ESPN’s Sports Guy Billy Simmons has made famous the running diary. I simply can’t sit on my hands for 3 hours, so I will attempt to do the same. Sprinkling in some commentator’s quotes and Twitter instant reaction, hopefully this turns out to be readable. Enough yapping; it’s game time!  [Note: Bear with me. It picks up in the 2nd quarter with more Twitter reaction and such from reporters, fans, blogs, etc.]

RobDemovsky : Inactive for the Packers: Underwood, Johnson, McDonald, Lang, Newhouse, Quarless, Neal, Wilson.

And the coin toss…

1st Quarter

15:00 Packers win the toss.

Paige Pearson : “Aaron Rodgers and co will get first crack.”

14:59 And so it begins.

14:00 3-and-out, Rodgers 0/3… Where’s the ledge?!

13:32 Clay Matthews looks fresh as ever, smacks Kolb for a sack! Eagles forced to punt.

10:02 Joe Buck and Aikman think James Jones could very well be a #1 or #2 on another team. Hmm, agree to disagree.

9:13 Rodgers sacked, ref misses blatant facemask… Arizona 2.0?

8:41 …Interception by Rodgers…1 step closer to that ledge.

JasonjWilde : “Throwing into 3x coverage, even to Finley, not a good idea.”

5:56 Vick with a 2-yard loss. Please Andy Reid, keep running him.

The hair on this Packers’ defense is mesmorizing.

5:42 Eagles with their 4th penalty in the first 9 minutes. I can dig that.

4:43 David Akers flawlessly drills a 45-yard field goal. Take note, Mason Crosby.

3-0 Eagles lead   

4:39 Andy Reid jawing with Packer players.

jrehor  : “Honestly Andy Reid, go get yourself a F-ing snack”

A McDonald commercial just included a bear attack and french fries. Not really stimulation my appetite, but I can appreciate the effort.

wallypingel : “Wow, that bear is really smart.”

2:29 Jermichael Finley finally getting involved.

Joe Buck: “He is too fast for linebackers to cover and too big for corner backs to cover.” Followed by Asante Samuel whiffing on J-Mike. Yep, that sounds about right.

ABC countering Fox NFL Sunday with WNBA basketball. I do not know 1 person who has ever been to an WNBA game. Actually, I don’t even know anyone who has ever wanted to go to a WNBA game. Good effort though ABC.

sportspickle : “So @ wnba has 179,475 followers. I can now put an exact figure on the number of people I have nothing in common with.”

0:31 Rodgers sacked for the 2nd time. Juqua Parker on pace for 32 sacks this season.

  jasonjwilde : “Tauscher just thrown to the ground on that sack by Juqua Parker. Has me considering Juqua Wilde as a name for next child.”

RobDemovsky : “Mark Tauscher has allowed two sacks in the first quarter. Both were bull rushes. Packers trail 3-0 after 1.”

2nd Quarter

14:50 Loss of 7, Rodgers sacked for the 3rd time. Pregame show talked about how A-Rodge said Green Bay needed to get off to a fast start. Um…

wingoz : “If the packers can’t protect rodgers any better than this.. they’re in trouble. 3 sacks in first 16 minutes of game”

Cullen Jenkins left the field with a hand injury and is back with a massive cast. He’s 1 guy on the d-line they truly cannot afford to lose.

13:55 Please punt it, please punt it, please…45-yard field goal is good! …I mean, great call coach.

3-3 Packers-Eagles tied

Judas Priest, Enough with the TV timeouts!

Joe Bucks points out Kevin Kolb’s family given a full luxury sweet for today’s game. Thanks Joe.

11:45 Leonard Weaver writhing on the ground in pain. Yup, it’s his knee…Yup, as gruesome as it sounded when the crowd collectively moaned.

jasonjwilde : “Leonard Weaver just suffered a horrible left leg injury. One of those I wish I hadn’t seen …”


11:10 Bj Raji just absolutely blew up the pocket to pick up his 2nd career sack.

Commercials…I hate Jay Cutler with a passion…Commercials…Kevin Kolb look incredibly lame is his tennis visor….

WallyPingel : “whew, went a couple hours with a Glee commercial, was worried it wasn’t coming back.”

I guess I can’t knock ABC too much, because CBS is re-airing the Novak Djokovic-Roger Federer match. Yawnnnn.

