This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Surivior contestants.

A Amber Brkich (Survivor: The Australian Outback & All-stars) sort of morning.

Danny at says The Bears Should Be 1-1 .

Chris echoes my feelings exactly on this: Rivalry with Bears intense, but not as high a priority for this writer .  More on this below.

According to Total Packers, the Marshawn Lynch Talk Isn’t Dead Yet .

Of course, this could only come from The Packer Ranter: It Really Ties the Room Together .

Here’s some good news for Badgers fans, UW Wide Receiver Toon close to return .

Balls, Brats & Beer on the Packers & Badgers, Taking Care of Business .

Jaymes at The Brewers Bar sums it up nicely: Brewers Still Drawing Well (or, Why We’re Awesome Fans) .

Don’t think I need to explain this one: This Packers Fan Had A Little Too Much To Drink (Video) .

Another one, no explanation needed -  Honest Sports Movie Titles .

Pretty soon those of us in Wisconsin won’t be able to hit the links, so while we still can here’s a list of the 100 Greatest Golf Shots of All Time to inspire you.

Belated Happy 60th Birthday to Bill Murray and 10 reasons why we love him .

Half the fun of Fantasy Football, or any Fantasy Sports, is giving your other league members crap.  However, there are some things you shouldn’t be posting on the league message boards .

There are actually two X-Men mutants in this list: Five Hollywood Actors who are Excellent Stage Actors .

No arguments here to this statement: It doesn’t get much better than Candice Swanepoel .

The Bears Rivalry – The Bears ‘rivalry’ for me always has played second fiddle to the Vikings.  I reached my sports awareness rather late in life, not until I got to college really.  I went to school at UW-Eau Claire on the western side of the state where there were quite a few people attending from Minnesota.  So as my awareness of the Packers and infant fanship took root, I was exposed to quite a few Vikings fans along the way, including one roommate.  So it was easy on those two occasions of the year for us to lock horns and that rivalry stuck.  I root a little harder for every divisional game, and will do so Monday night but should the unthinkable happen and the Packers walk out of Soldier Feild 2-1 I won’t be crushed the way I would have been if they were exiting the Humpty Dome.     

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