This week joining us is Adam Hoge from Bucky’s 5th Quarter.  Bucky’s 5th Quarter is, you guessed it, a blog about University of Wisconsin Athletics and pretty much runs the gambit when it comes to doing so. Adam goes over the history behind the site, the current Badger football team’s season and more with us today.

Share with our readers the story behind Bucky’s 5th Quarter and how it got started.

  It really just started as a way for me to keep writing after I graduated from UW-Madison. I was working with WGN Radio and the Big Ten Network in Chicago and suddenly there was no more writing. I decided to start Bucky’s 5 th Quarter because I missed writing and it just went from there.

  BQ5 covers the entire spectrum of UW athletics.  Is there a particular sport you like to write about more than the others?

  Well we mainly concentrate on football and basketball. I’d love to cover more hockey and it is something we hope to do in the future.

  These first couple of Badger football games, while resulting in wins, have been rather uninspired. Is this team just playing down to their competition or do you think it’s something else?

 The good news is that the offense has still put up a ton of yards and the defense looks pretty good. There’s just been a handful of mistakes that have been the difference between blowouts and lackluster scores.

  Assuming that Bielema can fix the turnover problems that have plagued the team these first two games and also get a fire lit under them, can this football team be a serious contender for the Big Ten title?

Yeah, there’s no question about it. Like I said, the offense is still moving the ball with relative ease and I like what I’ve seen from the defense. All the mistakes are correctable. This isn’t 2008 when the mistakes came from a lack of preparation and discipline.

As a follow-up to the above, can they be a serious BCS contender?

If you are a serious contender for the Big Ten title then you are a serious BCS contender. Especially this season.

Do you think the Badger football team will ever really be in the National Title discussion or are they fated to being in the next tier of teams that are good but will never be great?

It’s all up to the Badgers. You look at last year’s 10-3 record and you can point to mistakes in all three of the losses and easily say they could have been undefeated. But that doesn’t mean they should have been undefeated. Ohio State and Iowa were probably better teams. Now when you look at this year you have to think the Badgers are a little better and they are going to have another opportunity to win those same games. Wisconsin plays in the Big Ten and an undefeated season for a Big Ten team is likely good enough for a trip to the BCS Championship Game.

Camp Randall seems to have become rather sedate in recent years. Has success spoiled Badger fans, causing them to sit on their hands except in the most exciting, high-profile games?

I think it really comes down to scheduling. It’s hard to get excited about beating San Jose State, but it’s also really easy to get annoyed when you’re not playing well against San Jose State. It’s almost a lose-lose situation. But that’s the trend in college football right now. Teams only want to schedule one good non-conference opponent before the conference season starts. Unfortunately, the big losers with that thinking are the fans.

Did Bucky get shafted in the proposed conference realignment? What would the best reset be for UW?

I don’t know if shafted is the right word because there’s nothing wrong with boosting rivalries against Ohio State and Penn State every year, but I have a hard time finding the logic in the new divisions. I thought going with East and West divisions was a no-brainer. The Illinois-Indiana border is a natural dividing line for the conference and always has been. Putting Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern and Illinois in the West and Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Purdue and Indiana in the East would have preserved the most rivalries and the balance between those two divisions is surprisingly similar when you look at what Nebraska has done since 1993 (when Penn State joined the Big Ten).

I know we’re a few months out here, but let’s switch gears and what are your very early thoughts on the Badger Basketball team and expectations for their season?

I think expectations are really high. Jordan Taylor is a superstar in the making and the point guard position won’t skip a beat with the loss of Trevon Hughes. Meanwhile, if Jon Leuer can stay healthy, he can easily be the Big Ten Player of the Year and push for All-American status. The key to the season, however, is replacing Jason Bohannon. Is Rob Wilson ready to step in the starting lineup and contribute at 10-12 points per game? If so, the Badgers could be even better this year.

What sort of advice would you give bloggers out there as it relates to keeping their own sites up and running?

The best way to build a solid readership is to post new content as much as possible. Following blogs has turned into a routine for people at work and if they can rely on seeing something new every day, then they will continue to come back. But if they are going to your site and seeing the same thing they saw yesterday, they will look elsewhere.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Badgers player is:

  Owen Daniels

  Your favorite Badgers blog to read that is not named Bucky’s 5th Quarter is:

  Hoops Marinara. It was so good that we just added its author, Phil Mitten, to our staff at B5Q .

  If there were no Badgers, you would have a blog about:

  Chicago sports or the Big Ten in general.

  If you were a pro athlete, your sport & position would be:

  Baseball. Second base.

  Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _____________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

  A Goose Island 312.

…and that’s a wrap.  Thank you Adam for being our guest today and taking the time to answer our questions.  For all your UW-Badger news, insights and more head on over to Bucky’s 5th Quarter .

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