Each Friday during the football season the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) will pick the winners of the Packer, Sunday night & MNF games with a running tally through out the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 3 the current standings are:

BigSnakeMan: 4
Wally: 4
Chris: 3

As I said last week, everyone went chalk and so did the games so beyond the numbers, no real changes in the standings.  This week could shake some things up though, so let’s see what we got. 

(Seeing as the Packers play the Monday night game this week, our ‘make-up’ game will be Detroit @ Minnesota)


Vikings over Lions – In the perfect example of water finding its own level, I give you the Minnesota Vikings. It seems that all the good fortune that befell them last year has abandoned them so far this season. For some unknown reason, quarterback Brett Favre seems to be having trouble getting on the same page with his receivers. WR Percy Harvin is now being treated for sleep apnea that is a contributing factor in his migraines. But the way the rest of the Vikings have been playing, it’s giving their fans headaches. If this game were in Detroit, I’d be tempted to pick the Lions. But, with starting QB Matthew Stafford out for the season, I don’t believe the Lions are far enough along in their rebuilding program to beat the Vikings at home, especially since their backs are against the wall.
Jets over Dolphins – Jets have been experiencing some “hard knocks” lately with the Inez Sainz locker room flap, Darrelle Revis’ hamstring injury, and Braylon Edwards DUI arrest. They probably would like to sit Edwards for this one but their offense can’t afford to be without his 3 drops a game. No truth to the rumor that the Jets will have Sainz give the ‘motivational’ pre-game address. Both teams are coming off big wins but, with Miami at home, most signs point to a Dolphin win. That’s why the Jets will win just to further annoy me.

Packers over Bears – Going against my own edict here of picking against the Pack when there’s any doubt. Folks around Chicago appear to think the Bears are suddenly a contender because they’re 2-0, conveniently forgetting that the ‘zebras’ gave them their first win. I just can’t believe the Bears are as good as they showed against Dallas. They still aren’t running the ball well and they couldn’t protect Cutler last week until they went to a short passing game. I don’t think they’ll be able to give Cutler enough time to take advantage of the Packer secondary. It wouldn’t shock me to see the Packers lose this one because they have yet to play their best but I’m taking the Pack in a close one at Soldier.


Lions over Vikings - I’m primarily picking this upset based on my hatred for the Vikings.  That being said, I really think the Lions have a shot even without Stafford.  Rookie running back Javhid Best is a beast and Calvin Johnson will be the best wide receiver in the game even with Shaun Hill throwing to him.  The Lions have been putting up points in both of the games leading up to this, something the Vikings haven’t been doing. It’ll be close but in the end the Lions get their first win (should be second) and push the Vikings to 0-3.

Dolphins over Jets - The Jets are a complete mess.  Ever since last year and Rex Ryan’s comments about the Defensive MVP going to Charles Woodson I’ve had a special place of dislike for this team and I think this weekend will turn out to be another blow to their egos & Super Bowl plans.

Packers over Bears - I was talking to a client last night and mentioned to him this game concerns me a lot more than it did at the beginning of the season. I do believe the Bears 2-0 record though isn’t indicative of the talent on the field.  While the better team doesn’t always win, they will this Monday and Packers get off to a 3-0 start to the season. 


Vikings over Lions – I like the direction the Lions  are moving. They could have won each of their first two games. Hell, they did win their first game only to be Royally Jobbed by the NFL’s ridiculous rulebook. But I can’t imagine Prince’s favorite team slipping to 0-3 (well, in my dreams I can, but in those I’m dressed in only my underwear, and yes, it is something unusual), so I will take MN over DET.

Dolphins over Jets – Another week of Hard Knocks for the Jets with messy distractions. They seem like a team off course and headed for a wet landing in the drink (possibly one ordered by Braylon Edwards). Meanwhile, Flipper’s favorite team is 2-0, albeit against a two teams that are off to troubled starts. My gut tells me NYJ is the better team, but I like MIA at home over a team that appears to be getting Standing Eight Count at the moment.

Bears over Packers – Every year there are a couple of teams that are ignored or written off in the pre-season that end up surprising everyone, I fear CHI is one of those teams this year. I mean, just look at their first two games: They steal one, courtesy of the NFL, in the first week. You know they are living right with that crap. Then they catch a superior DAL team at a down time and win on the road without the benefit of a running game. Worse, Cutler seems to be bonding with Mike Martz’s offense and is not making his usual mistakes. CHI isn’t better than GB, but they are at home, so I expect them to ride the crest of their current wave for another week and upset the Pack.


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  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    Glad to know the fact that I fancy powdered wigs, knee-high stocking and don’t bathe often qualifies me to be a Founding Father.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    I guess I have to take full responsibility for the Packers loss; that’s what I get for picking them.