the reasons you may think, which makes this list of unconventional sports that are fun to watch on TV .

Impossible not to see these on almost a daily basis while watching sports:  The 7 Types of Impostor Sports Fans .

The worst liked list basically read my mind, Most Liked and Least Liked Athletes (According To “Q Score”).

Damn those gender stereotypes: 6 Things Everyone Knows About Women (That Aren’t True).

Dating advice column of the week: 17 Cheap Dates That She’ll Actually Like .

Bonus link for the Ladies, 17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like .

Achtung Baby! The 50 Hottest German Women

Badger Talk – I’ll touch on the upcoming Packers game tomorrow but I think today we’ll focus on the Badgers and the Big Ten Season opener on Saturday against Michigan State.  Both these teams are 4-0 going in to the game, but I think the Michigan State 4-0 is a little more impressive especially with the win against Notre Dame. Although the Badgers will have both Nick Toon & David Gilreath back, which will be nice not only for the extra options but also to ease the pressure on TE Lance Kendricks, this game will come down to John Clay rumbling and stumbling for 100+ yards & grinding it out.  This will be the first real test for the Badgers, as it will be for the Spartans, but I expect once it’s over for the Badgers to be leaving East Lansing 5-0.

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