Just because it was funny —>  PackerRanter : “Toto, I don’t think we’re in the preseason anymore.”

8:28 Tramon Williams with a nice pass deflection while covering Desean Jackson. Williams looking strong early.

7:32 Kevin Kolb slow to get up after Clay Matthews completely lit him up from the backside. And again, thank you Joe Buck. Yes Kolb’s family is concerned.

5:52 Grant starting to churn those engines, breaks a big run. But shaken up and “limping severely” according to Joe Buck. Dang…

Justin Harrell, Stewart Bradley, Ryan Grant, Leonard Weaver, Cullen Jenkins, Kevin Kolb, Jamal Jackson…GEEZ, the injuries are starting to pile up.

ProFootballTalk : “Eagles lose Jackson to torn biceps, Weaver to torn ACL”

3:31 Greg Jennings with a 1-handed catch, easy as pie. So smooth.

1:48 And Rodger’s finally gets a TD on the board as the sure-handed Donald Driver (35 years old, 12 season in) hauls in a bullet. 

Joe Buck: “He always has that smile, and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in the NFL.”

KareemCopeland : “His 50th TD. Ties Max McGee for 4th in franchise history.”

10-3 Packers

And let’s check in with Rich Eisen for some perspective on Kevin Kolb’s play in the 1st half. Rich?

richeisen : “Kolb looks lost right now. I mean, Smoke Monster-like Lost.”

0:02 Rodgers spikes the ball at the 39 yard line. Mason, you ready? (55-56 yarder from here) His career long is 53 yards.

-:00 Is it good?! 

jrehor : “Mason Crosby-I believe. For now anyways #gopack ” …Yes, it’s good! 13-3 Packers.

ProFootballTalk : “Crosby hits Packers record 56-yard field goal.”

13-3 Packers


3rd Quarter

TundraVision :  “Halftime adjustments will be HUGE today. Huge.”

13:37 As I was about to bash the defense for not wrapping up… Fumble! Fumble! Mr. Take-a-way himself Charles Woodson knocked it out. Tramon Williams recovered, Green Bay football!

12:56 No sign of Ryan grant returning. Brandon Jackson, you’re up big guy. Show us something.

12:32 Wow, Rodgers has a quick release. Trent Cole took 3 steps before that ball was thrown.

 11:29 Asante Samuel celebrating a near-INT. Key word, near. You’re down 10 big boy, settle down.

9:58 Sitton threw his DT 10 yards downfield as John Kuhn picks up 12 down to the 5. What a block.

9:34 Aaron_Nagler : “John Kuhn is the Terminator.”

Touchdown Green Bay! John Kuhn plows into the endzone from just a couple yards out …Points off turnovers.

PackerRanter : “Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn!”

20-3 Packers  

Apparently Michael Vick will be leading the comeback charge.

Joe Buck: “This is a subdued sight here in Philadelphia. The comeback will be in the lap of Michael Vick.”

7:47 Vick hits Desean Jackson for a 15 yard gain and his 1st catch of the season…But the ClayMaker “plastered” Vick as Joe Buck put it. I’ll give up 15 for a hit like that.

6:24 Pickett pancakes Vick for a gain of 3.

4:34 …And Shady McCoy walks into the endzone. Touchdown Philly.

20-10 Packers lead the Eagles

4:24 Vick just walked the Eagles down the field (7 rushes for 77 yards on the day).

DaleZawada : “first TD green bay allowed in the season was 4:24 left in the THIRD quarter. Thats pretty f-ing good, you guys.”

4:16 Jordy Nelson should NOT be retur…51 yard return Jordy! I’m a walking contradiction.

Time for a commercial break and joke of the day…

bomani_jones : “kinda funny that the eagles have a dude named “shady,” and he’s not the one that did two years at leavenworth.”  Zing!

2:19 Green Bay has the ball at the Eagles’ 32 yard line. They need points here.

2:02 Bing, bang, boom, 32 yard TOUCHDOWN pass from Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings!

WallyPingel : “Now that was a thing of beauty”

27-10 Packers …Unsheathing the dagger

Joe Buck: “Greg Jennings made it look easy!” 

Troy Aikman: “Great job by the interior offensive line, no pressure at all.” Well said Troy.

0:34 Eagles go 3-and-out

0:26 Tramon Williams calls for the fair catch and…Eldra Buckley levels him. Clearly Eagles’ players aren’t very smart.

