Raise your hand if you hate traffic jams? Yes, it’s a consensus. We all hate a backed-up highways. However, it’s the 2010 home opener at Lambeau Field! Never have I been more excited to see miles and miles of cars stuck in park. Even if the Packers end up covering the couple-touchdown spread and dismantle the Buffalo Bills (or lose – knock on wood), we can be assured no one will be leaving Lambeau until the final horn sounds. Plan accordingly.

8:00am: …Coffee #1…

9:30am: Coffee #2.

11:30am: COFFEE #3!!!!!!

Just to get a feel for the game, I went to the store to buy a brew or two. The cashier asked for roughly 5 dollars, but I wasn’t having it. I intended to pay the $8.00/beer, just as if I were at Lambeau Field myself. Still, after spending nearly $50.00 on brats and a pack of buns, I think I may have made a mistake.

BigSnakeMan : “Early arriving crowd; parking in front of the home already. Looks like Packer fans will be geeked for the home opener.”

You think?!   =)

Pregame news and notes:

jasonjwilde : “Packers’ inactives: Underwood, Hall, Bishop, McDonald, Lang, Newhouse, Quarless, Neal. Johnson starts at FB for Hall. Nance is active.”

BuffaloBillscom : “Inactive: S Cary Harris, LB Paul Posluszny, LB Antonio Coleman, G Kraig Urbik, T Ed Wang, DE Alex Carrington, DE John McCargo.”

Upon review Clay Matthews was given another sack against the Eagles, meaning he finished with 3 total in week 1. I believe the law of averages says Matthews is on pace for 48 sacks. Lookout Michael Strahan.

packernation : “Almost party time. GoPackGo!”

1st Quarter

CBS commentator: “58 degrees and partly cloudy. Perfect football weather.”

15:00 Packers win the toss, set to receieve. Jordy Nelson out to the 35 yard line

Aaron_Nagler : “High knees Jordy! Almost broke that…”

14:20 Brandon Jackson with his 1st carry (5 yards) in his 1st NFL start. You’re time has come Jackson.

CBS commentator: “The Bills might have the best secondary in the NFL.” …We’ll see about that.

13:01 Rodgers 2/2 for 2 first downs. Hm…

11:58 3rd and 3, Packers call timeout


PackerRanter : “The only good buffalo, is a dead buffalo. -All natural enemies of the buffalo”

11:49 Incomplete pass, Crosby on to attempt a 44-yard field goal. That’s it? Child’s play.

It’s good!

3-0 Packers

Let’s get a live look in on the Vikings-Miami game with Traitor Tom. Tommy?

TomPelissero : “I really don’t understand why you don’t take points. Fourth-and-inches, maybe. But fourth-and-2? When you have to pass? Rough.”

Vikings go for it on 4th down and Fav-rah’s pass batted down. I have a great idea for a new celebration: Hold up 4 fingers and limp around like an old man. Eh, back to important matters.

10:49 Marshawn Lynch (trade rumors swirling) gets his 1st carry of the game…Nothing, nowhere. 3rd and 9

CBS commentator: “Pocket collapses and guess who, Clay Matthews with the sack!” …4th and 23, Bills punting and Packers will start 2nd drive near mid-field

Midwestfan RT @ Jeterfan : “Matthews is a f-ing beast!” …Easy on the language. But I agree!

8:56 Play action, Rodgers hits Jermichael Finley for a “beautiful” gain of 34 yards

MikeVandermause : “How do the Bills leave Jermichael Finley that wide open for 34-yard gain?” …Shhhhh!

Ah! Rodgers nearly a pick-6

7:38 3rd and goal, incomplete pass to James Jones. Is it just me or was Kuhn wide open in the flats?

BillMichaels620 : “Packers drive stalls on the Bills 6 y ard line. Crosby with a 24 yard field goal. 6-0 Packers over the Bills”

6-0 Packers

CBS commentator: “Buffalo holding their ground defensively. Green Bay is going to dare the Bills offense to attack them”

“Ryan Grant” and “injury” mentioned 37 times in the 1st 8 minutes of the game. Wait, what happened to Ryan Grant?


PocketDoppler’s own Wally Pingel at Lambeau Field today —> WallyPingel : “Meeting of the minds, @ htphelps & I at Lambeau Packers” http://twitpic.com/2q1dvz

6:00 Buffalo once again goes 3-and-out, big man Cullen Jenkins (cast and all!) “hammers down” Trent Edwards for a sack.

BillMichaels620 : “Matthews flushed Edwards and Jenkins crushed him.”

