This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is 2010 Packers opponets cheerleader squads.

A San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush sort of morning.

Join us later this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A with Adam from Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

The Packer Twitter-world was a buzz last night with the talk of a Packers trade for Buffalo running back Marshawn Lynch & AJ Hawk putting his house on the market.  If you missed it, Aaron over at CHTV has a good recap of all the going ons .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has more on this topic: Running backs, running backs and more running backs .

ACME Packing Company goes further with analysis of whether the Packers could trade for Marshawn Lynch .

Of course, any trade for Lynch wouldn’t happen until next week seeing as the Bills play the Packers on Sunday.  Mike at GPN takes a closer look at the Buffalo Bills.

In Badger news from, Wisconsin LB Chris Borland has been cleared to play on Saturday .

Balls, Brats & Beer takes one last look back at least week’s Badger win in  At the end of the day…

A rare Brewers link these days but I like what Jack at Disciples of Uecker has to say about the future of the Brewers bullpen .

Justin Harrell should be on this list but no one outside of Green Bay knows him,  9 Star Athletes Plagued By Injuries .

Staying with the same theme, but not sure I would include Ryan Grant (no offense Ryan) in this title as one of the biggest: Ryan Grant and the NFL’s Biggest Season-Altering Injuries of the Last 10 Years .

A Top 10 list of Manly Life Experiences , I have 2 out of the 10 crossed off but will never get all of them…no way in hell I am every going skydiving.  Nope, not gonna happen.

I don’t see your just plain ole stupid in here:  5 Scientific Reasons You’re a Bad Employee .

It’s almost time for Showtime’s Dexter to begin again.  To get you up to speed here are  Dexter’s Most Satisfying Kills .

Lynch Pin?  – Figured I’d throw one more pun in there.  I like rumors, which is one of the reason why I enjoy Joe Arrigo’s posts at this site and on Twitter .  A lot of people get on Joe’s case as as he never has or will divulge his sources, but I think that’s have the fun of it.  Especially during the offseason, rumors are one of the few things that keep Packer fans happy.  Whether they come true or not is really irrelevant to me as they provide a source of Packers entertainment as well as amusement.  As to all of these Lynch rumors, it just makes too much sense for it to happen.  Can anyone actually believe that Ted ‘Gimme My Draft Picks’ Thompson would trade a player AND picks for someone?  My head says no, but my Packer fan heart says please do it.  Of course, Ted surprised a lot of people two years ago in the draft by trading away picks for a certain player he liked.  Of course that player was Clay Matthews III, and that seemed to have worked out pretty OK.  It seems that if Ted likes someone enough he’s not beyond acting outside of the norm, well, at least his norm. We’ll have to wait and see if Ted likes Marshawn Lynch enought to part with one of his more cherished commodities.

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