This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sports Reporters.

An Ashley Russell (Yahoo! Sports and sort of morning.

Jersey Al, who will also be our Thursday Q & A guest this afternoon, interviews St. Vince .

An early preview of the Packers/Eagles game: Fireworks in Philly?

Holly has her Opposition Research on the Philadelphia Eagles ready.

Yep, this is horrible: Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll .

A team by team guide to the 2010 NFL as only The Onion could do it.

One final look back at the Badgers/UNLV game from Wisconsin Badger Sports Fan.

Miller Park Drunk pays homage to Trevor Hoffman’s 600th save …sort of.

2010 NFL Picks & Thoughts from Brat Man’s Blog.

Of course the Packers are on this list, why else would I post it. 9 NFL Teams to Watch in 2010.

The 15 Worst Jobs in Sports …yeah, can’t see Horse Track Stable Cleaner being a ton of fun.

Sort of a mixed bag in this lise, you be the judge:  25 of the Most Overrated Movies of All-Time .

My Sociology prof in college was Professor “Where are you from?”: The Seven Worst Types of College Professors .

Ten-Hut!  Army Lessons That All Men Can Learn From .

The USC Song Girls and their trip to Lake Tahoe .

Open Submissions  – Seeing as today is Thursday and that means a Thursday Q & A, I wanted to ask the question to our readers: Is there a specific blogger or even non-blogger that you would like to see as the guest/topic of a Thursday Q & A?  As I’ve said in a few places, while the Thursday Q & A was initially just going to be bloggers we’ve branched out into the main stream with interviews with Phil Hanrahan, Greg Bedard, Paige Pearson, Rob Demovsky and week after next we’ll have Brewers announcer Cory Provus on.  So if you have someone out there you’d like to see us interview, blogger or MSM person, leave the suggestion in the comments or email me and I’ll do my best to try to get them on the schedule. 

Have a link, tip or something else that should be included in this space? Email us and give us the scoop.


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  • Jackson

    How gorgeous is Ashley Russell? W-O-W. I’m glad I somehow incorrectly got to this page. More background and more photos of her would be nice!