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A Carrie Milbank ( sort of morning.

The Brewers, and more specifically Trevor Hoffman, earn top billing today as last night Hoffman notched the 600th save of his career .

Staying with Hoffman, Winks at the Bucky Channel (who will be taking a hiatus from Winks Thinks today BTW) says I Suppose 600 Saves is a Big Deal .

Packer Update is asking Packers GM Ted Thompson to just sign a damn returner .

Ol Bag of Donuts has round two of their NFL season preview .

Total Packers on the topic of Nelson & Williams The Packers Primary Returners.

It’s San Jose Week  at

We’re Bucked heading into college football territory with What I Saw, What I Think, Week 1of College Football .

Cracked Sidewalks on Marquette’s Vander Blue’s chance to make history .

Another NFL Preview , at least this one has ample photos of cheerleaders mixed in.

Pretty entertaining list of the 10 unnecessary things that every QB does .

Steve Miller as a college prof?  You bet: 7 Famous People Teaching Courses This Year .

For those few occasions when you tire of watching sports: Seven Must-See New TV Shows for Men .

Just going to post the title here: Packers LB Clay Matthews Suspects That Mark Sanchez Might Have A ‘Robot Vagina’ .

Women of the US Open 2010 Quarter Finals

What he said  – Winks I think has hit on the crux of the importance of Trevor Hoffman’s 600th save in his piece linked above.  In a baseball season that has been frustrating, aggravating and depressing for Brewers fans last night was one last bit of excitement for us.  Up until last night, the only truly good thing to happen for Brewers fans of late was the return of Bob Uecker to the radio booth.  Of course, the only thing we have to look forward to now is the off-season and what moves Doug Melvin may (should) do to get a pitching staff in place so we don’t have to live through another season like this one.  No matter though, congrats to Hoffman on this career milestone, it was one of the few things that even though months late was still a highlight of this season. 

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