This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is 2010 Packers opponets cheerleader squads.

A New England Patriots Cheerleader sort of morning.

We’ll start off with Holly’s Opposition Talking Points on the Buffalo Bills .

Mike at GPN also takes a closer look at the Buffalo Bills .

4th & 26 says the Packers can learn from The Karate Kid when it comes to holding leads, show no mercy .

As a follow up to yesterday’s Marshawn Lynch love fest,  Let The Marshawn Lynch Speculation Begin… And End

Ol’ Bag of Donuts is ta king a look at the contracts of Grant, Woodson and Hawk .

With Badgers Nick Toon and David Gilreath out, walk-on redshirt freshman WR  Jared Abbrederis steps up .

Badger Blitz has a Q & A with Badger LB Chris Borland who will be active tomorrow against ASU.

Just reading through this list makes me want to…well, at the very least quit sitting down: 9 Most Iconic Songs from the World of Sports .

In case you can’t decide for yourself which football games to watch this weekend: The Couch Potato Guide To the 10 Games To Watch .

An age-old question: Which NFLers Would You Want to Punch in the Face?

Some helpful tips on Getting Rid of that Beer Belly .

I don’t agree with her Dad’s politics, but Meghan McCain seems pretty OK to me: The 16 Most Shameful Politician’s Daughters .

Just because you’ve been arrested doesn’t mean you can’t still love the camera: Nine Surprisingly Sexy Mugshots .

May as well end the week with how it started, with Ines Sainz .

What UW Team do we see tomorrow? – Like I said at the beginning of this week, the first two Badger games we’ve seen have been pretty uninspiring. Tomorrow though Bucky will face a team which doesn’t suck.  Arizona State is no Iowa or Ohio State, they may not even be the Gophers, but compared to what the Badgers have seen so far it will be their biggest challenge of their ‘pre-season’.  What I am hoping to see tomorrow is a UW Football team everyone has been expecting all year, a team that doesn’t lose the ball 3+ times or make silly/dumb mistakes. I expect the Badgers to win, but I would like to see a solid, convincing win where they control the game from start to finish and not a win because the team they were playing was just woefully over matched.

Thanks for reading this week, we’ll have the PD Prognosticators this afternoon and have a great weekend.  See you here on Monday.

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