This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women of new Fall TV shows.

A Carly Pope (Outlaw) sort of morning.

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Top 5 Sexiest NFL Cheerleader Squads

Blame Game  – You can pretty much get a take on everything as to why the Packers lost on Monday night.  Penalties, special teams sucking and what appears to be one of the more popular opinions of game mismanagement by Mike McCarthy.  I’m a little on the fence on this one although I get and agree with many of the points made that go with the topic.  The truth though is, if I’m laying this on any one aspect it would be special teams.  The debate as to whether or not to let the Bears score at the end of the game would have been moot without a blocked FG, a crappy punt and poor ST tackling. What it boils down to though is the entire game was a comedy of errors in almost every area except the passing offense…which of course was the only offense there was. While there may very well be blame to be laid on McCarthy’s shoulders here, I do trust in him to ‘right the ship’ & ‘clean house’ to correct those mistakes, both his and his teams.

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