This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Surivior contestants.

A Julie Berry (Survivor: Vanuatu) sort of morning.

Holly recounts her first trip to Lambeau Field .

Tim at in remembrance of Reggie White.

CD has some thoughts on the recent happenings in regards to reporters in locker rooms, saying The Media Can’t Have It Both Ways .

What is quickly becoming the question of the week: Clifton or Bulaga?

Even with all the hullabalo over Marshawn Lynch trade rumors and AJ Hawk putting his house on the market, feeding the flames he was going to be traded, Packernet says Hawk stayed classy throughout .

Unfortunately for the Badgers & Badger fans, UW LB Chris Borland is out for the season, so who’s the next man in?

The first installment of What the F&%ck!!!!?  from

What the Bucks with @AndrewMBogut in stupid twitter “controversy” #bucks.

Some Week 3 Fantasy Football Sleepers for your planning.

Can pretty much hear all of these on any given Sunday: 9 Common Sportscaster Clichés .

Yep, not a single one of these I don’t recall – 10 Things I Remember About Middle School Dances .

They’re missing ‘Former High School Star Athelete Trying to Relive Youth by Coaching Sport They Played’ coach: Types of Youth League Coaches .

Just a really cool collection of photos: 30 Impossible Scenes That Actually Happened .

Week One NFL Cheerleaders Highlights.

Loyalty to Veterans  – As I said above, a lot this week is being made of Bryan Bulaga replacing Chad Clifton in the Bills game and whether or not Bulaga should be starting on Monday against the Bears.  Coach McCarthy has come out saying Clifton is the starter but how much of that is based on loyalty to a veteran?  I would have to think a good part of it & McCarthy is right in doing so, at least at this point.  Loyalty is one of the things that drive any organization, whether it be a sports team, a work group or even family.  Common sense though also has a place so if going with someone else in that (or any) position is in the best interest of the group, that decision needs to be made no matter the potential hurt feelings.  We’ll see how it plays out over the course of the week but I do not envy the decision McCarthy has coming up, where he may very well have to weigh loyalty against common sense.

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