2:31 Another 3rd down for Aaron Rodgers and co. Prepare the punt team…I mean FINLEY for a gain of 35 yards! 1st and 10 from the Buffalo 20. What a catch.

TundraVision “TGIF WOW!”

James Jones makes a catch, but looks to be out of bounds. Challenge flag thrown…And, the Vikings game?

TomPelissero : “Phil Loadholt and Anthony Herrera both got embarrassed on that drive-killing sack. Vikings offensive line not impressing so far. Again.” 

TomPelissero : ” Bernard Berrian drops another punt but falls on it. Getting booed. He deserves it. If Camarillo doesn’t get the next rep something’s wrong.”


1:30 Back to the Packer game! 3rd and 10, Rodgers scrambles for an easy gain of 15. Down to the 5, 1st and goal.

LoriNickel : “Bet 12 wanted that TD but that was smart to pull up and slide. Now three downs for the RBs to get in.” ….Word.

0:11 Brandon Jackson makes a cutback, SCORES the touchdown! Get your butt in those stands young man. Lambeau Leap in progress.

CBS commentator: “Jackson celebrating with about 70,000 of his closest friends.”

13-0 Packers

2nd Quarter

CBS commentator: “Marshawn been the #1 so far today. Are they show-casing him for something?” …Haha

The Bills now in Green Bay territory for the 1st time today. Apparently they do still have a pulse.

11:23 Marshawn Lynch has 8 carries for 42 yards already.

The Bills are down to the 4-yard line. Ugh…Is it getting hot in here? Timeout. Breathe, breathe. What’s going on with the rest of the NFL. Rich Eisen is on the scene, Rich?

Richeisen : Michael Vick with a touchdown pass and now Pac Man Jones with an pick. I think 2006 is making it rain today.

10:49 (Expletive)!!! 8 plays, 80 yards and Fred Jackson walks into the endzone for a Buffalo touchdown.

htphelps : “The right outside linebacker up and disappeared like a fart in the wind.” …Pretty much perfect analysis

13-7 Packers

  ESPN : “B. Favre: 11/15, 106 yards,1 INT, 64.9 rating (half time – Miami-7 Minnesota-0)

9:20 Packers offense looking stagnant, 3rd down and 15 coming after Jordy Nelson’s nice return to the 36. Incomplete, Packers will punt.

kareemcopeland : “Horrid drive. lose 2 yards on a pass. 2 yard run, false start, incomplete. Punt…”

crichar3 : “Now you know what 1979 was like.”

These stress balls do not work.

Let’s look at the positives —>  jasonjwilde : “After one game and 19:09 of this game, Jordy Nelson sure looks like a legit kickoff returner now.”

 —> wallypingel : “As BigSnakeMan just said, they’re kicking away from Jordy Nelson? What has the world come to.”

7:30 Clay Matthews just rattled Trent Edwards with a big hit. Intentional grounding. Not in the stat book, but it’s a sack in my heart.

CBS commentator: “That’s a little Trent Edwards sandwich between Matthews and Nick Barnett”

6:12 Buffalo forced to punt. 37 yard punt, no return. That’s not Derrick Frost over there is it?

Interesting development —>  jasonjwilde : “Bryan Bulaga is in at left tackle for the Packers.”

4:30 CBS: “Great job by the Buffalo defense” …4th down, 51 yard punt, andddd Green Bay with an “illegal touch” of the punt after Lee stepped out of bounds then downed the ball. Way to get yourself noticed Pat Lee.

Tore open stress ball. Not nearly as cool looking inside as it feels.

Wayne Larrivee: “Packers stuck in the mud.”

2:51 3rd down and 1, the Bills give Parrish an end around…Moves the chains. Up to the 48 yard line. 

Buffalo run to pass ratio is overwhelming, and Green Bay has looked average on D.

kareemcopeland : “Fred Jackson looking like the best Buffalo RB today.”     …Complete with dreads, a grill and poor sportsmanship. Well, Lynch at least.

JerseyAlGBP : “Actually, they have a good looking three-headed monster at RB.”

0:21 Defense holds, Mike McCarthy chooses not stop the clock and Bills punt to the 20. Crowd throwing out a couple boo’s. What’s the deal Mike? No faith in your offense? Underwhelming half of football.


PAIGER33 : “Packers D on the field WAY too much in the 2nd quarter. Time of possession nearly even.”

