This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Surivior contestants.

A Candice Woodcock (Surivior: Cook Islands & Heros vs Villians) sort of morning.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts leads us off this morning, talking about the Packers 34-7 win over the Bills, saying the second half of the game brought a much needed killer instinct .

John at GPN has what we learned about the Packers against the Bills .

Aaron and his Gut Reactions from the game.

After the win, C.D. at Tundravision believes that Lambeau belongs to the Packers again .

Lastly, Max at Purple Pants, Green Jersey and his initial reactions to the Packers game .

Chris & Dave have the latest installment of Packers Therapy up as well on the Packers-Bills Game .

It wasn’t pretty on many fronts, but in the end the  Badgers block ASU’s upset bid . says That Was Close about the 1 point Badger victory.

Jaymes wonders if this is the end for Brewers pitcher Doug Davis .

Talk on this has calmed down, but it doesn’t mean people aren’t still thinking about it:  Why Marshawn Lynch-for-AJ Hawk Won’t Happen

The title of this link sums it up:  Five Awesome “Firsts” Father-Son Sports Moments , I’ve experience the last one first hand and it is indeed awesome.

Perhaps some of the best advice ever given, How to Balance Football & Her .

Regrettable may be an understatement for some of these: 9 Regrettable Sports Fan Tattoos .

This list is funnier than the CBS show will be:  S#%t My Brain Says as a Man

9 Dangerously Hot Alumni from the 50 Most Dangerous College Campuses .

34 Points is boring? – I figure I may take some heat about today’s DD title, but while at the game with BigSnakeMan we both walked away satisfied with the win but both with the feeling it was sorta ho-hum.  Maybe it’s because I was/am still getting over a cold, maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well the night before but for some reason I wasn’t hyped up about the game or during it.  The outcome was never in question and I sort of knew that going in which also may have been something.  Really, the highlight of the ‘game’ for me was getting the chance to meet CHTV, Cheesehead Radio &’s Holly Phelps who had made the trip from DC for her very first Packers game ever.  It was also good to see Brian Carriveau after the game & get his first impressions. Very happy with the win and seeing a dominant defensive performance, don’t get me wrong there, but not fully satisfied with the win over a bad opponent.

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