This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women of new Fall TV shows.

An Aly Michalka (Hellcats) sort of morning.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts on who has the edge tonight in the positional battles, part one & part two .

The Cheesehead TV Matchup of the week – Defense .

John at GPN has a nice piece about Growing up Packers in Chicago .

A Packers-Bears scouting report from Packing Cheese.

The Badger game on Saturday was the blow out we’ve been waiting for, it was also a record setting win .

The Bucky Channel has their Bucky Five about the Badgers game: It’s About Time We Put Up 70 .

UW freshman RB James White had a hell of a day for the Badgers, notching 4 touchdowns and contributing to the 70 push-ups Bucky Badger had to do .

The Brewers wrapped the home portion of their schedule yesterday afternoon at Miller Park.  Jaymes at The Brewers Bar says the Brewers Show Class in Home Finale.

As NBA training camps are getting ready to start, Brew Hoop has a Milwaukee Bucks Preview 2010/2011 .

This seemed appropriate for today: 24 Awesome Bear Related Headlines .

We all know ‘real’ men don’t cry, unless it’s about sports that is:  50 Sports Moments It’s More Than OK To Cry About .

Who didn’t have these when growing up? The 5 Plastic Army Men Least Useful in Combat , that metal detector dude was useless.

Best one – Knight, Jed I: 15 Coolest Personal Names .

Seeing as her movie opened this past weekend, The 20 Hottest Pictures Of Kristen Bell .

Finally – The performance of the Badger football team on Saturday was what we were all waiting for, a decisive win over an outclassed team.  Maybe even more important was that there were no additional injuries to a team that has had a share of them.  Putting up 70 points, even against a team like Austin Peay, is a pretty big accomplishment.  I actually started to feel bad for the Governors in the fourth, but not bad enough to not relish the pounding.  This was the confidence booster this team needed and we’ll see how much of it carries to next week with the Big Ten Opener against Michigan State.  Here’s hoping some of that mojo carries over to another Wisconsin team playing tonight.

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