MikeVandermause : “Rodgers 8 for 16 for 110 yards this half. Pretty ordinary.”

jrehor : “Hope McCarthy has a woodshed built on the locker room for his halftime speech. Whole team should go there. No reason the game should be this close. No reason. Period.”

  MaxGinsberg : “Mike McCarthy’s conservative end to the half was very Mike Shermanesque.”

And today’s voice of reason…

  DaleZawada : “Packers WINNING 13-7 at halftime and you would think the Packers are losing 55-0 right now. Calm down, morons.”

…Thank you. I needed that.

Bart Starr making a Lambeau Field appearance as a part of Hall of Fame weekend. Hats off to you Mr. Starr. Thanks for everything.

3rd Quarter

15:00 Bills receiving. Come on defense! Set the tone.

Nick Collins just wallopped the Buffalo WR. Let’s see more of that!

13:06 3rd down and 8 from about the 34. Brandon Chillar with a diving interception! Packers take over possession.

Tone set.

10:57 3rd down and Rodgers with perfect placement on an outside pass to Greg Jennings for 17 yads.

10:05 Jordy Nelson with another 1st down, nice throw. Down to the 5. 1st and goal.

8:46 AND the 2nd Lambeau Leap of the day as Rodgers hits Driver for a TOUCHDOWN. Rodgers held that ball until the last second and took a shot from a Bills defensive lineman. Wow.

PackersLive : “Rodgers knew Kelsay would come free and be his reponsibility. He hung in and delivered a strike. Packers 20, Bills 7″

BillMichaels620 : “Rodgers pummeled as he threw that TD pass to Driver. Rodgers stood in there and took it. Driver’s 51st TD catch. He now passes Max McGee for 4th place all time in Packers history.”

Almost makes me want to go out and buy Driver’s “Quickie” children’s books. Almost.

20-7 Green Bay


I just flipped on FOX to see who was playing, and Deep Blue Sea is on. Really? Amateur hour.

7:15 Clay Matthews with yet another sack! 5 on the season! This guy is cuh-razy.

brove : Clay is going to DESTROY the sack record this year. And he won’t need Favre to lay down for it either!

6:57 3rd and Holmgren way for Buffalo. No gain. Bills punt to the Packers 35. Time to slash the Buffalo achilles.

4:50 Marching…Jordy Nelson…marching…Jermichael Finley…marching…

CBS commentator: “Donte Whitner covering Jermichael Finley is like Steve Nash trying to cover Shaq.”

2:47 1st and goal from the 7, FUMBLE! …Nearly swallowed my fork. Phew, James Jones recovers. Un-teachable awareness by Jones.

1:54 Aaron Rodgers scampers into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN! So smooth, highly underrated pair of legs on #12.

Half-hearted Lambeau leap. Don’t worry…There’s enough love in the stands. Has the championship belt been retired?

27-7 Packers in full control

An un-nerving development:

jasonjwilde : “Raji has a knee injury, his return is questionable.”

4th Quarter

15:00 Raji back in starting the 4th Quarter! Raising his hands for fans to bring the noise. Thank goodness.

14:12 Morgan Burnett simply takes the ball away from a Bills WR for an interception, Packers ball! A cool welcome to the NFL moment.

Aaron_Nagler : “Burnett with a fantastic play. Read the smoke route, perfectly timed the hit and ripped the ball away from the WR. Great, great play.”

13:00-11:00 Marching…Finley…Marching…Kuhn…Marching…JAMES JONES TOUCHDOWN. Aarong Rodgers with his best pass of the day, easily.

4 touchdowns, 4 Lambeau leaps.

TraciMonster : “I love being a Packer fan. :)”

34-7 Green Bay

Oh by the way —>   MikeVandermause : “Finley’s 2nd career 100-yard game. Expect many more to come.”

Reasoning behind Clifton benching —> “Coach’s decision”

Greg_A_Bedard : “Bulaga is doing a darn nice job in protection Don’t know if Clifton will get his job back.”


10:45 Bills go for it on 4th down. I wouldn’t do that…Clay Matthews with what?! A SACK. Packers football. Start-the-bus-start-the-bus.

TV timeout.

How’s the Viking game going?

MaxGinsberg : “Favre throws an INT into double coverage. Dan Dierdorf: That’s when the brain thinks that I’m 30 and the body thinks I’m 40.”

PAIGER33 : “Not a good day at the Dome for Favre today: 3 picks and a lost fumble.”

I like my packer wins with a side of pitiful-Vikings.

And a little praise for our soon to be DPOY —> CBS commentator: “Packers on cruise control. Matthews has a motor that just does not stop.”

