This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Survivor contestants.

A Sydney Wheeler (Survivor: Tocantins) sort of morning.

Jersey Al looks at some of the Great Moments from the Packers vs. Bears Rivalry .

Holly has some talking points on the Chicago Bears .

Staying with the Bears theme, Ol’ Bag of Donuts has a Q & A with Bears Blog Bears Headquarters .

Packers OLB coach Kevin Greene has some high praise for Clay Matthews, saying  CM3 could be the best ever .

Is the Packers vs Bears still a marquee game?

We were all sort of expecting this, but to make it official Badger wide receivers  Toon, Gilreath out against Austin Peay . and Inside the Numbers: 45….172….6,593 .

What the Bucks on Brandon Jennings being the 37th best player in the NBA .

Seven Movies With the “Realest” Looking Sports Scenes , which would explain while all these movies are actually good too.

I haven’t seen 4 or 5 on this list, but 1 & 3 totally totally fit this category:  Five Badass Movies That are Really Just Chick Flicks in Disguise .

I fear for our future: The Funniest Wrong Exam Answers Of All Time .

The beer holder on the crutches? I would totally do that – The Best Of Redneck Engineering .

Ended last week with her, may as well make it two weeks in a row: Ines Sainz and the 25 Sexiest Sports Controversies of the Decade .

In honor of Fall starting this week, The 17 Hottest Autumns .

Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time  – OK, I don’t plan on going to Home Depot and definitely not Bed, Bath & Beyond but I am looking forward to two games on Saturday.  The first will be the third of my son Connor’s flag football games.  As I may have mentioned here, I got lasso’d in to this coaching this team & I have to say it’s pretty fun.  Last week we made it a close game and I can see the kids are starting to ‘get it’ so looking forward to seeing them play and progress more each week.  Then we have the Badgers game where I’m just hoping to see a strong, mistake free game by the Badgers, easing some of my fears as the Big Ten season starts the week after.  Sunday will be a bit different this weekend as there’s no Packers game but join me in rooting for the Detroit Lions as they take on the Vikings.   Beyond a 3- Packers start, a Vikings 0-3 start may even be sweeter.

PD Prognosticators will be up later this afternoon, have a good weekend and we’ll see you here for the precursor to Monday Football.

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