PackersLive   “Eagles can’t even cover punt with a fair catch correctly.”

14:12 And the Packers go 3-and-out. Ho-hum.

Another TV timeout. Let’s check in yet again with Rich Eisen. What do you have for us Rich?

richeisen : “This is about as bad a start to the post McNabb era as you could conjure up. Kolb looked lost and that was BEFORE the concussion.”

12:49 Eagles close to mid-field after a defensive hold by Charles Woodson

Hey it’s T.O. How do you feel about today’s game Terrell? 

terrellowens : “Yes!! WE played bad!! No excuses!! There, u happy? I said it! Batman sucked & so did Robin! Nt how u start but how u Finish!!”

11:50 Eagle’s at Green Bay’s 10 yard line and marching easily…Too easily.

10:50-30 UDFA rookie Frank Zombo takes Mike Vick down for a loss of 7! 3rd and goal at the 17….And nevermind, touchdown next play Eagles as Vick hits a wide open Jeremy Maclin in the endzone.

michaeldavidsen : “Sam Shields was completely turned around on that play” …To say the least.

27-17 Packers still lead the Eagles …Dagger sheathed

Hey a new Jersey Shore is on…Ahh um I mean—> jasonjwilde : “Another nice return by Nelson. Special teams HELPING the Packers today. Wow.”

9:14 NOOO! Aaron Rodgers picked off by the rookie safety Nate Allen. Eagles have the ball down 10 at the 50 yard line. My pulse just jumped up to roughly 150 beats/minute.

8:12 3rd down and 9 on the 37 yard line, screen, McCoy down to the 10 yard line. Heart rate up to 200 beats/minute. How am I not dead yet?

Vick possibly stirring up a QB controversy in Philly.

WhitlockJason : “Kolb “error” ends in one half. A pack of pitbulls couldn’t chase Vick out of the lineup next week.”

6:15 3rd and goal, another impressive drive by Vick and co. Incomplete pass! 4th down and on comes the special teas…Blahhhh ahhh haaaa…Sorry forgot to breathe there for a few minutes.

MikeVandermause : “Nick Collins shaken up after collision with Nick Barnett in end zone.”  …Rodgers needs to put the game away NOW!

5:43 David Akers puts through a 23 yard field goal

27-20 Green Bay clinging to the lead

4:23 The Eagles defense holds and Packers have to punt. Eagles will start at the 23 yard line.

Greg_A_Bedard : “Unbelieveable.”

………………………………………………………………………..’02-03 playoffs……………………………………………………………………………

3:45 Vick runs the Eagles to the 50 yard line

2:35 Joe Buck: “Vick is wrestled down by Clay Matthews!” 

Sack and it’s 3rd and 13. Clay Matthews line – 6 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble

2:00 4th and 1 for the Eagles…

BillMichaels620 : “Jenkins, Matthews gassed.”

PackersLive : “The Packers are just gassed. Matthews is coming back onto the field.”

4th down and 1 play coming…

The Eagles didn’t get it! The Eagles didn’t get it! Packers ball! Victory formation! Packers win!





Let’s hit the streets for fan reaction:

Midwestfan : “That. Was. Awesome”

MaxGinsberg : “Victory formation. That’s my favorite play call.”

jrehor : “I Love My Green Bay Packers”

TundraVision : “Mike McCarthy clearly won the coaching battle today. Eagles did hurt themselves at times. Packers earned it, though. Clay=MVP”

BigSnakeMan : “Secondary meltdown: Didn’t happen. Special Teams Disaster: Didn’t happen. Pre-season means nothing.”

WisconsinTeams : “Packers win … Wasn’t exactly encouraging, but take the win and get the heck out.” –> crichar3 : “Perfect summary.” 

olbagofdonuts : “Please, please tell me none of you are ready to jump off the cliff after this. This was a [dang] good win.”

JerseyAl : Smells like…. Victory!

MikeVandermause : “It’s final: Packers 27, Eagles 17.”

Me : (In my best Gus Johnson) The. Packers. Win!

My knees have been locked for 3 hours, I’m drenched in sweat and half my bottom lip has been chewed off…And it’s only week 1. Time to check out. The Packers didn’t look like world-beaters, but coming away with a ‘W’ in Philadelphia is a commendable feat. Great win, but they sure do have a lot to work on. It’s been good; it’s been fun. It’s been good fun. Go Packers! See you in a week.


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