8:00-7:00 Marching…yawn…Marching…Greg Jennings…Bah, forced to punt.

Trey Wingo : Aaron Rodgers now with 10 rushing TD’s since 2008.. most of any QB in that time frame.

4:45 Buffalo attempting to, um, well, run out the clock? I think they have officially waved the flag and called out “uncle” at this point.

PackersTherapy : “Bills doing a fine job of killing the clock. Well done.”

CBS commentator: “Buffalo running backs looking like they have a Green and Gold belt strapped to them.”

Completely different game than the 1st half. A complete 180.


packergeeks : So, Clay Matthews 6 1/2 sacks. Defensive Player of the Year.

2:00 Minute Warning

And a bit of comedy relief from Dale Zawada and Randy and Jason Sklar:

SklarBrothers : “GB fans are chanting “Kuhn” for their white RB. I know it’s not, but it feels racist.”

DaleZawada : “Clay Matthews has 5 sacks and game 2 isnt even over yet. Jay Cutler, enjoy your week vs Cowboys, because you’re gonna (bleep-ing) DIE next week.


Trent Edwards back to pass…Hit…Trent Edwards back to pass…Hit…

CBS commentator: “There’s no such thing as a 27-point play.” …They should keep dropping Edwards back huh?

1:00 Bills go for it on 4th down and 11. Not a single WR open. Absolutely perfect coverage, Packers ball. Game-Set-Match.

0:59 Victory formation





Instant-Reaction from both the Green Bay Packers’ win and the Vikings’ loss:

@ jasonjwilde : “For the Superbowl XLV or die crowd, Dallas and Minnesota are both going to be 0-2, Packers 2-0. Hmmmm.”

PackersLounge “Packers Lounge: Quick Hits: Buffalo Bills” http://bit.ly/8Z9HMv

   jrehor : “Packers 2-0, Vilings 0-2. Love it!”

THE MAN —> RyanGrant25 : “Good home win today’s by my guys… Way to start off in Lambeau with a win.”

You’re still part of the team Grant. This is your win as much as anyone elses. Head up big guy.

BamaCheeseHead : Ryan Grant = class act!!!

No bitterness after being cut, just straight love   —> willblackmon27 : “ClayMatthews is possessed.”

WallyPingel : La-la-la-Lambeau!

And 1 more on Brett Favre:

PackerLadyC : “That’s what they get for taking that old fart off his couch. They should have left his A in Mississippi.

And finally:

BillMichaels620 : We’re set up over at Curly’s Pub inside Lambeau Field. It’s Packers OT coming up in approx 20 mins. Listen www.620wtmj.com

Up next for Green bay is Monday Night Football against…

RahimTariq : “It’s Bears week.”

And with that, I am out. Great game today. Started slow, but the Packers adjusted at half and finally opened up the offense. How can anyone complain with a 2-0 start, especially in today’s NFL? I know I can’t. Rodgers turned it on in the 2nd half, Clay Matthews is a thriller, and the pieces around him aren’t too shabby either. Packers win, Vikings lose. It’s a good day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.


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  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    Looks like a ton of work. Good stuff. Thanks for compiling it.

  • Ben

    Kept me entertained in the commercials. Thanks for logging the game Rich!

  • Rocket

    How do you do that Ward? If that’s not the most entertaining bit of game coverage I don’t know what is. KEEP it up!

  • Nik

    Geez, this take you a while? It seems like it would take all day to put together. Either way very cool Rich! I loved the comment that compared Whitner covering Finley to Steve Nash covering Shaq. Nice quote catch! Looking forward to next week!

    Easy on the coffee buddy.

  • BrianA

    “Trent Edwards back to pass…Hit…Trent Edwards back to pass…Hit…

    CBS commentator: “There’s no such thing as a 27-point play.” …They should keep dropping Edwards back huh?”

    Ahh, music to my ears! Awesome stuff Rich! Any chance you start including some of us regular-joe fans in there? Heh.

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    “Never have I been more excited to see miles and miles of cars stuck in park.”

    –This is why I live 4 blocks away from Lambeau.

    8:00am: …Coffee #1…
    9:30am: Coffee #2.
    11:30am: COFFEE #3!!!!!!

    –It takes you an hour and a half to finish a cup of coffee?! No wonder you like traffic jams. ;)

    “6:57 3rd and Holmgren way for Buffalo. No gain.”

    –That’s just beautiful, man.

    Nice effort. Can’t believe you can keep track of it all. Look forward to next week’s.